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#StartupGrind Plāsyn Global @WhiteSpaceHOU🔁 The most humble guy ever.
#StartupGrind Judy Youmans @hanifnazeem🔁 Full house at #StartupGrind for Jerry Chen, Partner @GreylockVC and Jay S., Founder @askspoke
#StartupGrind Phidi Kez Mwatibo @phidikezz🔁 13 year old pitching his cookie start-up and plugging his book. #StartupGrind
#StartupGrind Sevetri Wilson @sevetriwilson🔁 Highlight from today: kickin’ it with some of the @foundergym fam at #StartupGrind
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁@StartupGrindOSL Go for it! We are excited to see what you can come up with!
#StartupGrind Conec Ndukwe @ConecNdukwe🔁 Big congrats to @packlane - our official Startup of the Year 2018 👏💪👏 #startupgrind
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁@irenekoehler @joshuafechter It's amazing, isn't it!
#StartupGrind Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁@SamsungCatalyst Thanks for exhibiting, guys! Great work!
#StartupGrind#StartupGrind Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁We encourage networking at the #StartupGrind events! Just like in these images! Great smiles all around!
#StartupGrind ✨ 🌈Suzuki 🌈 ✨ @S_amil2🔁 “It has to be authentic.” @ashleytisdale on working with brands #StartupGrind #startupgrind2018
#StartupGrind Tiffany Yu @ImTiffanyYu🔁“It has to be authentic.” @ashleytisdale on working with brands #StartupGrind #startupgrind2018
Tiffany Yu @ImTiffanyYu🔁“There are so many times when you want to give up. But you can’t give up. So much of this industry is rejection.” - a twitter.com dvice on breaking into acting that also applies to entrepreneurship
Derek Andersen @DerekjAndersen🔁Best talk of the day was 13-year old . Standing ovation by 1,000 people in Silicon Valley. twitter.com
Christina Kehoe @ChristinaAKehoe🔁Power of the mindset - podcast live recording!
wattl® @wattlbot🔁Our team is growing. Hired a fantastic intern last month and that's being converted in to a new position, Head of Soc twitter.com ial Curation, not a bad title before you've even graduated
Mareike (Mary) Popp @mareike_popp🔁It’s a wrap, folks! That was an amazing Global Conference 🔥🥂🙌🏻 thank you so much!… instagram.com
Ben Franklin @bftp_sep🔁Representing for Day 2 of . Really inspiring talk with creator or Headspace with doing a great job moderating.
Humza Jami @1nf0SeC🔁Have you met one of these chapter directors at yet? Each one of these superstars hosts monthly events in their own city to educate, inspire and connect . Want to be one? Get online and apply!
Chimdi Chekwa @ChimChek🔁Small business owners stay away from as a credit card processor. They're not honest and their customer service is no twitter.com good.
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁83% of US startups plan to hire this year, but 91% of them say it’s hard to find people with the right skills. Get m twitter.com ore facts - read the report here
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁When y'all mixtape coming out? Kidding!!
Glad you guys had a great few days! Good luck! see you all soon again! Ke twitter.com ep grinding! 🤩🤩

Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁@DomBukasa How was it for you, Dominique? What were the highlights of the few days?
kigalife.com 🇷🇼 @kigalife🔁 Go Africa! If you are Kigali, Rwanda, go check this out!
#StartupGrind twitter.com
Side Hustling @SideHustling🔁"Rarely are entrepreneurs well-educated in the sectors in which they start in. They're just masters at rapid learning twitter.com ." Mike Jones
NickIhrke @NickIhrke🔁Currently working on developing Bitcoinionaire.com , but if you want to make a serious offer on it, you can do it through Sedo. twitter.com
talkabot.id @talkabot_id🔁. on : Power of the mindset - podcast live recording! …
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁@innavation @DerekjAndersen @mgazdik Great talk, Inna. Awesome to hear about the full potential of Snapchat! Awesome stuff!
Bonnie Frank @bonnielfrank🔁. on : Power of the mindset - podcast live recording! … pscp.tv
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁@hansise Keep grinding! Great #StartupGrindSelfies
Thanks for exhibiting too! Hope you made a few great connections!
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁@amyssorrells @DerekjAndersen So happy that you had a great time, Amy! See you soon! #StartupGrind
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁 #startupgrind baby @ Fox Theatre Redwood City instagram.com
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁Happy you could join in at the conference, Steve. Were you inspired to design something awesome too?
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁We are so glad you enjoyed it! Happy that you could learn something! Were you able to make a few good connections?
AWH @AWHNET🔁🎤🎤 is grabbing mics with Bill to discuss Skybus, Silvercar, ReHeva Botanicals and more. Join us at > 🎤🎤 twitter.com
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁@jdprudot @Headspace @richardpierson Awesome! Hope you were further inspired after the meetup!
Brian Fanzo 😎 Millennial Speaker @iSocialFanz🔁Power of the #StartupGrind mindset - @FOMOfanz podcast live recording! #Startups #Community #Entrepreneurship pscp.tv
Marian Gazdik @mgazdik🔁Thanks for having me ! It's awesome that so many people enjoyed learning about !

Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁We are so glad to have been part of your journey! Your contribution at the talk was awesome! Great stuff! Thanks!
karlie krieger @karliekrieger🔁Ugh. For the record: #StartupGrind no capital U
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁@Praveen_RP You look like you had an awesome time, Praveen! What were the highlights of the conference for you!
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁One of the more insightful talks of the conference! Don't you think? Really made us think differently about how we se twitter.com t out our days!

Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁Great words! 🤩
#StartupGrind twitter.com
Chiara Grimaldi Lattari @chiarainchange🔁On Global Conference 2018 stage now: - Founder & CEO - talks about the importance of our Customers.
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁Go Africa! If you are Kigali, Rwanda, go check this out!
#StartupGrind twitter.com
Surat Startups @SuratStartups🔁Hurry Slowly

Startup Grind BCN @StartupGrindBCN🔁Carlos Trenchs - Venture Capital in Spain. March 21st at . Tickets selling out fast. Get yours here: twitter.com
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁One of the great talks at #StartupGrind
What were your other highlights at the conference? twitter.com
Ecodyst @ecodyst🔁We debuted the ¹H at and it was a blast! We love introducing our technical and showing its uses in food, pharmaceuti twitter.com cal, and cannabis industries!
Home - Ecodyst
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁@jboitnott Your contribution was invaluable, John! Thanks!
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁Go check this out if you can $5 gets you in. It might be the best fiver you have ever spent.
#StartupGrind twitter.com
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁Awesome! Great that you had a good few days! Share some highlights with us!
Rekha Babu @RekhaCBabu🔁Hurry Slowly


Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁Day one had a monster of a queue! But it was all worth the wait in the end! So much positive vibes all around!
Brian Fanzo 😎 Social Media Speaker @BrianFanzo🔁That’s a wrap on but it was an epic 3 days & you should checkout as they are doing great things led by the founder who embodies everything this community stands for! Go find your local chapter & pitch to have your here in 2019
Vipe Desai @vipedesai🔁Once again, it's going down tonight. I'll be sharing my thoughts on leadership and taking your questions. Come hang o twitter.com ut if you're free >>

Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁Donuts! Donuts! Donuts! This was one of the favourite exhibitions at the conference! Everybody likes donuts, right?! twitter.com
Did you make some good connections ??

the lonely island @imnightwing7🔁My highlight was getting to see after being a fan for over 10 years and hearing her inspire others (including me) to be their own boss/build their empire 😊
David Butler @david_a_butler🔁 exhibiting at global conference twitter.com
John Boitnott @jboitnott🔁More from the fireside chat with #kindred co-founder a George Babu. #sgglobal #startupgrind instagram.com
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁@StartUpGrindSCL @DigitalBankLA @ramon_heredia @IAmRobRyan So happy you enjoyed it! What were the highlights for you?💪🙌
Tihana ★ @tihana_dam🔁Advice for in the beginning stages of their by


Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁It was great having you! Thank you for your valuable contribution!
Meg Bear @megbear🔁Success is built not from how you power through but how you recover. To make the biggest impact on your productivity twitter.com consider your habits and your environment first.
Startup Grind @StartupGrind🔁@yourchinaguy it was an awesome few days! So much inspiration and insights! Cannot wait for the next one!
The Future Party @futurepartyorg🔁This startup just raised $250 million to extend the human lifespan:
Callbox @CallboxInc🔁Beat the Giants! Check out these tips and tricks for . # goo.gl https://twitter.com/i/web/status/964156122809733120" target="_blank">twitter.com
CoLab-Factory @CoLabFactory🔁Right on!! - - We are big fans of you all! twitter.com
Eileen Bloustein @ebartebads🔁Live from w/ team interviewing 🙌⚡️🎸✨🌉📱🌌⤵️
Jessica Simonetti @JessicaSimonett🔁The Global Conference 2018 is over. Thanks to for making this happen! 👏🔥🚀 Now is time to party! 😎
Fastmetrics ISP @fastmetrics1🔁“Business is about people- the psychology, EQ”-
Press Release Nigeria @press_nigeria🔁A press release is a free public relations tool, which is especially beneficial for a startup or growing small busine twitter.com ss.
SEND YOUR RELEASES TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Julian Kohann @landofjoules🔁In case no one has told you about your bad social media habits, here's a chart! twitter.com
Victoria Scholar @VictoriaS_IG🔁Fantastic chatting to , CEO of talking about the future of artificial intelligence and the challenges of running her twitter.com own tech in the UK FULL VIDEO watch here:
Aniyia @operaqueenie🔁Had a fun day speaking at and meeting impressive entrepreneurs. Thanks and for sharing the stage with me. twitter.com
D. Scott Smith @d_scott🔁@prosperitygal @StartupGrindHOU @thecannonhtx Hey Michele - did you run into Brian (@iSocialFanz ) at #startupgrind ?


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