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Am I ready to kill all my feels?! 🖖
Star Trek Discovery alanna the dumbass @finnsspilot🔁 Thanks Star Trek Discovery for my life #AfterTrek
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Sonequa Martin-Green @SonequaMG🔁⚡️~ Happy Disco Sunday! ~ ⚡️

The Season 1 finale of Star Trek Discovery airs TONIGHT! And catch…

Star Trek: Discovery @startrekcbs🔁Following the season finale of , the after party is on ! We're giving it all we've got with a star-studded guest lis t and everything you want to know about the first season of Star Trek: Discovery!
CBS TV Studios @CBSTVStudios🔁"Keeping the promise of diversity and enhancing these great female characters means was doing the right thing all l ong, and just wanted to take us all along for its wild, exciting ride." -- 🖖🖖🖖
กะโห้ใส่หมวก「カホ」✨💕 @kahonoii🔁"Star Trek: Discovery" producer on that finale twist, season 2 plans via @ew
Reece 🏳️‍🌈 @reece_wagner🔁@livbambola +30 minutes because I realised Star Trek Discovery finale is out
James Jennings @fadingsunsjvj_v🔁Star Trek: Discovery - Welcome To Qo'noS
James Jennings @fadingsunsjvj_v🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Star Trek: Discovery - Welcome To Qo'noS
EUFEMIA Macias @eufemia49ya🔁 Star Trek Discovery Netflix Season 1 - RizbIT - Apps, IT Services, Tech, Entertainment
pakngah @safwan_yusoff🔁. This story has more plot twist than Star Trek Discovery. What's next? The Teacher is a Tardigrades?
Ron Bailey @RJBailey🔁We Ask the Star Trek: Discovery EPs What the Finale's Throwback Ending Means for Season 2 via @TVLine
Marz @madmanmarz🔁Review: Season 1 ends on a mixed note even while wowing us with its setup for next year.

Grant McLellan @GrantMcLellan9🔁After watching the season 1 finale of Star Trek Discovery I sat through A Futile And Stupid Gesture
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ℓ-gi @letmechooseboi🔁Just finished watching Star Trek's Discovery where Michelle Yeoh ended the finale with promoting Malaysia and Pulau Langkawi woot woot!
Dan McDowell @danjmcdowell🔁It took me 15 episodes of Star Trek Discovery to realise why Ash Tyler looked so familiar to me.

LT. TYLER (using c ommunicator): Tyler to Discovery, do you copy?

New Age Of Heroes @DCNewAge🔁 Star Trek Discovery makes a lot more sense when you realize it's set in the DC Comics movie universe.
James R. Terry, Jr. @CaptSerek🔁Tonight was the season finale of Star Trek Discovery. Excellent episode.
Cairo Web Design @cairowebdesign🔁THE CHEAPEST DEDICATED SERVER EVER!!!😀

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Mirai Nagasu Jamie Anderson Star Trek Discovery Scott and Tessa Paul Pogba

Bronx Voice @Bronxvoice1🔁The lame Star Trek: Discovery finale took the franchise backward
Epic Design Store @TurkiNizar🔁"That’s the way to end… Holy f**k" – The internet (and Lorca) react to the Star Trek Discovery finale
RTvideogames [UK] @RTvideogamesUK🔁"That’s the way to end… Holy f**k" – The internet (and Lorca) react to the Star Trek Discovery finale
Rp Code Free @rpcodefree🔁 "That’s the way to end… Holy f**k" – The internet (and Lorca) react to the Star Trek Discovery finale
luke kirby @kirby_luke🔁For me Star Trek next gen was the best ever!,,but out with the old and in with the new and all that..discovery is my new enterprise 😊 I love this and I hope there’s many more seasons to come
trekonomics trekbot @trekonomicsbot🔁What That Enterprising Finale Twist Means for 'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 2 - Hollywood Reporter
trekonomics trekbot @trekonomicsbot🔁'That’s the way to end… Holy f**k' – The internet (and Lorca) react to Star Trek Discovery’s season finale
Cairo Web Design @cairowebdesign🔁VPS Server Hosting

Mirai Nagasu Jamie Anderson Star Trek Discovery Scott and Tessa Paul Pogba

Alya Farhanah @alyfrhnh🔁OMG Michelle Yeoh just mentioned Langkawi Island, Malaysia in Star Trek: Discovery....then she (Captain Phillipa) arranged for a threesome with a pair of scantily clad space strippers.

Holy Meow.

Noni Odulio @JROdulio🔁Star Trek Discovery tied too near a bow in its season ender.
Game World @Gam3Wrld🔁'That’s the way to end… Holy f**k' – The internet (and Lorca) react to Star Trek Discovery’s season finale


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