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State Matthew De George @sportsdoctormd🔁Live from the Paris of South Central PA, Chambersburg, with @DTMattSmith for @shsdiamondclub state semi
State Rachel Brown @Rachel_Recruits🔁#Hiring in the lovely state of #Alaska in #Healthcare
State Roxie Wilcox @Roxie_Wilcox🔁 On the appalling protests at Evergreen State College
State Adam @Adcol10🔁 New York State of Mind!
State Heather Natt @dale22heather🔁 Hazleton Area softball heading to state championship (via @TLPaulSokoloski):
State David OS @dosumis🔁 Your new Secretary of State for the Environment 🤦‍♂️:
Daniel W. Drezner @dandrezner🔁Trump, who labeled Comey as 'cowardly' this AM, won't go to the UK on a state visit if there are large protests.
Lou Dobbs @LouDobbs🔁The Swamp has Surrounded-the Left, Deep State and Dimms- We Urgently Need to !
Barb Voted Trump💋 @winegirl73🔁The Orlando shooting was part of deep state's War on the West. Shooter's dad was deep state.
Jamie LaRose @coachjlarose🔁Ponaganset is up 7-0 vs Scituate in game 1 of the division 2 state…
Brenda @celticsbjk🔁Fifty years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court, in Loving v. Virginia, unanimously struck down state laws prohibiting interracial marriages.
T Thang ✨🤞🏽💍 @TierraShe_AMac🔁Imma Boss In And Out Of State 💰
Tati Tots 🥑✨ @tatibee711🔁@lovashelle @ASITISofficial @State_Champs 😭😭😭😭😭 awww booo
JimFK @JimFK🔁Thought: Trump says Comey is a "coward"; meanwhile he's afraid to go anyplace there might be hostile demonstrators
Anioje Taribo @taritariboblog🔁 (TTB)Welcome To Tari Taribo's Blog: Enugu State Policeman Reportedly Kills Okada Rider...
Arlene Adamo @ArleneAdamo🔁 Fresno State cancels a Middle East studies professorship after pressure from a pro-Israel group.
Rodrick Anderson @SDNRodrickA🔁PREP TRACK & FIELD: Tucker earns two all-state track honors via @SulphurNews
taylorism @iamTaylorCole🔁It's a beautiful day in the sunshine state ✨

Anioje Taribo @taritariboblog🔁(TTB)Enugu State Policeman Reportedly Kills Okada Rider Over N50 Bribe (Pic) : Tari Taribo's Blog |
Kay 🇺🇸 @OldtexanKay🔁[Well, THIS Is Dumb!]=> Clinton, Top Aides Still Have State Dept. Security Clearances
Ice 💙💙 @boneysat🔁Like a good neighbor State Farm is there! With a boyfriend!!!!
Homeslice. @Midgepuri🔁With only 3-4 hours electricity a day, Israeli siege masters to cut 40% more, pushing Gaza to a state of collapse
TAG @LibLawyerMom🔁Cancellation of President Trump's State Visit is welcome, especially after his attack on London's mayor & withdrawal from .
Anioje Taribo @taritariboblog🔁(TTB) Enugu State Policeman Reportedly Kills Okada Rider Over N50 Bribe (Pic) : Tari Taribo's Blog |
MSPolitics @MJSEyesOpened🔁 Here is the full gameplan whether or not your state is listed above. Let’s get to work!
SafetyPin-Daily @SafetyPinDaily🔁Trump is scared Brits will be mean to him? Classic strongman fragility | By @BayoumiMoustafa
Alison Davidson @alisondavidso18🔁@willz1982 @katlolamc 🤣🤣 you obviously didn't see the state of your mate on Saturday night! Couldn't even get his key in the door 😂
Daniel Bothwell @DanielJBothwell🔁State of this opinion.
GStuedler @GStuedler🔁…me neither, but they are already in the septic tank…it’s their natural state.
Jack Bodoloczky @SAnimalHospltal🔁 .@ArthurELevine - In NM, we have found committed state leadership, committed universities, and committed educators
Med Transcript Jobs! @medictranscript🔁Dublin OH USA - #Medical Transcriptionist - All #transcription is for State and Government agencies a... #WORK #JOB
Keith Dignall @keithdignall🔁Only a state broadcaster like the could look at this speakers list and call it "far right”. That's unethical. That's .
sharon wood @cailleuch🔁Here it comes dumbasses! Trump is going to invade our wonderful state of COLORADO and kill jobs and tax collections.
SPICUS @SUNNYBOYBLACK🔁As state schools are starved of funding, private schools incl Eton College to get tax rebates of £522m over 5yrs

person @holmanland🔁@flippable_org as of oct'16, 15mil registered voters in tx. are the over 4mil part of this total.
dAkuu @dakuu17🔁With my current state of mind, J feel like writing a poem in Spanish
DSP @GilaGal🔁Susan Collins: A health care bill resulting "in 23 million people losing coverage is not a bill that I can support".
James Coughlin @JamesCoughlin90🔁@TarynDeVere An abnormal case shouldn't be the reason we allow state sanctioned infanticide.
Barb Voted Trump💋 @winegirl73🔁The Orlando shooter's dad was welcomed as a guest of honor for Hillary Clinton. He also visited State Department! Deep State.
MSPolitics @MJSEyesOpened🔁Boosting the good work by re: gameplan for stopping AHCA in the Senate. State-specific actions you can take (thread):
#FightTheOligarchy @dracofrost2004🔁@Wokieleaksalt @CaroleHampton65 To bad the government is controlled by racists. They will never let them become a state
Dan Williams @DanWilliams🔁Islamic State calls for attacks in West, Russia, Middle East, Asia during Ramadan
NY Communities @nychange🔁. if poverty is a state of mind come live with us at NYCHA & see our "state of mind"
that chocolate girl @bryannawashere🔁"baby wyd?"

me,living in a constant state of being extra: *sends this video instead of the average letter response*

Valerie Quarz @Pixxydoodle🔁The state of Maryland and the District of Columbia plan to sue President Trump over foreign payments
Ian Jones @ian4newforest🔁Centre ground of politics in this country in a tragic state. Massive opportunity for someone to step up. So much talent about aswell.
Anioje Taribo @taritariboblog🔁 (TTB)Welcome To Tari Taribo's Blog: Oh No! Retired Imo State School Principal Commits ...
Hugo Sanchez @hsanchez11🔁No PR state. We don't need another DEM welfare state. We need to grow the US thru infrastructure jobs, tax reform, deregulation. education.
Anioje Taribo @taritariboblog🔁Oh No! Retired Imo State School Principal Commits Suicide Following Govt Refusal To Pay Pensions : Tari Taribo's ¦
سٹالنسٹ کمانڈر @UncleStalin17🔁@ Pakistan you a failed Ethno-state ya bish.
Rodrick Anderson @SDNRodrickA🔁LSWA awards Chaumont, Haggard 1st team All-State honors via @SulphurNews
Lori Haman @lori_haman🔁State Champion coach Jamie Heidt of Kasson-Mantorville demonstrating technique this morning at camp!
Anioje Taribo @taritariboblog🔁Oh No! Retired Imo State School Principal Commits Suicide Following Govt Refusal To Pay Pensions : Tari Taribo's ¦
🇺🇸McMama 🇺🇸 @PerfectLoveWon🔁We are born red-pilled. ZOG corruption starts early and tries to stop us rediscovering our original state of grace.
Robert Howard @RobertWHoward🔁.@NC_Governor calls for new legislative maps & special #ncga election #ncpol
francesca1225 @frannie1225🔁Russian state actors are posing as attractive young women on Facebook to friend service members & gather intel.
John Hand @JonathanBHandy🔁State Attorneys General Sue Trump Over Foreign Government Payments
Maxine x @xMB25x🔁@Andy_g81 state a you
Engr Ibrahim @ibrahim_56947🔁 Even DSS vehicles were vandalised. This time we will surely get to the bottom of this. Yahaya Bello militarised Kogi State.
PoliticsUKDistilled @PoliticsUKTD🔁Delighted to be reappointed Minister of State for Universities & Science - looking forward to implementing HE & Research Act + the TEF
Bookdragon @daBookdragon🔁Oh only if you live in an Authoratarian state. North Korea and Russia subscribe to this so if that is what you seek y ou can immigrate.
LadyButterflyNebula @MoonstarMcWind🔁50 years ago today, struck down state laws prohibiting interracial marriages. (Photo: AP)
Bubba @Bubban77🔁Blessed to say I've received a notice of deposition because of the directives of my coaches at Mississippi State 💯💪🏾🙏🏽
小川きよ ☮ 脱原発に一票☢ @streamtokyo🔁Breaking news: ”Secretary of State for the ” rebranded ”Secretary of State *against* the Environment”!?
animo dubitat @animodubitat🔁Same here in Dutch msm/state propaganda
Jonesin @jonesin_16🔁 U.K. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says Trump canceling his state visit is "welcome".
Mount_Sandel @Mount_Sandel🔁Islamic State calls for attacks in West, Russia, Middle East, Asia during Ramadan
marneymm @MooreMarneymagg🔁I hope Congress and the Admin will listen to Puerto Rican voters & enable to become the 51st state.
عبدالله @Abdulla1014🔁Urgent action needed to safeguard online rights in face of unprecedented & worsening State clampdowns -
(((myownpetard))) @myownpetard🔁People, just remember not to laugh while AG Sessions testifies tmrw. Don’t forget we live in an authoritarian state!
Ojetokun kunle @ojetokunkunle🔁 PSG have asked Inter Milan to provide them with the state of #mufc's negotiations for Ivan Perisic [di marzio]
Michael DeCourcy @tsnmike🔁It took @OSU_AD Gene Smith three days to find the ideal coach -- is that really not fast enough?
Judge Dillard @JudgeDillard🔁Bluebook also says that you can use form accepted by state's rules or other governing authorities. Some battles can also be avoided.
Travis Martin @travismartintv7🔁Check out these positive mind altering quotes.
Control your state of mind and you control how you feel.
Resist or die trying @jejunebug🔁On top of that, I can't figure out what made him worthy of being a state rep when he "didn't know how much work runni ng a small business is"
TX Enviro Democrats @TXEnviroDems🔁Guv will also start limiting funds for the Legislative Budget Board, saying state is giving too much to "unelected bureaucrats."
BostonJohn @BostonJohn9🔁STATE of Arizona voters, what is your problem? YOU vote into office. He has no GOP loyalty and is anti-President Trump.
DAYNA E. @dayna_renee3🔁we just made signs for everyone on the baseball team, I'm just so jacked for state 🤗🤗
JK or KJ @N0flyzone_🔁Could Puerto Rico become the 51st state in the US? Here's what to know about this weekend's nonbinding vote in favor


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