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#StandWithJemele Got Da Juice @jjblll🔁 I #StandWithJemele. Tell @espn if you do too.
#StandWithJemele AndreaSpeakz ™ @AndreaSpeakz🔁 Hey @espn We #StandWithJemele ✊🏾
#StandWithJemele ThereThere @VerbaAqua14🔁 #StandWithJemele I. Am. Woman. Hear. Me. Roar. ✊ #TheResistance ✊
#StandWithJemele Spyke @overspyke🔁#StandWithJemele IS OVER!
#StandWithJemele sass @sassym🔁 Call @espn and let them know you #StandWithJemele.
#StandWithJemele#StandWithJemele Lew @Lucky_Lewci🔁 Don’t worry @ESPN I have plenty of milds and yak .. I got time today cuz #StandWithJemele
stp_los @LosDebes🔁 If you stand for free speech #StandWithJemele
stp_los @LosDebes🔁 @angela_rye #mikepence and that mutt boss of his staged a fake protest...coward #standwithJemele
#StandWithJemele Retweet King @aredotjaydot🔁 Dear @espn, we #StandWithJemele ✊🏾.
James Drizzle @jamesdrizzle🔁 If you stand for free speech #StandWithJemele
#StandWithJemele Mark E Stewart @mes34🔁 Tell @espn you #StandwithJemele!
#StandWithJemele a. rye✊🏾 @angela_rye🔁Tell @espn you #StandwithJemele!
a. rye✊🏾 @angela_rye🔁You can't silence us. #standwithJemele
Marc Lamont Hill @marclamonthill🔁I stand with @jemelehill. We must protect our voices and not let them be intimidated, railroaded, or unfairly punished. #StandwithJemele
Brandon Kelly @BrandonNKelly🔁 Speaking out against racism isn't the same as being racist -- so stop with the false equivalence #standwithJemele
Chels 💃🏽 @chelzzayy🔁She doesn't work for the NFL. Also, providing an opinion about WHAT WORKS is not organizing a boycott.
Ryan ® @rysat31🔁#StandWithJemele ... now ppl are standing??
#DotardTrump#Nambia @nightnurse38🔁 You mess with @jemelehill you mess with all of us. #StandwithJemele
Michelle K-B @Michezzille🔁 Jemelle Hill suspended by ESPN for her tweets.

When is Trump gonna be suspended for HIS tweets?


Retweet King @aredotjaydot🔁@espn I will remove your network from my package if this suspension is not removed #standwithJemele
sai @masinaw_lisa🔁Fuck @espn without black athletes you are done. You're garbage get off my cable don't want any of your channels🖕🏽I #StandWithJemele
Filip @FStropek🔁@HuevosDeChivo you are a fool by setting a flag, a song or a country above a living human being! #StandWithJemele
Oni @mynameisohknee🔁 You can't silence us. #standwithJemele
TomTurbine @T0mTuRbiNe🔁 You will not intimidate black female journalists, nor silence us. Our voices *are* our jobs. #StandWithJemele
T. Dapper @TDapper100🔁Fuck ESPN , tell I be off that "mild and that yak" like Sharpe motha fuckas … instagram.com
Madrina ✨ @mayasimonexo_🔁 Why is Jemele Hill being held to a higher moral standard than the President of the United States? #StandwithJemele
Wαηjιяũ™ @WanjiruTM🔁the need to silence Black voices so much is only a true testament to what power we have.
#StandWithJemele #TakeAKnee
RandyBunt @BUNTSTERMANIA2🔁I wonder if @jemelehill cried again for making #ESPN a punching bag? LOL!! Jemele is just another phony #liberal!!!! #StandWithJemele
stp_los @LosDebes🔁 Jemele Hill got waaayyyy more heart than a lotta you niggas. #StandWithJemele
Eric Pride @ericjpride🔁 will have more people leave because of JJ not Hill. I cancelled my plan today. Switched to I twitter.com
SaLtY DoGz @SaLtYdOgZ🔁#StandWithJemele ...I'll have to take a knee on that one. I don't hang out with whores. Not in a long time. 😞
Tiana Capri @TianaCapri🔁 you have now been whitelisted. Make no mistake, what most would call the blacklist is far more powerful than you th twitter.com ink ✊🏾

SHUJAA @OOKAMI_SAMURAI7🔁@espn #StandWithJemele Because she spoke the truth!
Paperman @papermanCH🔁 I #StandWithJemele ✊🏾. Thank you @jemelehill for putting what is right before politics.
capo 🇸🇴 @hussein_insanee🔁She a cool cat and highly vocal so for that I #StandWithJemele
RUTH ELLA OWENS @ruthellaowens🔁 Everyone join me and #StandWithJemele
The Shadow @livingoutloud1🔁#StandWithJemele
How can you ignore the real issue? Racial injustice, not the flag or anthem.


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