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Star Wars あつひえ @CsyXb🔁 Star Wars: Did Mark Hamill Reveal When to Expect New Last Jedi Trailer?
Star Wars Sarah Bailey @9kGJpe2Q4KLJOKk🔁 Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled for release on December 20, 2019.
Star Wars Aye Cue @ItsAyeCue🔁 ICYMI: DONALD GLOVER Comments On Directing A 'STAR WARS' Movie
Star Wars 팥콘워즈 @SSbeanSS🔁 "Yoda vs Dooku" (TOPPS Star Wars Trading Cards) | by @paulshipper #StarWars #cardgames #art
Star Wars JaviJavier @Tio_Javiss🔁 When someone hasn't seen Star Wars
Film Junkee @DaveePena🔁 Star Wars Twitter this morning:
Star Wars BWW Geeks World @BWWGeeksWorld🔁Star Wars: Galactic Nights Returns By Popular Demand To Disney's Hollywood Studios Dec. 16
Star Wars Forward Geek @ForwardGeek🔁Star Wars: Galactic Nights Returns By Popular Demand To Disney's Hollywood Studios Dec. 16
Star WarsStar WarsStar WarsStar Wars naruto @jcdirey🔁 star wars as carrie fisher tweets
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Star WarsStar WarsStar WarsStar Wars bigman @dudemissile🔁 Official Soviet film posters for Star Wars by Yury Bokser and Alexander Chantsev. 1990
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Star Wars Meri @anonmeri🔁 Star Wars Weekly Issue 1, 1978.
Star Wars DAPs Murray @DAPsMurray🔁Lucasfilm Joins Forces with Six Major Brands to Launch Worldwide Promotional Campaign in…
Star Wars Star Wars @starwars🔁Galactic Nights returns to @WaltDisneyWorld's Hollywood Studios this December.
Star Wars Dave Itzkoff @ditzkoff🔁WHY AREN'T YOU HOME WRITING STAR WARS
Jack Posobiec @JackPosobiec🔁Funny how Disney bought both ESPN and Star Wars and then turned them both anti-Trump
ShadowKnight117 @axelvn_117🔁I liked a @YouTube video How Order 66 Awoke Snoke (Spoilers) - Star Wars The Last Jedi Theory Explained
Elena Stewart @ilonettu1973🔁star wars porn photos lesbian women porn
Star Wars Jedi Shop @jedishopnet🔁Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi - NEW TRAILER TEASED by Mark Hamill! Date…
hmv Chester @hmvChester🔁STAR WARS The Last Jedi in Cinemas 15/12/17! 📆 Come in a see our funko range!
Nick @Njakey🔁Thank you for all the Star Wars toys you supplied me with over the years, @ToysRUs
mia @daisyders🔁Actress Daisy Ridley from Star Wars: The Last Jedi photographed on July 15, as a part of “Disney D23 GMA Pop-up Portraits” project.
Lauren Candland @llcandland🔁Teacher: tell us ab urself

Girl: *blushes* *looks down* idk i just love star wars im such a nerd lol dont judge me

Class: awhhh


Mark Meredith @MarkMeredith🔁After killing off the PCs in #Torchbearer at yesterday's lunchtime game, I'm running Star Wars D6 today. They're playing SpecForce troops.
Laura~ @PinkCakePlate🔁 Star Wars: Galactic Nights Returns to Disney’s Hollywood Studios December 16 via @DisneyParks
ShamDeluxe @ShamDeluxe🔁@jeffmason1 @realDonaldTrump Looks like a scene straight out of Star Wars. And the US isn't the voice of reason.
ed @wllerwller🔁Playing star wars battlefront 2 hmu
Marty Lang @marty_lang🔁I'm proud to call these two friends.
Ivy Pluchinsky @LuckyAtWinningWin $200 @BestBuyCanada gift card via @HelloVancity 🔁//" target="_blank">
Matt Perrin @mattperrin🔁I also remember them with aisles full of thousands of Disney Infinity, Funkos, Transformers, and Star Wars stuff that never sold either...
Sara R Allbright @PrincessMzRed🔁 ⚡️ “Learn more about the adorable Porgs from the upcoming Star Wars film”

Cavan Scott @cavanscott🔁Preview: STAR WARS ADVENTURES #2 by
LindaGio @Linda02100287🔁@chantelnhl7 What is a pirates favorite Star Wars character? AARRRRGGH-2 D-2!
Allison Valdes @MamaDis🔁Star Wars: Galactic Nights Returns to Disney’s Hollywood Studios December 16 via @DisneyParks
thebeardedtrio @thebeardedtrio🔁The Girl With the Droid From Jakku | Fly Casual Episode 153 its a spoilerific REVIEWS and RUMORS kind of episode...
Chris PIlz @chrispilz🔁"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" Trailer Coming October 9th via @wdwnt
Scuba Steve @ScubaSteve889🔁I liked a @YouTube video Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau - Oh hi Mark
Wesley Reagan @hawridgerjr🔁 Baby Driver is Just Star Wars From Darth Vader's Point of View
redvirgo @RedvirgoStacy🔁Obama has legions of Rainbow brigade followers.
Not to mention the Star Wars geeks that think Michelle is Chewbacca.
GEEZUS @BoogieSTEEZ🔁 Boy ya face longer than the opening credits in a Star Wars movie FOH
Roberto Cimatti @robertocimatti🔁Barry Jenkins On His James Baldwin Adaptation and Why He Won’t Be Directing a ‘Star Wars’ Movie
ray🐌💫🌈 @raesquidd🔁i cant believe my gay nerd ass almost missed the entire star wars exhibit at the museum..
Gary Selrenik @Dair2Drm🔁Saddam Hussein's Fedayeen unit with Darth Vader helmets! Under command of Saddam's son who was a Star Wars fan!
Gabe Encinas @Gabe_Encinas🔁Black helmets for Star Wars Night 👀👀🤔🤔? ?😍😏😏
Po-Zu Shoes @Po_Zu🔁Ottie the dog is with you too ...
結城樹里 @yuukijyuri22🔁Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser
Roberto Cimatti @robertocimatti🔁New post: Barry Jenkins On His James Baldwin Adaptation and Why He Won’t Be Directing a ‘Star Wars’ Movie
Nate @Nate37951379🔁@Gameverb @YouTube Star Wars battlefront 2 be new trailer
KFreesmeier 2.0 @KFreesmeier2🔁I HAVE A at the end of the new Star Wars trailer I literally squealed.
Joan Davidson @dvnqmyNY5DZ9l3C🔁 I'm beyond grateful to add my voice to the Star Wars Universe after being a fan since 5/25/77.
8 @thepragmatist🔁 Lol--> Rush: when the cameras spaned the #UNGA they looked like characters from a scene in Star Wars.
DM @patchdennizen🔁#IfILiveToBe100
Star Wars will still be rubbish
Chris PIlz @chrispilz🔁PHOTOS: New Theming Element for Grand Avenue Tunnel to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge via @Blog_Mickey
Cami & Lou @Calo1013🔁Galactic Nights returns to 's Hollywood Studios this December.
That ___ Chick Kara @TryToKeepUpWMe1🔁 Points to the hickeys all over your body in the shape of the Rebel Alliance logo from Star Wars.

I did that.

Slim Papa @ChefDoils🔁First of all how you gonna look like an Alien from Star Wars and just shade everyone on how they live their personal lives and judge them??
Nine9dotCOM @Nine9dotCOM🔁⚡️ “Learn more about the adorable Porgs from the upcoming Star Wars film”

Nikolai @Nikolaithejedi🔁In the newest Indy and Star Wars movies, the plot twist was that Harrison Ford has a son. @bladerunner? @RyanGosling?
kerry @K1erry🔁Lol--> Rush: when the cameras spaned the #UNGA they looked like characters from a scene in Star Wars.
Hyunkel @hyunkelgyard🔁@JVCom Le collector de Star wars Battlefront 2 une honte
Alexa Hamilton @alexahamilton_🔁"I feel like I'm at a Star Wars convention" - Claudia
Bowen @BowenEastman🔁Im so excited for the new Star Wars coming in December
Nika Harper @NikaHarper🔁@mikozlowski Not named after a person; "Star Wars" is its own kind of name/reference.
BUY FOLLO₩ERS :cog @BlakeChislom🔁 @yokofakun lost, like tears in the rain....
(my wife hadn't seen ANY star wars movie! i thought that was impossible)
SSJ Gohan @Svallejo2393🔁This would be the most strangely satisfying Star Wars movie
Dragonknightleader @alexlee387🔁I liked a @YouTube video IT'S STAR WARS, F*CK YOU! RedLetterMedia vs Collider
Nat Dupes @NatalieDupes🔁Box Office: 's Has Earned $218M Domestic And $371M Worldwide via by
Befriendly @BoundSooks🔁Star Wars Actor Might Have Revealed When The Last Jedi’s New Trailer Will Release Wars Actor Might Have Reve…
BeerCounter™: 240🍺 @kim_jong_skillz🔁@levon_whiteguy No but I remember seeing parts of Star wars and hearing stock scream effects
Alexey Romanov @alexey_r🔁Tattúínárdǿla saga: If Star Wars Were an Icelandic Saga

A long time ago, in a North Atlantic far far away…


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