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#StarTrek#StarTrek Paul Laker🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺🖖 @paullaker81🔁 Throwback to April 2016 - Spot with Worf and Data
#startrek #TNG
#StarTrek SmackDabTweets @MidKidMusings🔁The name of the pilot on my flight home last night was Capt. Kirk!! #noreally #beammeup #StarTrek
#StarTrek D I F @DanInFlorida7🔁FYI #StarTrek has a new Amazon shop!


@StarTrek #AllStarTrek

#StarTrek#StarTrek#StarTrek#StarTrek Mykhaylo Browning @Jkings85🔁 Get a doll that celebrates 50 years of #StarTrek! thebarbiecollection.com #BarbieCollector
#StarTrek TrekCore 🖖 @TrekCore🔁TODAY IN #StarTrek HISTORY: January 11, 1967

Filming continues on "The Paradise Syndrome."

#StarTrek trekonomics trekbot @trekonomicsbot🔁 FYI #StarTrek has a new Amazon shop!


@StarTrek #AllStarTrek

#StarTrek#StarTrek#StarTrek#StarTrek Captain Killy @Cadet_Tilly🔁 Pure coincidence I got this after this weeks #StarTrekDiscovery #startrek
#StarTrek Trek Verses @VerseTrek🔁Spock's School of Massage and Sudden Deep Sleep:
#StarTrek Molly💖💜💙 @SerendipMe🔁 When the away team is about to drop the hottest mixtape of all-time. 🖖🏾🖖🏾🖖🏾#startrek #cosplay
#StarTrek 스포계 3mm🚀 @satellite3mm🔁 TODAY IN #StarTrek HISTORY: January 11, 1967

Filming continues on "The Paradise Syndrome."

Star Trek: Discovery @startrekcbs🔁's cast & crew discuss how Mirror Universe fashion draws from classic : twitter.com
ComicBook NOW! @ComicBookNOW🔁​ has had A LOT of great villains over 7 series and 13 films, but these are the ALL TIME 10 BEST! Which villain is yo twitter.com ur favorite?!
Ian D. Sharman @idsharman🔁Well...I’m running out of Star Wars books to buy, so...

#startrek #discovery instagram.com

Suraj Sonara Ⓥ @TH3_UNIT🔁 “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.” —Spock, #StarTrek
John Orquiola @BackoftheHead🔁Who is the mysterious Emperor in the Mirror Universe of ? According to tradition, it's probably a member of the cast. Let's explore the possibilities. Long Live The Empire!

Paul Myles @HL10PM🔁Thought I'd fill in a few gaps in what you've seen. Here's issue 108 - the Cheyenne Class Wait until you see the Borg Queen ship!
Paul Myles @HL10PM🔁I drew out a Starfleet evolutionary line, including a few ships from . *(Not completely to scale)
Cynical Trek Guide @TrekCynic🔁S6E10: Quark creates what is sure to be an international incident between the Ferengi, Starfleet, and the Dominion. T twitter.com hinks he'll be hailed as a hero.
リン Bruce Greenwood Fan @Rin_Fields🔁​ has had A LOT of great villains over 7 series and 13 films, but these are the ALL TIME 10 BEST! Which villain is your favorite?!
Spirit of Savile @moor_facts🔁reading modern folk puzzled on it's first runs (1966-69) was not that well-watched and a fifth season was cancelled. twitter.com Obvious to me why. Had the real thing back then, so no need of fantasy. That modern folk also say I was hoaxed just makes it all funnier and them dumber
wolfe with an e @wolfewithane🔁Mysterious radio signals may come from a zombie star lurking near a supermassive black hole. Zikes, is that a twitter.com episode, erwhut?

WordyLinX @ScrewyClue🔁DAMMIT JIM you're not Denny Crane twitter.com
John Harrison @Harrison_Khan🔁[Captain Lorca]☇
☄starring by Jason Isaacs🌞
News Update and Roleplay

Capt Kirk's Dildo @capt_dildo🔁 You must do better because I know you can #LLAP #startrek #startrekdiscovery @startrekcbs @NetflixNL S1E2 #grazissima
SandraDebbyGracia dL @Grazissima🔁You must do better because I know you can #LLAP #startrek #startrekdiscovery @startrekcbs @NetflixNL S1E2 #grazissima
Dexter / Orszewski @orszewski🔁My first day at work in 2018. All day long I have this feeling I'm going to watch in the evening, but not. Today is twitter.com not a Monday. ;-)
Kevin Pfeil @kevinpfeil_nl🔁There are some big divisive questions in life. or ? Coke or Pepsi? Miles or Coltrane? In this guest post, examines the vs debate, taking a deep look into both sides of the argument.

Michele McDonald @MicheleRMcD🔁Love all the references in today’s insightful plenary talk by Elizabeth Barron. See the livestream at . twitter.com


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