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Teresa Nathanson @zuca8899🔁 @tedlieu Dear @POTUS @realDonaldTrump ,
In honor of your e-mails and #StarWarsTheLastJedi
#StarWarsTheLastJedi SchwarZY @Lord_DD_Rises🔁 #StarWarsTheLastJedi: Was Kylo Ren Lying About [SPOILER]? - screenrant.com
Josh Gad @joshgad🔁If you’re hating on on twitter, go find something else to do with your life, because clearly watching an amazing mov twitter.com ie isn’t your thing. Might I suggest
Mark Mahon @MarkMahon🔁Weekend Forecasts: - $202M, - $17.5M, - $11.1M, - $4.9M, - $4.1M & - $3.9M twitter.com
JuJu Johnson @foreverjuju11🔁John Boyega is fine as hell, too! #StarWarsTheLastJedi
Johno Frederick @johnothetree🔁If you haven't yet, go see #StarWarsTheLastJedi cuz it's a damn good movie
Ben @bam06j🔁Go see #StarWarsTheLastJedi !! Unlike any Star Wars film I’ve ever seen.
Larry Heaven @LarryHeavenDJ🔁 Geez, @rianjohnson

How much did I love #StarWarsTheLastJedi ?

So much.

Well done.

❗️Wolf ❗️ @BenjamiEdwards🔁#StarWarsTheLastJedi 4/10 completely rubbish #KyloRen is the 4 the rest is terrible..
3D or 2D? @3Dor2D🔁Quick Spoiler Free impressions after watching . I enjoyed the aspect but it didn’t blow me away. The movie is very twitter.com satisfying and enjoyable and possibly one of my favorite movies in the series. Story telling is interesting and feels fresh . So yeah big 👍
#MeToo survivor and advocate @metoo_survivor🔁If you spoil the new #StarWarsTheLastJedi movie, I will mute you!
GamerPrincessXI @GamerPrincessXI🔁So, I saw #StarWarsTheLastJedi and fell asleep on some parts. Super late showing. But I will gladly see it again.
Angela Sage Larsen @anglarsen🔁Her last line on film: 😭😭 Could not have been more brill. #carriefisher #generalorgana #StarWarsTheLastJedi #RianJohnson
Hendry Rao @GranpaRx🔁That's why you gotta be a Jedi first before becoming a powerful Sith. The Skywalkers got it right.


The Last Jedi @Ephemeral_Danie🔁 the star of the wars is who smashes it with another deliciously dark performance as .
Rick @CardoHq🔁 tried to warn us this movie would suck in multiple interviews I should have listened. Disney U ruined it!!! twitter.com
Alex Sandoval @LEXthePEX🔁Mind is BLOWN...#StarWarsTheLastJedi
Barrak Khan 🎬🎥 @BarrakKhan🔁: Carrie Fisher is Responsible For Writing These Emotional Final Leia Quotes   twitter.com
Juliana @julieb42🔁Just saw #StarWarsTheLastJedi and OMG CARRIE <3 but also @HamillHimself is such a trip and I feel like he doesn’t get enough love
Miguel @TNSCYD🔁Mind + 💥💀🔫

#StarWars #StarWarsTheLastJedi #W instagram.com OW

Ron the Runner @RandomRon13🔁 was much better than Force Awakens. There were memorable moments, and the story was well edited considering the 3 threads of plot.
TheNvsibleHand @TheNvsibleHand🔁 Your eyes can deceive you don't trust them. Use the !! twitter.com
อันตัวแก้มนี้ @KAMe_Chefu🔁
Star wars viii fan art
PS. this's crop version (full-size is spoiler. But if you ok, pls check: or )
Karima Kemp @nevercomemonday🔁Sooo we saw Star Wars at 2...am...this morning...because we're smart people. (Lady next to me was asleep half the mov twitter.com ie and snored...c'mon!)

joshua. @DadbyFaith🔁 was legit! I won't spoil it for anybody with my own opinions or spoliers, so... just GO WATCH IT ASAP! twitter.com
BatIronMan @nishthedevil🔁The Last Jedi = If Abbas-Mustan were asked to make Star Wars
#StarWars #StarWarsTheLastJedi
Merri Quite Contrary @Merri_Melodies🔁I have to hold tight before I can see Star Wars, The Last Jedi. I get incredibly claustrophobic in dark, crowded plac twitter.com es. Yes, wait I shall. Gosh, I miss Carrie Fisher already.


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