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#StarTrekDiscovery ڤيرا فارميقا @OddOdium🔁Damn she looks good 😍 #StarTrekDiscovery
#StarTrekDiscovery Damien @Theirishtrekkie🔁The frontier awaits #InDiscoveryWeTrust @startrekcbs @SonequaMG #StarTrekDiscovery #fanart
#StarTrekDiscovery magg0t @NQmagg0t🔁 Oh, now I see - these new #Klingons are just cowards. #StarTrekDiscovery @startrekcbs
#StarTrekDiscovery Lieven L. Litaer @Klingonteacher🔁Oh, now I see - these new #Klingons are just cowards. #StarTrekDiscovery @startrekcbs
#StarTrekDiscovery Duncan Idaho 11 @Gorgonops_SSF🔁 The frontier awaits #InDiscoveryWeTrust @startrekcbs @SonequaMG #StarTrekDiscovery #fanart
#StarTrekDiscovery Black Girl Nerds @BlackGirlNerds🔁I can't 💞 this enough! #StarTrekDiscovery
SKadam, PhD @EpigenomeHacker🔁The latest The Gene! #endangeredspeciesday #startrekdiscovery
Generic Dave @Generic_Dave🔁Now, I can finally be a Captain like Michelle Yeoh on . . No wigs. No weird makeup. Just a Captain. Finally.
Diego A Moreno @DiegoAMORenON🔁From walkers to Klingons - is pleased to officially welcome as First Officer Michael Burnham.
Diego A Moreno @DiegoAMORenON🔁BREAKING NEWS: expands to 15 episodes plus a companion after-show. More details:
BWTM @BAYLORICWORLDTV🔁BaylorIC Worldwide TV Entertainment Newspaper is out! Stories via @ComicBook_Movie #marvel #startrekdiscovery
Amogh Huddar @imakryptonian🔁@AwesomEmergency did Youtube take down your #StarTrekDiscovery video? It's not visible anymore!
Joe Pranaitis @JoePranaitis🔁@Pocket_Books @startrekcbs How do I get on board to #write a #StarTrekDiscovery novel?
❧ @shirayuri09🔁A great take on the new uniform schemes, in the old "Fact Files" presentation style - artwork by
Odyssey47 @Odyssey4747🔁For those who are curious "no pips?" Here's a Star Trek Discovery uniform breakdown:

Ed Cunard @Ed_Cunard🔁So called Star Trek fans calling foul over catering to SJW are forgetting Roddenberry's original vision. Please, Go Home.
Chris Tessone @ChrisTessone🔁What Michelle Yeoh’s accent means to me in & seeing myself represented thru :
Junkball Media @JunkballMedia🔁2 days late, my #StarTrekDiscovery trailer breakdown because I make videos slow AF.
DXL @DestinationXL🔁Before Kirk,Spock and the Enterprise there was Discovery.The CBS Series arrives this Fall. #StarTrekDiscovery
Retro Resolution 🕹 @retroresolution🔁MISS IT? increases first season order. 15 episodes instead of 13! is returning to TV

Matt Jones @MattTooCool4U🔁Can't wait for #StarTrekDiscovery :)
Justin Oser @trekfan4747🔁 It's all about Klingons who were born in Toronto ... 🇨🇦 #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscover y
trekonomics trekbot @trekonomicsbot🔁ICYMI: New trailer gives us our first look at the next iteration of Star Trek
Ava Bailey @YpUQY9VpEjELrgo🔁 I'm definitely having a "can't even" moment right now. So pumped. #StarTrekDiscovery #CBSUpfront
Nᴇʀᴅᴄᴜʟᴇsᵀᴹ @_nerdcules🔁@SpaTownComics looks like a bold and fresh take on Star Trek!!
#StarTrekDiscovery #federationofplanets #StarTrek @ncc_1031_com🔁MISS IT? #StarTrekDiscovery increases first season order. 15 episodes instead of 13! #StarTrek is returning to TV

Jared Brouillard @jrodspants🔁. needs a host for 's after-show who's a Trekkie (but not TOO nerdy), personable, funny, TV-ready, & available. Hmm...
José Molina @djchema78🔁 I cannot wait for to hit our 📺 Looks absolutely spectacular. The story will be of galactic proportions.
Alachia @alachia🔁Let's discuss the new trailer for #StarTrekDiscovery and why I'm worried!
Andy W. Clift @andyWclift🔁To people moaning about the new look Klingons from #StarTrekDiscovery. Think how TOS fans felt when #StarTrek The Motion Picture came out?!



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