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#StarWars#StarWars#StarWars We ❤️ LEGO @bpdlego🔁#LEGO Bulk Sets POTC, City, #StarWars, Chima #eBay
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#StarWars That Guy Dave GPie @DaveGpie🔁3 folks stopped me today to say “Nice Shirt” etc. #RebelRebel #Leia #StarWars #Bowie #ziggystardust #PrincessLeia
#StarWars JJ Halford @Doubledown1138🔁My #StarWars Younglings.
#StarWars#StarWars#StarWars We ❤️ Star Wars @bpdstarwars🔁#LEGO Bulk Sets POTC, City, #StarWars, Chima #eBay
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#StarWars#StarWars Dominic Jones @kalhava79🔁Let's go R2 #StarWars
#StarWars FandomWire @FandomWire🔁#EXCLUSIVE: @ThatKevinSmith In Talks With @Disney #KevinSmith #Disney #Marvel #StarWars fandomwire.com
Swara Salih @SwaraSalih1🔁 Reminder: @talaashe would be amazing in #StarWars #SWRepMatters
#StarWars James Dean @Lilydog12🔁Dingle peninsula looking from the southern water . Behind are the Skelligs. The Force is strong here #StarWars
#StarWars Kenton Larsen @kentonlarsen🔁The latest #StarWars book by #CreComm grad @pablohidalgo - available @FanQuestCon
Carolyn @style_artist94🔁 Up close. They are so intense.
#reylo #StarWars
#StarWars Hollywood Reporter @THR🔁Disney and Lucasfilm are reassessing their plans for future #StarWars movies. Details:
Marshall Julius @MarshallJulius🔁COMPETITION TIME!
To celebrate my reaching 100k followers, my mates at premier swag store have given me £100 worth o twitter.com f ace toys and homeware to give away. For your chance to win this brilliant bundle, simply RT this post and follow . Good luck!
Paul Scheer @paulscheer🔁BIG NEWS! This is not a joke my team of producers is offering to cover the budget for a remake of the remake of The L twitter.com ast Jedi. Share this and spread the word to let know you want this! I’m ready to have the convo now! ⁠
©️HotaruChan NSFW🔞 @ecchihotaruart🔁NEW ILLUSTRATION! 😍🔞
a cute girl from STAR WARS
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all my exclusive mater twitter.com ial and in HD

Adam Rackoff @AdamRackoff🔁In Episode 11 of the , is joined by author to discuss his new book, Watching Skies: , and Us, his love of movies & lots more.

Available on , , , & .

fanny mcshane @fannymcshane9🔁LucasFilm focusing on Episode IX and the movies that will come after is inevitably a good thing. Disney needs to let breathe for awhile.
Cody Doolittle @cody1275🔁Discover your place in the galaxy! Knights of Fate, the Warrior sourcebook for Star Wars: Force and Destiny, is on sale now!
Star Wars Talk @StarWars_TT🔁The Vintage Conversation Continues With Hasbro's Steve Evans #starwars starwarscollector.com
Mike Schindler @mumbles3k🔁Aside from & 's coverage of the Edinburgh Film Fest for us this week, you can also catch & on discussing the Billy Dee rumor, John McTiernan & Director's Cuts!
roro 🐸 @SportieRoRo🔁Day six of our twenty days of Funko is this Holographic Kylo Ren Pop!

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Nerd Flix & Chill @nerdflixchill🔁In this podcast we discuss #Solo and the state of the Star Wars fandom. #StarWars  #SoloAStarWarsStory 
ryan @brawndwarf🔁I found this old Yahoo Life Magazine from ‘97 about and it’s the most bizarre cultural document.
The GM Tim 🏳️‍🌈 @thegmtim🔁I am SO honoured by this accolade! I'll be gone to Europe for for the next couple weeks - though my website has my twitter.com calendar and a contact me if you're keen to play some or or any I have!
Mandi Knox 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈 @Mandi_Knox🔁My team of producers is offering to remake this remake, using fingerpuppets, sound effects made with our mouth, my cat as Chewbacca, and a monstrous sense of entitlement for something I don't own. and , you know what to do
swiftwaterstu @wildwaterstu🔁Thanks Stu! Have a great day

Hilton Collins @HiltonCollins🔁 failure be damned! Lucasfilm says they're STILL making standalone movies, and that reports otherwise were inaccurat twitter.com e. I discuss in this video. Check it out.
sconch scubus, catch me sneepin @CptBonerDragon🔁Darth Vader hunts down and kills remaining Jedi post Episode III - hires bounty hunters, including Boba Fett (which explains why he says "no disintegrations" in Empire).

Just call the movie "Darth Vader" and bring back McDiarmid as Palpatine.

$1 BILLION+ box office.

Rising @T1meTraveler01🔁Credit goes to a friend, but for several days, obvious paid shills have been posting dozens of reviews daily on to get TLJ's audience score up. and do you have any shame at all?
Film '89 📼 @Film89UK🔁 News - #CarrieFisher wilł not appear in #StarWars #EpisodeIX.


Film '89 📼 @Film89UK🔁It appears that in light of the apparent box office failure of , that are to put plans for future spin-off films on hold.

Leyla @leylalovescats🔁The legendary introduces his diverse portfolio of characters to Jabba the Hutt as Han Solo in this hilarious mashup from with ! WATCH:
Twitch Retweet 🔁 [1k] @_TwitchRetweet_🔁What do you think is going to be announced next week with the road map? Come let me know and watch some BF2 on Twitch at

The Cali Nerd @TheCaliNerd🔁My cosplay for is decided! This year I’m going as Kylo Ren. I look nothing like Adam Driver, but that won’t stop me. twitter.com Now all I need is a crossguard lightsaber...

⁠ ⁠

sandip mahal @sandip_mahal🔁The next #StarWarsStory is definitely running out of steam #starwars #ronhoward #hansolo instagram.com
Ed Malcomson @EdsFilmicForays🔁 - Now dividing opinion on DVD/Blu-ray. Here's mine: … filmicforays.blogspot.co.uk
sandip mahal @sandip_mahal🔁The next #StarWarsStory is definitely running out of steam #starwars #ronhoward #hansolo instagram.com
🐹 Carole F 🐹 @krolita68🔁“One of my early concepts for Lady Proxima, the orphans adorning her with their days loot whilst her minions are busy applying Henna.” - creature concept artist Luke Fisher

The Nerd Party @JoinNerdParty🔁Aside from & 's coverage of the Edinburgh Film Fest for us this week, you can also catch & on discussing the Bil twitter.com ly Dee rumor, John McTiernan & Director's Cuts!
Ed Malcomson @EdsFilmicForays🔁 - A worthwhile addition to the canon? Here's my spoiler-free review:
Star Wars Reporter @SWReporter🔁Want a weekend treat? Mix your own Jawa "Ooooo- Tini" with this recipe - go.shr.lc #starwars
martina☀️🏳️‍🌈 @bluekyloren🔁You know what? the only one who could save Kylo Ren now, is Ben Solo.
It's no more about Han, Luke or Rey, he's alone twitter.com for real this time, it depends only on him.

Oof @Salterisks🔁Watchin the new #StarWars movie Solo now
Star Wars Archive @skippyR5D4🔁NAME: Solar Sailer
MODEL: Punworcca 116-class interstellar sloop
CLASS: yacht
MANUFACTURER: Huppla Pasa Tisc Shipwrig twitter.com hts Collective
SPEED: 1,600km/h

Fernan❌🇪🇸 @FernanML🔁Did you know several film directors have fallen in love with the Plaza de España of ? This monument has been seen in famous films such as “Lawrence of Arabia” or Episode II of “: Attack of the Clones”.
⭕️ㅇㅅㅇ)왕이쟌 @5duckhoo2🔁SW EP3 - 1/6 Anakin Skywalker (Dark Side) Collectible Figure
by JChong

Al RedsoxFan @AlRedsoxfan🔁Rian Johnson Taunts Star Wars Fans youtu.be via @YouTube
Prometheus31 Store @Prometheus31STR🔁Yeah! Sale Extended Today! All T-Shirts $14 ! Tanks $16 ! Stickers $2 Sale!
Lucas Batman Fan @LucasSnyderJL🔁A 1/6 Scale Dark Side Figure has been announced by !

Will be available from at . Full details & more photos:

The Playlist 🎬 @ThePlaylist🔁That is still in development, but may not be coming anytime soon. James Mangold is making his Ferrari movie first a twitter.com nd it already has a release date from FOX.
Anthony Pelosi @apelosi🔁Hello Redondo Beach Riviera Summer Festival!
@ Riviera Village twitter.com
Jennifer Kerfuffle @FauxTimesNews1🔁 #WorldCup The Last Jedi Congratulates Nigeria #StarWars #WorldCup2018 #Nigeria 🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃
James Hancock @colebrax🔁In Episode 11 of the , I’m joined by author to discuss his new book, Watching Skies: ⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠, and Us, his love of movies & lots more.

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Ben Cartwright @Ben_Cartwrigh15🔁We weren't the droids he was looking for 😓😅😃
#starwars #dreamnight #stormtroop instagram.com er
🎱👃🏻🇺🇸RePTiiLious🇺🇸👅💊 @KiLombus100K🔁

s mother


Skye Movies 🎬 @SkyeMovies🔁In Episode 11 of the , I’m joined by author to discuss his new book, Watching Skies: ⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠, and Us, his love of twitter.com movies & lots more.

Available on , , , & .

APodcastAboutSomething @APASomething🔁What did you think of the universes first spin off film? We dive into Rogue One in this Ep!
Dani @daguicar1🔁Carrie Fisher & Mark Hamill on location in California’s Buttercup Valley aboard Jabba’s barge, April 1982.

Gin @georginaadg🔁Just realized that we are coming up on four years of new canon with the fourth anniversary of “A New Dawn” in September. It has been a great four years filled with some of the best content ever written! What a time to be a Star Wars fan!
Lloyd Hunt @LloydHunt🔁Found a copy of UK from April 1997. With an interview with in which he shares his desire to have sex with a 1930s f twitter.com ilm star... Each to their own I suppose
Sam @SamuelMaturo🔁Episode 96 is live!! We talk about the newly announced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie, SGDQ 2018 & Star Wars spin-off films.
Jennifer Kerfuffle @FauxTimesNews1🔁 #WorldCup The Last Jedi Favors Croatia against Argentina #StarWars #lastjedi ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
Finaldeathstar @Finaldeathstar1🔁Please consider retweeting.

CD_Superdude @AgentTank007🔁So yeah....looks like has decided to cancel there upcoming stand alone star wars movies. Sucks, was really looking twitter.com forward to the kenobi movie. Not sure if it was because of box office things or the insanity of toxic star wars "fans". Either way, good job!
Evan @trykael🔁Yoda was almost played by a monkey. The team thought it might be easier to train a monkey, dress him up, and then ani twitter.com mate his lips in post-production.
Film '89 📼 @Film89UK🔁In Episode 11 of the , is joined by author to discuss his new book, Watching Skies: , and Us, his love of movies & twitter.com lots more.

Available on , , , & .


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