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Star Wars Karandeep @karandeep3210🔁 A crater on Ceres is now "BB-8 Crater" to me
Seth Rogen @Sethrogen🔁Star Wars is referencing The Room!!!!!! What a story! #TheDisasterArtist.
Star Wars Isaac Kim @SanicBushpig🔁 *EA removed the microtransactions from Star Wars Battlefront II*
Star Wars Cesar @KingDaddyCesar🔁 Star Wars: The Last Jedi confirmed to be 150 minutes long, the longest film of the franchise!!
EAStarWars @EAStarWars🔁//" target="_blank"> ls:
EAStarWars @EAStarWars🔁
Shadow Star @icswcshadow🔁RETWEET for a chance to win an NVIDIA TITAN Xp Star Wars Collector's Edition Graphics Card. 1 x Jedi Order and 1 x Galactic Empire up for grabs! Entries valid only from USA, UK, France and Germany.
Ash H-K @ashhk93🔁
The Queen of Cardio @jsismee🔁 Invades ! Get Your Collectible Cosmic Shells while supplies last! AD Learn more -> via
The Cards Guru @thecardsguru🔁@pablohidalgo Which is worse - Star Wars Holiday Special or the Prequels? It's a close call...
Tay Bay Bay @RET_Saintz🔁I started the game Star Wars Battlefront II
StillMyPresident @democrat2theend🔁Does anyone else see Star Wars parallels in the last season of ? Only seen Star Wars once, but Lyn Paolo called Liv's last outfit in 707 the Vader Cape, and the moment Liv was willing to let Quinn die reminded me of the moment Darth Vader fully subsumed Anaken Skywalker.
Clay @ltsSpark🔁I liked a @YouTube video Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer
Tori @ToriW95🔁Get you a Christmas tradition like mine and , we go see the newest Star Wars movie!! We are the nerdiest of females s ometimes! But I love us
Oliver Er @OberstVonErnst🔁
Christmas Music is Unoriginal and Repetitive @blockular🔁Responding To Controversy: EA Has Announced That ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Will Now Allow You To Unlock Legs For Your Character Without Paying Extra
Erictron3000 @Erictron3000🔁Star Wars Battlefront 2: This is What $100 Could Get You BEFORE Microtransactions Were Disabled
💀 @spoo00ky🔁If one good thing has to be said of Star Wars: Battlefront II, it’s that the starfighter assault mode (designed by ) is the standout here. Exceptionally intuitive controls make this a must-play for anyone who’s ever dreamt of flying an X-Wing.
KIRI @kirixngv__🔁 de Star Wars***^
Ray DeMay @rayjd1650🔁I think the Jedi Starfighter is my favorite design of any Star Wars vehicle
Clear Time Magazine @ctmmagazine🔁FALL OF THE JEDI: A Single Film Star Wars Prequel Edit) /
X MidgetGem Xx @XMidgetGemXx🔁I liked a @YouTube video Star Wars Battlefront 2: SMELLY WOOKIE #AD
Mike Fatum @VengeanceGOD🔁Hey @DeeGoots - where do I get the Star Wars Show t-shirt? I might need it.
Critical Nobody @CriticalNB🔁Why Does Everyone Hate This Game? | Star Wars: Battlefront II (PC)
Diego Salas @tonatiuhsalas🔁@ORIGINPC Maybe star wars battlefront 2 i mean is starwars deff the best in the year
Yenis @Chanbaek_Lover1🔁Star Wars
Ep1: the phantom turkey
Ep2: attack of the turkeys
Ep3:revenge of the turkey
Ep4: a new turkey
Ep5: turkey strikes back
Ep6: return of the turkey
Ep7: the turkey awakens
Ep8: the last turkey
Ep9: ....turkey

Trevor Smith @Trevorsammich🔁 I don’t care what they say EA, nobody will keep this new Star Wars from gracing my PC. I’ve been looking forward to it for too long...Oh look, it’s downloading.
K.o.t.S. @Lil__Peter__II🔁Rian Johnson confirms that The Last Jedi runtime is 2hr 30m (credits included) making it the longest Star Wars film of the franchise.
Greg HG @GoodnightLove35🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist WORST BOUNTY HUNTER EVER - Star Wars Bounty Hunter - Part 2
Asia Murphy @am_anatiala🔁star wars ain't that great either
Tyana Villalobos @TyanaFae🔁 7-year-old: I need a new best friend.

Me: What happened to your old best friend?

7: They didn't like Star Wars.

Andrew Groen @ScienceGroen🔁Let's channel all of our passionate Star Wars Battlefront II feedback into the next, most important step: Add Shriv to Multiplayer.
HyperCritical @HyperCriticalYT🔁Live on Youtube streaming Star Wars Battlefront 2!
Babylon Thought @p_sef36🔁@bradleybirzer @AmazonKindle love his Star Wars stuff.
SF Fandom @sf_fandom🔁Video: Star Wars 8 Trailer “Awake”
Blah 2.0 @LightUpTheU🔁So in addition to being worried about me utilizing my 4K Blu-ray player you’re concerned about my gaming library? Lol . If there’s a fans I want I’d buy. I’m content with Star Wars and forza for now.
SF Fandom @sf_fandom🔁Video: Star Wars 8 Trailer “Kylo Failed Luke”
Jacob @JacobVJett🔁JackFrags () hat getwittert:
RETWEET for a chance to win an NVIDIA TITAN Xp Star Wars Collector's Edition Graphics Card. 1 x Jedi Order and 1 x Galactic Empire up for grabs! Entries valid only from USA, UK, France and Germany.
Oz @soundersfreak24🔁Shame everybody is hating on this game, the campaign is a enjoyable experience alone is worth the purchase for any fa n of Star Wars. And multiplayer is really enjoyable. Last I checked you don’t have to buy loot boxes with money when u can get them through play time
Keith Holven @Toonimator🔁One reason I dig Kev Walker’s SW comic work is there’s so much Moebius/Euro-comic sci-fi influence... could be tough to get in a game that has to “look/feel like Star Wars”, tho. Can be a tricky balance, as we saw with the prequels (esp. TPM)
SF Fandom @sf_fandom🔁Video: Star Wars 8 “Darkness Rises” trailer
DoctorGrievous1987 @DGrievous1987🔁@MrGojira95 your serious. star fox is either bootleg or furry version of star wars _._


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