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Springer Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁 Pathological Altruism is Destroying the West
Celeste The Best ♕ @celesteolivia🔁 What a HUSTLE play and slide from George Springer!! You hustle every play, every inning!!! #GoStros
Springer Cody Poage @Cody_CTH🔁This was a close play! By golly, George Springer.
Carolyn S @CarolynRoxx🔁 What a HUSTLE play and slide from George Springer!! You hustle every play, every inning!!! #GoStros
Springer Emilia @emiliaahdz🔁 George Springer turns 28 today. #astros
Springer brianna nicole @briianna05🔁 Happy birthday to #Astros outfielder, George Springer! 👍👍
Springer Evan Harper @EvanHarper_10🔁 .@karenwarrenHC snapped a great photo (per her usual) of Springer's headfirst slide into home
Springer Craig Morgan @MorganC_IoPPN🔁 John Snow would be shocked at the way epidemiologists report findings now.
Springer Anästhesie A.Mellema @amellema🔁 Intravenous iloprost to recruit the microcirculation in septic shock patients?
Springer The Beard @HungryManHavens🔁 This was a close play! By golly, George Springer.
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁 DRAMATIC Footage of a large building collapsing during the earthquake in Mexico City
Springer #AstrosHarvey @astros🔁Happy birthday to #Astros outfielder, George Springer! 👍👍
#AstrosHarvey @astros🔁Special clinch edition of takes you inside the clubhouse celebrations with interviews from Hinch, Springer, Reddick & more!
#AstrosHarvey @astros🔁Springer with an INCREDIBLE slide at the plate to avoid a tag (we think 😬)

Heading to review. Please hold.

Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁Ahem, , sir... Maybe it's time to give his pardon and arrest the liars behind this garbage Russia narrative.
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁.: "Just because Steve [Bannon] left the [White House] and I left the building does not mean the original agenda is in danger."
Bailey Brevell @bailey_brevell🔁Hinch on Springer's mad dash home in the 8th. "I told him I was proud of his hustle and don't ever do that again until October."
Intensivo Antioquia @IntensivoA🔁Antimicrobial stewardship for bacterial and fungal infections in ICU - rising levels of bacterial resistance.
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁Climate change is imminent threat!
Trump wasn't tapped!
Emmys are by popular vote
Antifa is peaceful

And they wonder why MSM isn't trusted.

Shahriar Rahman @shahriar_envsci🔁Check out our recent publication,

(real)STATMANDU @thislawthatlaw🔁 I wish i could slide into DMs as well as George Springer can slide into anything
Chandni Singh @_chandnisingh🔁Fascinating article on the (very) limited voice of Chinese geographers in top human geography journals
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁Myths That Black People Believe, Debunked via @YouTube
karin verspoor @karinv🔁The final paper of @ialuronico's PhD work, on assessing dependencies in noisy data, is out in Machine Learning!
Rebecca Chandler @RebeccaChandle1🔁Study from Jordan on pregabalin abuse/misuse shows why the substance needs to be kept under close surveillance.

Camila Alexander @CamilaA15545259🔁pictures really sex girls and amirican feet only jerry springer naked chick tubes
Cory Selzer @cselzer22🔁@TepidP George Springer did this and it changed his career (FG wrote about it today).
luna wev @luna_wev14🔁Special clinch edition of takes you inside the clubhouse celebrations with interviews from Hinch, Springer, Reddick & more!
Olivia Tran @oliviatranDVM🔁Study: international volunteering time abroad and perceived effectiveness by partner organizations. Open access
Sergio @sgtexans🔁Springer knew it right away. Thanks to instant reply it was verified. What a slide!
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁10 Common Slavery Myths via @YouTube
Mac Jeff @Lezzardman🔁 1997 THROWBACK Corey Holcomb and Deray Davis On JERRY SPRINGER!!
Eli @croedgaming🔁I liked a @YouTube video I'm Pregnant, You Cheated ... IN MY CAR! (The Jerry Springer Show)
Hennessy Jefe @Hennessy_Jefe🔁We gotta appreciate Jerry Springer while he's still around. Living legend.
Kjetil Lysne Voje @KLVoje🔁Now out: my paper on reciprocal causation, EES and modern evolutionary biology:
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁 By avoiding Planned Parenthood
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁 The hit list shit really should stop, @hopenothate. Petty and dangerous.
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁Sen. Orrin Hatch on Pres. Trump's "Rocket Man" line:
"It's about time that somebody talked turkey to that little bastard over there."
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁No bigger sleaze in government than Bob Mueller. The man is drunk on his own Clinton-style power. He is taking a case, not making one.
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁A great and important day at the United Nations.Met with leaders of many nations who agree with much (or all) of what I stated in my speech!
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁Talking Truth in the belly of the Beast.

and the UN.

MERIT @MERIT_McMaster🔁DEADLINE for special issue on failures/surprises of research/innovations is DAYS AWAY = Oct 1! Call:
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁I was roommates with a lot of white children when I was living in the children's shelter. I wonder what happened to their white privilege
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁Paul Manafort spokesman: Wiretap report leaks are a 'felony' via @dcexaminer
CPT:KIRK @cptkirk24🔁@TuckerCarlson @rockie_springer Like it was yesterday, now it's time to DRAIN THAT SWAMP!!!
Jake Lapin @JakeLapin_MLB🔁So not only did Springer touch home plate, but Smith also applied the tag. The umpire ruled that neither happened. N EITHER! Come on man
Astros Memes @astros_memes🔁Hinch told Springer on the play at home plate: "...great hustle but don't ever do it again until October."
katrina @LEZZYLESBOURNE🔁maury: im a pregnant teen
jerry springer: im trans
steve wilkos: my abusive boyfriend killed me, set my house on fire & married my mom
JoNathan Elkins @whitepepper78🔁 My ass is old and George Springer is easily among my top 5 favorite Astros ever don't even @ me
Clarissa Kelly @spinusuntir1987🔁singapore women boob jerry springer uncut nude
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁Remember when liberals, the mainstream media and Obama admin officials scoffed at President Trump's wiretap claims?
Ryan Baird @rbaird1248🔁What show was this? Who are these people? Why did she do that? What did the guy who jumps up do? Is this Jerry Sprin ger? 😂
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁Mueller is out of control and should be reined in by DOJ. Will he interview himself about his bid to replace Comey?
cabernet sauvigmom @fiftyshadesorae🔁 Some dudes are so full of themselves when dead ass they look like a mix of jerry springer and steroids
Sergyl LAFONT MD . @SergylB🔁Gut and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: new perspectives for a challenging condition
Ashton Kirkup @ashton_kirkup🔁 Michael Barrow is on Jerry Springer!!! If you went to Greenbrier Elem you know exactly who I am talking ab
AgroBioDiverse @AgroBioDiverse🔁Insights into the genetic relationships among plants of Beta section Beta using SNP markers:
Casey Kail Lilley @CaseyKail🔁@espn in the year of the homers, one record that was almost obliterated... lead off. @astros Springer had 9 before ASG..13 is record for 162
Astros Memes @astros_memes🔁I wish i could slide into DMs as well as George Springer can slide into anything
Justice is Coming @firedup79🔁@hardhouz13 @LouiseMensch @seanhannity @patribotics Would prefer to get my news from Springer. More reliable.
Renee Scattergood @ReneeScatts🔁I've been featured on the blog this week! Please and share it! via ref="" target="_blank">
Jiang Wu @gisphilia🔁Congratulations to Professor Albert Welter's new book on religion and society in East Asian Cultures.

@FreeTexas @STurklebvg🔁Mueller is a #DeepState Comey springer hack! Fire him! Demand his paycheck back!
Atomic Thoughts @KnowingAtoms🔁GC/MS Analysis of PETN and NG in Post-Explosion Residues - Springer
Streak Freak Sports @StreakSports🔁By a George Springer FINGERNAIL!!! What a start to the week!! Undefeated!! More MLB picks on…
Mark Griffiths @DrMarkGriffiths🔁. Our latest paper on , , and can be downloaded for free at:
Tristan Hynes @ComradeDopamine🔁 Interesting
Just A Walkaway Joe @JCSanAnt🔁@SportsCenter Since you only gave Jose Altuve's throw the other night a 7, I expect George Springer's slide wayyyy up there.
aadityasinghrajawat @jpr_aadity🔁#SomewhereBetween #VAGovDebate #FuerzaMexico #50AngriestPeople #24strong Springer Chase Headley #LSSC
Chelsea Washington @ypiltyoute1976🔁jerry springer sex woman fuck nepali naked pussy
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁 Immigrant from Nigeria says racism is not the reason US Blacks are poor
thefuhry @thefuhry🔁@alanap98 @POTUS Seriously it's like jerry springer on international level. What must other countries think ? Making America gross again
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁 #Hannity: 'President #Trump Has Been Vindicated' By Report of Spying on Manafort
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁 It's gonna be lit watching the Left trip over themselves to defend North Korea and Iran.
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁>tfw lacking enough empathy to feed and house the entire third world while being called a white supremacist as they rape us
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁So this is what they want. They want 11,000,000 people, who broke the law, to become citizens without consequence, and then live on our dime
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁 Unhinged US Liberal Attacks Trump Supporter at Bar in Denmark - Now Faces Charges (VIDEO)


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