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#StarTrek Callum Mcadam @Agent_Mcadam🔁 I passed Chad Colvin in the TNG campaign in #StarTrek! Free at #StarTrekWOG
#StarTrek #VideoGames Roxy @CellPhone_Roxy🔁are you religious? #StarTrek
#StarTrek Geeky Guys @Geeky_Guys🔁 Hope you wake up feeling refreshed. #startrek #tng #picard #snoozing
#StarTrek trekonomics trekbot @trekonomicsbot🔁 The lost Star Trek episode - “The Bigly Manyoover”

#StarTrek #DonaldTrump #bigly

#StarTrek#StarTrek#StarTrek Justin Oser @trekfan4747🔁 Early #StarTrek #TNG @ProbertDesigns concept artwork for the separating Enterprise-D design.
#StarTrek#StarTrek#StarTrek#StarTrek Marsha Loftis @marshaloftis🔁I finished another quilt. Washed and dried and ready for its new owner. #StarTrek #quilt
#StarTrek Nymdok @Nymdok🔁 Spock rock! #FridayFeeling #Friyay #StarTrek ❤️✨
#StarTrek Starfleet Shipyards @TrekShipyards🔁A peek of things to come! #Starships #StarTrek #Klingons
Netflix UK & Ireland @NetflixUK🔁It's the happiest stardate of the solar year. Happy Captain Picard Day! #StarTrek
Star Trek @StarTrek🔁 to who played Sulu in (2009), and
Levois @levois🔁Yet for the moment I'm watching #startrek
Witch lvl 5 🎃 @NalaarChaos🔁 a trip to Las Vegas for the 30th anniversary reunion with
Dave Stevenson @davestevensonuk🔁Star Trek The Motion Picture Review. does this film still stand up today? Watch the vid to find out #startrek
FFOA News Network @FreedomFOA🔁@GeorgeTakei You're an Asian Gay dude and really need to shut the hell up! No one cares that you were in #startrek or alive for that matter!
Trek Nation @treknation🔁The latest Trek Nation Tribune! Thanks to @midnghtdreary @10qjar0FK0tPutL @Darren_Fewins #startrek #trkcon
Kyle B. Stiff @KyleBStiff🔁Okaaaaay just saw another episode of #StarTrek where somebody walks in on somebody's holodeck session without knocking, #wtf!!!!!!
nicholaslee @nicholaslee891🔁 @admford @TheOrville @startrekcbs @CBS should sell the #StarTrek franchise to @Axanarfilm
Justin Oser @trekfan4747🔁Happy birthday to Kelly Curtis, Sarda on 's "Captive Pursuit" and sister of .
Slippy [TeEm] (Tugs) @Commandoslippy🔁 live at come and join us and chat all thin gs

Josh de Lioncourt📎 @Lioncourt🔁I have finally figured it out. Since November, we are all living in the #StarTrek mirror universe. It explains so much! 🖖🏽
MacNerd @thinkweasel🔁A classy motherfucker tonight, wearing a tie with Picard's face on it. …
Lindsay Hracs @dawnoflindsay🔁Nerdy afternoon fun with and .
Trekkie Babble @trekkiebabble🔁10 mins may have been ambitious. She lasted 5. RIP Ensign Random. May you never be grieved or even mentioned again #StarTrek
Heather Rae 🖖🏼🦄 @LLAPawsper🔁@Rosenchild @StarTrek He is the ONLY character in #StarTrek canon that the Star Trek franchise recognizes as gay.
Trekkie Babble @trekkiebabble🔁Watching Unity. Chakotay's on an away mission with a random Ensign we've never seen or heard of before. I give her 10 mins. #StarTrek
Heather Rae 🖖🏼🦄 @LLAPawsper🔁Sadly, your perception of what characters may be gay does not trump the fact that does not support that they are, sa ve JJ's Sulu.
trekonomics trekbot @trekonomicsbot🔁 TOS "Chicks Dig the Uniform" is of the Day at ! OVERJUPITER.COM
C.C. Ekeke @CCEkeke🔁The latest Your Science Fixion! #startrek #otd
Heather Rae 🖖🏼🦄 @LLAPawsper🔁If you knew anything about , you would know that you're incorrect. Only Beyond's Sulu is recognized as gay in .
Janet Burns @warmlyburns🔁"Whatever happened to survival of the fittest? To the rich getting richer and the poor [poorer]? To pure, unadulterated greed?" #startrek
Star Trek @StarTrek🔁 a trip to Las Vegas for the 30th anniversary reunion with
Velimir Radulović @velimirius🔁Gonna start watching #StarTrek next generation, didnt watch it in ages and its my fav one :)
Callum Mcadam @Agent_Mcadam🔁 #StarTrek Beyond 😎👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Riley Lemons @Ri_ma_le🔁 @alyssalmaclenna is a rebel spy #startrek
Kirsty Hood @Kirstea🔁#StarTrek Beyond 😎👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼


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