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State Grahak Suraksha @GrahakSuraksha🔁State Bank of India Complaint - bank ... -
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State CodEy @Codeyswearse🔁 The absolute state of Wednesday's Sun front page. The laughing stock of Europe...
State Young Pakistani @OnePakistani🔁 True Equality as street children get state protection in Zmong Kor in KP...
State Nigerian Monitor @NigerianMonitor🔁[PHOTO] How Jumia Delivery Man Was Killed By Customers Over IPhones In Rivers State -
StateStateState Trekkie !! @T8pVp7🔁 Paradise is not a place, it's a state of mind.

#RollsRoyce #RollsRoyceDawn #DawnDrive

StateStateState Abisola Olukayode @Kaybisola🔁PETROL STATION FOR SALE!
Enugu State. Asking inquiry 09099332368 #Fkr
State col @winoviea🔁 kampong ayer envisioned in a war-torn state finally finished!!
月OnIce💍 @judgeyue🔁 31. Shinhwa 2006 [8th Album - State of The Art]
You Are My Everything MV
LaCrise @lacrise_ucd🔁 Prison inmates in Mexico's Cadereyta state have rioted and taken 4 prison guards hostage
StateStateState ICE @ICEgov🔁3 charged, $4.1 million and 3 kilos of heroin seized in multi-state drug trafficking probe
Yashar @yashar🔁WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany: Obama rushed off to golf after Daniel Pearl was beheaded.

Pearl was killed in 2002. Obama was a state senator.

Chris Geidner @chrisgeidner🔁State Dep't is stopping on-the-record briefings for the time being, WSJ reports:
C. Yusuf Mumtaz @cymumtaz🔁WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany: Obama rushed off to golf after Daniel Pearl was beheaded.

Pearl was killed in 2002. Obama was a state senator.

Jodi Russo @jOdI_sKiTtLeS🔁MO State
MO fun
MO opportunities
MO amazing people
MO bear pride
MO unity
MO love
More everything you could ever want
THE MENTALIST @I_Am_Nedu🔁The Osun state Broadcasting Corporation, (OSBC), and the state House of Assembly have arranged to give a befitting…
Jerry Olayinka 🇳🇬 @AalizWell_🔁 Lagos State will soon start charging to jump into the lagoon. You can't just be dying for free.
Leslie Adame 4 Prom @omgitsleslieee_🔁Cal State Long Beach is the only university I'm waiting to hear from and they are taking longer than the shipment of my carne de limon
Doug Reid @AllotmentDoug🔁This is insane. Wholesale erasure of science we paid for, a reset to a zero state of ignorance by will. It's no different from book burning.
Kingcanto @kingcanto1🔁! Don't think is a member state instead is a member state! They r scared of their benefactor.
s@ms @samrad67🔁if US made same effort to confront Assad & transform Syria to a free Ba'th state, we wouldn't have seen Hezb, YPG, ISIS, AQ, IRGC mess today
AyePhoneCases @AyePhoneCases🔁How the 'Malayan Emergency' funded Britain's welfare state/NHS and inspired the USA's war on Vietnam including the use of Agent Orange.
Farrukh Iqbal PTi @Farrukh35949215🔁Ensuring that the children get the best start
One they deserve

They no longer are street children, these are our State children

Piyush Goyal Office @PiyushGoyalOffc🔁The entire signing of UDAY is through consensual & collaborative approach, understanding interests of the state and the nation: @PiyushGoyal
THE MENTALIST @I_Am_Nedu🔁A Magistrate Court in Osogbo, the Osun state capital, has convicted a 41-years-old man identified as Waidi Adelabu,…
Manju Singh @skmanjus🔁A state government targeting and humiliating a minority during such an important event as a marriage. Nothing more despicable. Fascist.
mongrove @mongrove🔁@VICEUK variety of opinion. If we outlaw alternative opinions we become a fascist state
Westbase Technology @WestbaseTech🔁. state that number of connections will reach 1 billion by 2020. We sum up the report in our latest ..
Soham Prasad @Sohamprasad1🔁 Booth workers from the entire state will participate in Amit Shah's felicitation #GujaratWelcomesShah
ARREST GEORGE SOROS @LovToRideMyTrek🔁Dave McCoy, an environmental educator at State Park in , told the News that more than two-dozen...
Buckeyes SportSpyder @BuckeyesSpyder🔁[Fansided: Scarlet and Game] Ohio State Football: A ‘Huge’ Recruiting Weekend Coming Up #OhioState #Buckeyes
Juliette @Juliet777777🔁IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY professor asks students to write an account of 9/11 from the al-Qaeda ter… via
charlieturner100 @garside66🔁: Turkmen community protest in , demanding to have their flag on state buildings in the city, similar to .
Live Law @LiveLawIndia🔁Install Cameras in at least in two districts of every State:
Read Order @

Andreas HT @AndreasHT🔁Explore the current state of management and how it will evolve by 2020.

raju salla @RajuRajusalla🔁Kerala is a failing state. People from other parts of south India would know. Media should stop lying to public about kerala model.
Rajesh Pandey @PandeyRajrsh🔁 has not given a single rupee sop to any state or DISCOM. Instead, it is putting a stop to indiscriminate borrowing :
directdemocracyuk @lordfec2🔁The Transformation Of Our Nation Into A Surveillance State Is Almost Complete | Zero Hedge
Colonel @i_am_Anomeli🔁 Every aspect of the country is in a worse state than it was 2 years ago, name it; Security? Economy? Transparency?
Colonel sushil puri @PuriColonel🔁@Kumakiking hell haven is in day today life the decision by nervous system bring about that state, xero stress only by 20 mints TM TWICE DAY
G.☺.L.D OWEN™ @firstklazgold7🔁Hello people, pls if u r interested in adopting a child or u know someone living in plateau state, contact me ASAP.
BJP Gujarat @BJP4Gujarat🔁 Just attended Bjp Gujarat State Social media meet at Kamalam in Gandhinagar.
Aiden Oakley @ajoakley🔁Brexit to be followed by Departugal. Italeave. Czechout. Finish. Slovlong. Latervia. Byegium.

Until the EU reaches a state of Germlonely.

Marnssj @Marnssj🔁 Pedophiles are being arrested in record numbers. This is real reason deep state is shook.
Anthony Burman @TheRealAntBurm🔁Eight-run inning lifts UCLA over No. 10 Cal State Fullerton for 5th straight win


randy_burkel @burkel_randy🔁 Oh I guess I thought she was a honest democrat. It figures lots of republicans in Washington state. Hope she goes to shit house with repugs
Kashaf Shahbaz.🇵🇰 @kashafshahbaz🔁ICC rules clearly state that government interference with local board matters means a ban.

So expect the ICC to now ban the BCCI.

AMRUT @amrut_moud🔁17 Water Management Projects have been sanctioned in SAAP III under the #AMRUT mission in the state of Bihar.
#iHateYK @YKeedo🔁Niggas who use Golden State on 2K <
Bobby Ghosh @ghoshworld🔁 Bangladesh Bank heist was "state-sponsored" - U.S. official via @ReutersIndia
Vasuki_bhujang @vasuki_bhujang🔁Central subsidy for Hajj is 690 crore. No central subsidy for Mansarovar. 6 states give Mansarovar subsidy, no state more than 2 crore
DAMI ADENUGA | D•A•W @DAMIADENUGA🔁Idris Abubakar Sadiq, a teacher from Kaduna State, shares his experience & advice as a previous winner of the competition.
Jaggar al-Yussef @JagarYoussif🔁Historical moment for as Kurdistan’s flag is raised officially within state buildings in city.
Team Efe BBNaija @Dixiie_m🔁@_lankz yes We hate whoever Efe hate. That silly adult is a witch from Edo state #BBNaija
djenne @djenne🔁Why is there no monies for CPS and Chicago State University; transfer of wealth to the richest people, while cutting Blacks out of education
Samir Shukla @samir_a_shukla🔁 Irinjalakkuda temple: Ending of traditional practices and welfare schemes by secular state -
randipops @randipops🔁@meganmesserly Hi Megan. I've been outta the loop. Is NV about to become a primary state? If so, which type.
#QhayiyaLamaZotsho @AndileMpupa🔁Its not a state funeral unless uBaba is banned
aivhinz01 @aivhinz🔁 The best climate is found in the state of Contentment. #DTBY2YearsAfter
Syed Nizamuddin @nizam_snbh🔁In my lovely Goa today:a BJP-led government in state, but don't worry, no beef ban here! Different strokes for diff folks! Sab politics hai!
prasad kotekar @PKotekar🔁 My valuable vote 4 a Civic Body which will curb Vandalistic Practices in the city n state, Vote 4 BJP
GeeEmm @GeeEmm🔁This isn't the current state of her wikipedia page but I just found this screenshot.

"A god damned American hero"

Aufzugswächter @aufzugswaechter🔁Celle Pbf: zu Gleis 2/3 has changed state from INACTIVE to ACTIVE
Rehan Khan @rehangkhan🔁@iamamitjaiswal @AJInsideStory @RanaAyyub @NilanjanUdwin
But in GOA ILLEGAL is more then Legal.
Jeanne McDonagh @Jeannelight🔁The number of homeless children in the State increased last month to 2,546, wiping out the apparent progress made.

Mumtaz Celtik @MumtazCeltik🔁My latest: US-led coalition has no intention to create federal Kurdish state in Syria: official...
AMRUT @amrut_moud🔁Development of 25 parks has been approved for the state of Rajasthan in SAAP III under the #AMRUT Mission.
Matt Imrie @mattlibrarian🔁#Brexit is state capture writ large - a removal of the UK from safeguards and community by neoliberal corporatism to benefit the wealthy few
Aisha J @Rose_of_Arabia🔁Arab leaders seek common ground on Palestinian state at summit
AMRUT @amrut_moud🔁In the state of Jammu & Kashmir, 6 Sewerage Treatment Projects have been sanctioned in SAAP III under the Mission.
Tom Lasseter @TomLasseter🔁Bangladesh Bank heist was "state-sponsored" - U.S. official via @ReutersIndia
Renee Birks @BirksRenee🔁UK railways are now run by German, French, Dutch, Italian& Chinese state-owned firms.The tories need to explain why the UK can't run its own
Tony @Tony111288🔁@USATODAY allegedly? Wasn't that info leaked from Podesta's email server when Hillary was Secy of State&Obama was President?
బడుగు తెలుగువాడిని @tvssarma🔁 Forgotten because the secular state likes cow-slaughter.
Dr Shirley Pressler @ShirleyPressler🔁"LADY MAY" still has her priorities wrong. She should have reversed WASPI pension actions & Doubled State Pension. Not give money 2 BANKs
Gaurav singh sengar @sengarlive🔁Expect large scale suspensions & shunting of policemen in state. held first meeting with DGs & ADGs late Tuesday

ThaBigHomie @ThaBigHomie_1🔁EveryMan keeps saying "abortion is killing" yet we men keep forgeting we put our ladies and girls in this state.
Let our women Choose!!!
Anna Solé Sans @AnnaSole_🔁.@KRLS: "We have a problem against the Spanish state and the Spanish political system.”
craig dullaghan @DuggyDarko🔁@ScottJonesy @Mikeinshadows @GaryLineker and look at the state of Leicester now.
John Smith @JohnRealSmith🔁HAPPY BREXIT DAY!

We, the people did it, rejected the Tory and Labour anti-democratic EU police state!

*Share to spread the love*

Lee-Anne Walker @Lee_AnneWalker🔁Victoria's recent ban on fracking was the first state in Australia to do so.

More utter bullshit from ...

Bjp4Narmada @bjp4narmada🔁Retweeted Bjp4Narmada (@bjp4narmada):

Booth workers from the entire state will participate in Amit Shah's...

Jon @hookem5746🔁@horsetrl it's getting rid of an executive order that told the state of Alaska they don't have the right to hunt rofl
L @hanie_ifnt🔁 infinite and woollim are currently in the state of mental breakdown due to sg's sudden ribcage injury...
Eduard Cousin @EduardCousin🔁Islamic State beheads two for 'sorcery' in #Egypt's #Sinai via @Reuters
Bjp4Narmada @bjp4narmada🔁Booth workers from the entire state will participate in Amit Shah's felicitation #GujaratWelcomesShah


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