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#StanleyCup Johnny onTheSpot @johnny0nthesp0t🔁 Hanging out in Georgetown with Ivanka #StanleyCup @NHL @Capitals @HockeyHallFame @IvankaTrump
Quinn Stromberg @Q_Stromberg20🔁 It took plenty of goals to see the @Capitals raise the #StanleyCup.

Watch every single one of them.

Yo, Adrian! 🥊 @YoAAAdrian🔁 Happy tears from the Smith-Pellys.☝️#StanleyCup
#StanleyCup Sports are dumb @BaseballMeech🔁 Already missing hockey? Same.

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#StanleyCup dave spencer @fightnewscanada🔁Rocking the Red in Venice #ALLCAPS #STANLEYCUP #rmnb
#StanleyCup Chris Marsh @crickerr🔁 Heading to NYC for @FallonTonight!

#ALLCAPS #StanleyCup

Washington Capitals @Capitals🔁We Are the Champions. #StanleyCup #ALLCAPS
#StanleyCup NHL Network @NHLNetwork🔁Already missing hockey? Same.

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NHL @NHL🔁The moment he waited 13 years for: celebrates the victory in flipbook-form! 👇

Created by . twitter.com

NHLFemale @NHLFemalecom🔁The moment he waited 13 years for: celebrates the victory in flipbook-form! 👇

Created by .

George Barnette @BracketvilleUSA🔁Stopped by coaches house for a party last night. Great guy, coaching a great team.

mella @mellastalker🔁Excited to be back with new shows! Tonight: Jim Parsons is here, stops by, and Washington ' & talk about their win! Plus, a performance from !
Hina Ansari @orangeyHina🔁“THE SAVE,” in flipbook form! goes down in history with an incredible stick save you can now watch over and over (and over).
Jannette Stewart @burgundy50🔁A very Happy Birthday to our intrepid sports reporter , who personally made sure to bring fans the very best coverage from the Final!
Bahar Zazai @BobbyZazai🔁So what happens to the after tomorrow’s parade? Eventually, every player gets a day with it. “It’s kinda complex,” says . ⁠ ⁠
John Dube' @DubeJohnr🔁NEXT! Voice of the joins for the first time on Team 980 since returning from Vegas and hoisting the !
NO MORE CURSE @leppamiro🔁Absolutely when we beat Pittsburgh. The confidence level was so high that I was never worried when they were 3-2 down twitter.com against Tampa.
The Team 980 @team980🔁NEXT! joins as the finally won the and the rundown of how they got here twitter.com
Colin Foote Burch @cfburch4🔁The latest The Slap! Comedy & Funny Stuff, Daily! paper.li #stanleycup #destigmatizedepression
Brenda Tittlemier @yknortherngirl🔁 bring you the highlights of Ovechkin’s celebration with this 28 VHS box set for only $9.99!
krdis @slimwiththebrim🔁Of the countless kids that dreamt of winning the cup, this guy wasn't among them. Brutal reviews for book on in '10 twitter.com after no exclusive access. Talk about a grudge
Lorna Cook @lornacook26🔁The moment he waited 13 years for: celebrates the victory in flipbook-form! Made for
Brian McKain @bmmckain🔁Yep the didnt do it, the were super engaged with the city ! Love it Steve, and I missed your Daggers!


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