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#StanleyCup#StanleyCup PITTSBURGH'S #1 FAN @pittdemetrios🔁 2016 vs 2017. It never gets old. #StanleyCup
#StanleyCup Tim C @CrowsNest74🔁 Find the top players from last week's #StanleyCup Final action!
Ali Howard @firechick505🔁 Back to back. #StanleyCup
Chill Kessel 🎉 @ChillKessel🔁 Phil!

Watch the @Penguins #StanleyCup Parade on Sportsnet and stream on SNNow.ca

#StanleyCup Carol A Greco @Cagreco151Greco🔁 Penguins, Pirates, and the #StanleyCup.


Carol A Greco @Cagreco151Greco🔁 There's nothing like bringing the #StanleyCup home.
#StanleyCup PenguinsChronicles @PensChronicles🔁 Penguins captain Sidney Crosby raises the #StanleyCup during today's victory parade.
#StanleyCup Pittsburgh Penguins @penguins🔁Penguins, Pirates, and the #StanleyCup.


#StanleyCup#StanleyCup#StanleyCup#StanleyCup NHL @NHL🔁What a city.
What a team.
What a party.

Thanks for everything, @PredsNHL. #StanleyCup 👊

NHL Network @NHLNetwork🔁We're celebrating the parade with a giveaway! RETWEET for a chance at this crystal Cup filled with ice from the fin twitter.com al.
SAMCRO @dannyroche92🔁Repeat Champs. Take a look at how the got there & watch their celebration parade & rally at 11aE!
Ionuţ Tătaru @InterRomania🔁"This is something you're never going to forget."

It was one wild day at the ' victory parade.

Steel City @SteelCity_Burg🔁Sights & sounds from Parade!
Player interviews:
Social media posts: cbsloc.al
Carol A Greco @Cagreco151Greco🔁Even when you're walking through the back hallways of PNC Park... The should always be celebrated.
David Trudo @Trudo🔁We're celebrating the parade with a giveaway! RETWEET for a chance at this crystal Cup filled with ice from the final.
Carol A Greco @Cagreco151Greco🔁Unable to attend or watch the Championship parade today? Never fear! We're replaying it at 8:30pE!
Carol A Greco @Cagreco151Greco🔁The gave some 4th grade students the VIP treatment after the Parade cancels their field trip -
Boris Shiloff @Bshiloff🔁Did more people attend the @penguins #stanleycup parade than this year's Inauguration ceremony? (Asking for a friend...)
Kelli Dixon @KelliDixonpe🔁5 parades for the , 3 for the captain. Congratulations Pittsburgh
KDKA @CBSPittsburgh🔁Sights & sounds from Parade!
Player interviews:
Social media posts cbsloc.al : twitter.com
ashna:)) @ashnayakoob🔁We're the three best friends that anyone could have. And we'll never ever ever ever
leave each other.
Chris @kcrmb🔁This is what winning big at the Final looks like. Join for your chance at a VIP hoc scotiabankhockeyclub.com key experience!
Chris @kcrmb🔁The edge of our seats are worn out! This Playoffs season included a near record breaking 27 OT games and 50 one-goal games!
Orson Hitchcock @orsonhitchcock🔁LIMITED OFFER: Get a NEW 3-year subscription ($66), and get commemorative section, homepage print FREE!
Katie Carrabbia ✨ @KatieC_412🔁JUST IN: Pittsburgh Parade crowd estimated at 650,000, largest sports parade in history.
Dejan Kovacevic @Dejan_Kovacevic🔁LIMITED OFFER: Get a NEW 3-year subscription ($66), and get commemorative section, homepage print FREE! twitter.com


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