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SpursSpurs Alderwiereld_Whl @spurs_whl01🔁 selling them for £ rts loved
Spurs Zesty SA Spurs @zesty_spurs🔁Derrick White starts crying upon receiving call from Popovich
Spurs sage @seiguh🔁 six years ago today the Spurs were blessed with our beloved Kawhi
Spurs الياس @Eliasmimouni12🔁 Thomas lemar has chosen Arsenal over Spurs #thfc #afc #spicefers #TransferTalk
Jason Lockhart @GamecockToonce🔁@F3Spur BackBlast is live @clewandowski10 @RYSprincipal #DRP
Spurs Sam Ingram @Saarfend_Spurs🔁£36 for that 😨
Spurs Jaymz Gutierrez @JaymzGutierrez🔁 Derrick White starts crying upon receiving call from Popovich
12 @zagg_twelve🔁 20 years ago we drafted Timmy.
San Antonio Spurs @spurs🔁With the 29th pick the Spurs select Derrick White!
Brian Windhorst @WindhorstESPN🔁The Cavs and Spurs have been in trade talks involving Danny Green, sources say. Spurs' asking price has been high, though.
Adrian Wojnarowski @WojVerticalNBA🔁The San Antonio Spurs will select Derrick White with the No. 29 pick, league source tells @TheVertical. Live:
EarlFlex @GoonerFlexman🔁QUALITY: response when asked which Spurs player would get into the team, at the Kit Launch. 😂👏
Superb ® @Juwannn__🔁As soon as we showed interest I looked him up. The long smooth Niggas out of country too sweet. Knicks tryna be like the spurs in a minute
Eben 🇬🇧 @FutboiEben🔁1- Chelsea
2- Man City
3- Liverpool
4- Arsenal
5- Spurs
6- Man UTD
Wade Cruz @WADExplorer🔁Curry is the PG of the best defensive team last year.. again.. spurs can hide him behind danny green and kawhi..
(((Allspurs))) @all_spurs🔁Will the country suffer? I would say that actually that has a silver lining. As if they actually do anything positive .
Shannon Morgan @ShannonMorgz11🔁@therealbigyid @yidoo90 @RickSpur @addicted_spurs Deluded fans who support levy. Don't have a clue
I Am Lilly White @Spursgomarchin1🔁There's one way to silence people and that's to go out and play. – Urban Meyer #sportstar #spurs
Jive Arsenal @JiveArsenal🔁 @MrLil8 @LFCfootball2 Chelsea spurs arsenal city united Everton Liverpool
Clarence @Murda_11🔁Stat we heard often last night regarding Derrick White from Spurs folks: He's a 50-40-80 guy (FG-3pt-FT percentage). The guy can shoot.
xuerle @robin66553622🔁@Thatsportsspice @ItsMrBlueGuy Yeah, when we say spurs in China, we usually mean San Antonio Spurs
Dami Lavallen @DamiLavallen🔁Imagine him celebrating like this in front of Spurs fans at the Emirates Stadium. Pls sign him
Kathy @kat343434🔁I am a Nouveau riche, white privileged male who feigned bone spurs to avoid the draft, while others died in my stead.
saxon71 @stusaxon71🔁Corbyn and labour are the spurs of politics.
Put the pressure on but sadly came 2nd 😂😂 #Glastonbury2017
Santino @SA_SPURS_9🔁 Lebron called them to his office and "suggested" they retire
josh highnam @Jwowww314🔁UCCS All-American Derrick White selected 29th overall in first round by San Antonio Spurs in 2017 NBA Draft.
Z @Yiddokhan🔁@RafaelH117 He was easily the worst player ive ever seen put on a spurs shirt and that is saying something.
melina 💌 @xathryn🔁LaMarcus Aldridge is demanding a trade. He wants nothing to do with San Antonio. He feels that the Spurs have ruined his overall game. Wow.
proto-preggo @meinherr🔁My childhood crush and local hero ❤️
Jarred @jarred1886🔁Spurs and LFC fans always bring up Champions League when talking about Arsenal. Don't act like you won't be joining us in Europa soon enough
Jin Kazama @AustinCollier43🔁 Come on Spurs...wake up and take this game!
Alex @AlexKyri_🔁Sports Direct are currently selling Nike manufactured Spurs training gear for the 2017-18 season.
⚡️Prana The Hybrid⚡️ @PranaTheHybrid🔁I would never want Derrick Rose on the Spurs. Every interview I've seen him give it always seems like it's all about him.
M33M Hoops @M33MHoops🔁5th Grade Boys - Pool A - Briarcrest 5th Grade def. Spurs 29-11 #JackJonesLeague @exposurebball
Aaron Moniz @aaronm830🔁Watch his Chelsea side. Fabregas pushes forward from defensive midfield, Oscar drags back. Midfield three. Not 4231 t hat Spurs play.
. @Barcaaaaa1899🔁I'm fucking done, a huge Spurs flop linked to us finished club
kay🍯 @kayla_alvarado_🔁 Thank you @spurs 🙌🏽 #GoSpursGo
sage @seiguh🔁12 years ago today, the Spurs beat the Pistons in GM7 to win the 2005 NBA Championship. Look at all that hair on Manu's head!


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