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SpursSpurs Addicted To Spurs @addicted_spurs🔁 Who’s better?

RT: Will Grigg
Like: Man City

Andrew Simpson @AgingBull73🔁 A true Spurs legend.

Have a great day, @jimmy_greaves! 🎉🎈


Spurs Gary Underwood @gazu11🔁 For all scousers slagging off Spurs and Dele.
Michael Wright @mickwright54🔁 A true Spurs legend.

Have a great day, @jimmy_greaves! 🎉🎈

#COYS by @spursofficial

Spurs TottenhamBlog @tottenhamblog🔁'We always think positive': Lucas Moura asked if Spurs can win the Champions League tottenhamblog.com
Spurs Zesty SA Spurs @zesty_spurs🔁Former Spurs big man Tiago Splitter retires from basketball 247sports.com
Spurs Dime on UPROXX @DimeUPROXX🔁Which teams will end up missing out in the Western Conference playoff race? uproxx.it
Spurs Gary the taxi @garybilton🔁 200 Spurs appearances! 🙌

@HKane racks up another milestone - spurs.to


Tottenham Hotspur @SpursOfficial🔁A true Spurs legend.

Have a great day, @jimmy_greaves! 🎉🎈


Jeremy Wilson @JWTelegraph🔁Arsenal's new Emirates deal is worth around £40m a year until 2024. Similar to Chelsea's as second highest in PL afte twitter.com r Man Utd on £47m. Spurs and City are around £35m and L'pool deal, which is up next year, is about £30m.
Skip Bayless @RealSkipBayless🔁If Steph and James Harden hadn't combined to go 2-16 from 3, Team Steph would be comfortably ahead. Harden (1-9 from twitter.com 3) looks like he's playing Game 6 vs the Spurs.
JF "my children were born in a shithole" C @MistahJowky🔁Just wanted to let you know, the moment I finished reading your pathetic tweets this morning I went and donated $25 twitter.com to . Tick tock, Cadet Bone Spurs, how's it feel having that piano hanging over your head all day?
Spurs Fan Club NYC @SpursFanClubNYC🔁Tony Parker for GO SPURS GO. #9 … instagram.com
LosAngelesSRH @LosAngelesSRH🔁#WeLoveLA #LAC #Clippers Former Spur Tiago Splitter announces his retirement srhlink.com #SportsRoadhouse
🤕 @JaylonHunter🔁Raptors vs Celtics Cavs vs bucks then Cavs vs Celtics Cavs move on . West would be Rockets vs warriors spurs vs thun twitter.com der warriors vs thunder warriors move on
gerddk @gerd0602🔁Jan is the most understand Spurs player. Started in our national team as LMF, then DMF (imo his best position), then twitter.com LB and now CB.
Nande Ndamase @NandeNdamase🔁You've got to be a fool to be out here comparing those teams to the likes of Man City, Man Utd, Spurs, Arsenal etc. twitter.com
mama kait➳ @kaitlan_harmon🔁Me with every pair of boots i bought.. “ mom i promise i won’t ride in them, these will be my nice boots.” Two weeks twitter.com later, has those “nice boots” on with spurs 😅
Blow @AlexBlow15🔁Spurs fans just can’t handle that if they want to be a big club, everything they do becomes a headline and under scru twitter.com tiny.

Back to mid table mediocrity you go when Kane has had enough.

Mubango 💫Mulama💫 @MulaMoraes🔁Like what you are doing right now and we all know that you'll just end up trophyless and value the pressure you put twitter.com on opponents
Spurs Nation @SA_Spurs_Nation🔁 These are awesome.


Littleb 🐝 @Littleb10🔁The San Antonio Spurs players and their family stay there also. It's really nice. She had a surgery last year and twitter.com had the same treatment.
philippé timmions @timmins1989🔁Thumb you do realise united could be doing a guard of honour for city in a couple of weeks right? You should prob ton twitter.com e it down a notch
Vincent Guerrero @VgVincentg57🔁WATCH: Pro golfer Jordan Spieth gives fellow Longhorn LaMarcus Aldridge some love via news4sanantonio.com
Robz. @Robert_zepeda20🔁It's 8️⃣ days until Erika and the rest of the hit the court to perform in front of our Spurs Family.

Hear more from the 3rd year performer 👇

mySA @mySA🔁Former Spur Tiago Splitter announces his retirement trib.al
Booda A. Smith @boodaDv🔁They saying the best move for Lebron is The Rockets, Spurs, Warriors 🤦🏾‍♂️
Buncey @BVoisey🔁🏠 Most league wins fr. 15/16 (top 4 tiers inc. P/Os):
65🇼: 🔥PLYMOUTH🔥, Man C
63🇼: Sheff U
61🇼: Portsmouth
60🇼: Spurs, Scunthorpe, Accrington

Alfonso Odusiris @EasilyUpsetFemi🔁 NBA's Dejounte Murray Hits Hawaii with Crazy Hot GF During All-Star Weekend tmz.me
Frosty 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 @Indigenous_Brit🔁@spurs4eva1965 @MarkACollett And you're a Spurs fan? This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.
Thomas Heath @ThomasHeath1🔁Fuck knows why but I’d like to see City or Spurs win this year, if both don’t get to the final then I could t care le twitter.com ss just as long as the other English teams UTD, Chelsea & Liverpool don’t win it
David Buttery @Butterballllz🔁@peteroughton Spurs only started getting in the oppositions penalty box in the last 3 years though
Jonathan @jonnyescott🔁I’m not bitter mate. I don’t actually have anything against spurs. I just thoroughly dislike cheating. I slagged Smal twitter.com ling off last week, you gonna say I’m bitter towards my own club?
JeffGSpursZone @JeffGSpursZone🔁😄😄 Ex-Spur Tiago Splitter asks LeBron James to not savagely block him again during intervie news4sanantonio.com w #GoSpursGo #spurs
Ali @Theredcatcher🔁Some crackers in today’s Mediawatch. Particularly enjoyed Joey Barton criticising Spurs’ Mousa Dembele for not gaining any French caps. How good can he really be if he’s not a full international?! Conveniently missing the fact that he has 70 caps for Belgium. Div.
Jay Louis @JayLouis🔁Ha ha, tell the one about the President that avoided service by faking bone spurs and then sold out the country to a twitter.com Russian dictator to pay off his business debts. That one's hilarious!
Ferocious Styles @RangeFighter🔁 @bet365 Wouldn't mind spurs so much but not city or Chelsea. 100% anyone but the Scousers
Darren Skelly @darren_skelly🔁@spurs_family @jimmy_greaves @SpursOfficial Happy birthday to a world football legend !!! And a great man !!
Not Scarlett O'Hara @1firsthistoric🔁 Polio was no excuse for FDR not to stand for the National Anthem. I have bone spurs. Unpatriotic!
F a i t h @faith__garza🔁What kinda kowboi shit can I do today?!?
Wear my straw to class in pouring rain
Wear my brush poppper
Wear my boots with my spurs on em
Wear my king ropes hat
Spurs SportSpyder @SpursSpyder🔁[San Antonio Express-News] Former Spur Tiago Splitter announces his retirement - San Antonio Express-News sportspyder.com #Spurs
Thomas Norman @DJTom3🔁Yeah I think you can.

That's true Spurs have held they own in UCL and have done well against better teams on paper twitter.com

N.Whittingham @djcamel46🔁Josh Tymon must be kicking himself looking at Ryan Sessegnon’s progress this season. He didn’t move to a bigger club for more money but stayed where he’d get game time. He’s reaping the rewards, rumoured with moves to Spurs and Man U. Tymon meanwhile is on loan at MK Dons
Nigel Richards @Welshyid1966🔁@NewportCounty will all my unfinished bottles of wine and personal belongings be removed at half time from my table ? as Newport v spurs
Dynamo DeGea @DynamoDeGea🔁@DJTom3 @Robert_THFC @chidex5 @WeRTottenhamTV The only problem is if we keep saying this about spurs
Bill Ingram @TheRocketGuy🔁Take a trip around the Texas Triangle Houston ready to contend? Who, exactly are the Sp nbaradioshow.com urs? Mavericks forced into rebuilding.
Last Word On Spurs🎙 @LastWordOnSpurs🔁OUT NOW 👉 with and


Spurs FFC @spursfancast🔁Pochettino should move on from Winks and Sissoko and move for THIS Watford midfielder 🔥

Chelsea Chronicle @CFCChronicle🔁ICYMI | The sprung into action on Sunday as force their way to Wembley after bulldozed their way to the qu twitter.com arter-finals with scoring his first Blues goal

Check out 's review here:

Dan Cole @dacl1177🔁Sustainable success is what spurs have needed for 35+ years. This is what he’s trying to do & so far so good. The nex twitter.com t 2/3 years they must win trophies, the standards have now been raised & we must now move onto becoming real winners to complete this transformation. The end👊🏻
Spurs News App @iSpursApp🔁Tottenham Blog: ‘We always think positive’: Lucas Moura asked if Spurs can win the Champions... football-news365.co.uk
2B4USAll @2B4USAll🔁@wokeluisa I used to think only roosters had spurs, obviously, 🐔chickens have them too.
Chuck Norris @bestochuck🔁Chuck Norris was born with cowboy boots on. The spurs on his boots made sure that he wouldn't have a younger brother to compete with.
Steve @MacEVellian22🔁Arsenal fans were happy with fourth place & the occasional trophy as long as they finished above Spurs...so,that last twitter.com bit is not quite true is it Piers...??...🤗😊
Denver Stiffs @denverstiffs🔁Breaking down the insane Western Conference playoff picture and how many wins the Nuggets need to make the postseason twitter.com .
TMZ @TMZ🔁NBA's Dejounte Murray Hits Hawaii with Crazy Hot GF During All-Star Weekend tmz.me
Ryan Blackburn @NBABlackburn🔁Here’s how the Western Conference playoff picture may pan out and what the Nuggets must do to be a part of it. twitter.com
Ricky Sacks 🎙 @RickSpur🔁Everything you need to know about Joe Lewis - the billionaire behind Tottenham Hotspur’s rise |


Anthony Heard @AnthonyH7🔁Fellow Spurs fans, could you retweet please and help my brother, himself a Spurs fan, raise the vital money to get him well.
Nawaf Bayazeed @NawafBayazeed🔁@Alzanbaqi_10 @MrJafarSmith Spurs 😪🧐
Todd Rice @therealToddRice🔁@jelynchjr Maybe the have heel spurs...
HITC Premier League @HITCepl🔁Transfer news: Tottenham should seriously consider Hirving Lozano this summer
Thomas Norman @DJTom3🔁Yeah fair point. My dad supports Spurs and he took me to a game years ago against Chelsea.

Yeah i would say you do. twitter.com Your better than Arsenal now

HITC Transfer News @HITCdeadlineday🔁Transfer news: Tottenham should seriously consider Hirving Lozano this summer #thfc #efc #spurs #tottenhamhotspurfc hitc.com
Caroline Leary @cleary18🔁Closing the divide between what students learn and employers need. lnkd.in
Kevin™️ @OneBlueKevin🔁Spurs according to their fans:
3rd best keeper in the league
2 of the best defenders in the league
Dembele who is better than Pogba
Best young player in the league
Best striker itw
And the most underrated Winger in the league

League Position 5th
Something doesn’t add up

HASSAN @runlikehas🔁2014 again against the Spurs in a year they also mopped the floor against the Heatles. Thunder pushed them to 6. Heat only 5. KD was efficient, performed really well in the one close loss of the series. Had one bad game in that series.
LP ✈️ @Verttonghen🔁@UtdAlfie @FutboIEthan Spurs have better players, you have the better manager and the bigger club.
Live Sports FM @LiveSportsFM🔁 So over the last 2 days we’ve had the thrills and spills of Rochdale v Spurs and Wigan v Man City! Now for the main event of the week - v . Leaving the best till last and, thanks to you guys - LIVE!
Texan Spurs @SanAntSpurs🔁It's a brotherhood. This is bigger than one person, bigger than me. – Taylor Gabriel #team #sportstar #spurs
Brandon Page @BPage24🔁@MPalesano @BetTheTurner Still think they would be behind GSW, Houston, and Spurs.
Backstage Boss™ 🇵🇦 @StyledBySaint🔁⚡️AQUARIUS⚡️
Love yourself now. Really, really love yourself in word and action. There is major money magic in the air, especially through creative endeavors, you just have to grab it. Investing in yourself spurs fame and success now, just watch.

to avoid: binge shopping

Champ Champ Tshepo @FootballTshepo🔁 Spurs vs Trophies twitter.com
Alex Perez @Kenny1024A🔁@NBAonTNT Gsw,hou,wolves,thunder. Spurs will fall into 5th or 6th seed. Jazz getting the 8th seed
Lisa B Pittman @lisabosspittman🔁Consumers' Love Of Takeout Spurs Demand For Ghost Kitchens In Industrial Hubs bisnow.com
Bandana P @PlayboyBanks_🔁They forgot to add Manu to those Spurs teams
Dave Kulikowski @RUN_DMSKI🔁@MikeSolarte @hornets Someone from the Spurs organization... literally anyone...
Wale Ayoola @WaleAyoola5🔁@PalmsLDN Spurs can’t afford it
john @jpjrcal🔁@anne_stephen5 @POTUS It's the bone spurs acting up
Gigi @Gaily39078🔁He wasn't a disgrace. tRUmp is the lying,pussy grabbing,money laundering,draft dodger,cadet bone spurs,rapist,tax evading,3 baby mommas,adulterous,wife beater,lusting after his own daughter, bankruptcy filing,delusional man in the Whitehouse. Clinton is a prince in comparison
football.london @Football_LDN🔁Details of Spurs' FA Cup replay against Rochdale have been confirmed. football.london
💀Kaleb Pacheco💀 @KALEBJP15🔁@espn I'm a spurs fan but we suck right now so I'm going with Boston
Michael Andrews @Mandrews365🔁True. But this team has the talent with a healthy Hayward to be an elite team. By default that puts Kyrie in the mvp twitter.com talks and an all nba lock even at his current production level. I believe the later years Spurs are the example I’d look at as a comp.
Andy CX @OptimusAndyCX🔁 'Dembele's unique genius'

Nice write up o skysports.com n very much deserved. twitter.com

Billy Sharp @N17Billy🔁Hahahahaha just when you think this club can't get any lower they somehow manage it.. So- You have a convicted diving twitter.com cheat, a convicted racist and now drugs cheats.. I;m sure West Ham were put on this earth for Spurs fans' enjoyment.😂😂😂
Thomas Norman @DJTom3🔁Well put. If Spurs do finish 2nd at least they can build and get better for the next season twitter.com
Pat Loomis @nutmeg62🔁 Gotta say, he paints an accurate picture of you, @realDonaldTrump, aka Donny Bone Spurs. Sad! twitter.com


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