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#StarWarsTheLasJedi Paul Chris Salaam @SalaamChris🔁#Revival #signs&wonders #Miracles #JesusIsLord #StarWarsTheLasJedi #NetNeturality #Salvation
#StarWarsTheLasJedi Vani @FunkyVani🔁 @celioindia Ans) a. Luke
glenn schuck @glennschuck🔁All night #StarWarsTheLasJedi here at AMC at Garden state Plaza. Fans reaction coming up at 5 am. #1010wins.
#StarWarsTheLasJedi Pol Ferrer i Pastor @PFerrerPastor🔁 May the liberty be with you.
#StarWarsTheLasJedi Gizlan • TCW | WDW @GizlanMarais🔁 Oh. My. God. It's happening #StarWarsTheLasJedi
Murray F. Christmas @MurrayFChrstmas🔁I'm going to partake in the human tradition of waging WAR on the STARS! #StarWarsTheLasJedi @enthusiamy
Peter Sciretta @slashfilm🔁OMG I met Gary Fisher outside the first screening at the Chinese Theatre @ TCL Chinese twitter.com
Steve Deace @SteveDeaceShow🔁Holy Moses, the Force is strong with this one. @rianjohnson just crushed it. Cannot wait to see #StarWarsTheLasJedi again.
Coreen Zell @CoreenZell🔁We’ve been hanging out with the first fans in our area to see the new movie! No spoilers, but hear what they have to twitter.com say after football on ... Here’s some of the best costumes!
Sarah Brown @sb_cd🔁The force is with the Arizona Deprtment of Transportation: signs now on Arizona freeways
Carl Guimbalena @Cguimbalena🔁The Last Jedi for me is so fucking good😭😭 It might be TLJ, and Empire now 🤓😲#StarWarsTheLasJedi
Yehudi SuperMercado @ymercado🔁after everyone else was in bed, & I snuck out for some late night
Tony Keen @TonyKeen46🔁 out today, so all uploaded reviews are Star Wars related. We like the Poe Dameron series by & . Start with Black Squadron

Josh🌻 @AlmightyJosh13🔁#StarWarsTheLasJedi 8/10
It’s not bad but not as perfect as everyone made it seem. still highly recommend to my fellow Star Wars fans👌
Dave Dorey @Dav3_O_Mac🔁#StarWarsTheLasJedi a bit later can’t wait
artbyahida✍ @AhidaKabbara🔁 The nerds are in bloom. And I mean that as a compliment. #StarWarsTheLasJedi ❤️😘💕
1010 WINS @1010WINS🔁All night here at AMC at Garden state Plaza. Fans reaction coming up at 5 am. .
さや @saya12_01🔁Congratulations Star Wars release! 🌌🌓
I'm really looking forward to it.
I love R2-D2!


Delaney-Marie @freadlock🔁@LauraDern is the fucking bomb dot com #StarWarsTheLasJedi #BigLittleLies
Lar and Annie @airzoneman🔁i bring my kids to and don't expect a 20 minute sex scene in the middle of it. We walked out and thankfully there was a bar nearby where i got drunk and threw up on a cop who arrested me, and now my kids are walking home in the snow. ☹️
Mike Snyder @TheMikeSnyder🔁I have seen #StarWarsTheLasJedi and am happy to to hear from you via dm, but I'm still wrapping my head around it.
TayliviaPope @SweetTayPie0104🔁#StarWarsTheLasJedi was cute 👍🏾👍🏾
❄️🎄🎁🎅🏻Nash🎅🏻🎁🎄❄️ @TheImpureSouls🔁 #StarWarsTheLasJedi just saw the movie 😀😆🙃🤨😔☹️😟😖😢😤😠🤗🤭😦 I’m gonna need therapy
J Reese @Reese4society🔁I thought Star Wars was AMAZING. The people who didn't like it can be compared to those who are never pleased, and t twitter.com hose who don't like chocolate. No one likes you . .
Sky Gate Tale @Skygatetale🔁The problem with is that it feels like they made the story just to make a movie and not the other way around. Rogue twitter.com One or Episode 7 are way better.
Cervantes @cervantestweets🔁 was so horrid and provides zero fan service and is just awful in so many different ways, nice one Disney, just do us twitter.com a favor and don't even finish this trilogy it's ruined
Adam Brower @adamb9🔁It was PERFECT. amazing in every sense of the word.


StuffedBurritoEnt @StuffedBurritoE🔁Despite my love for , the 6pm screening was botched. Most of my experiences was fine, but some members of my group twitter.com dealt with reflections thru their 3D glasses caused by the projection room never turning off their ceiling light....


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