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Springer Wrapped Graphics @WrappedGraphics🔁Drift boat wraps the way they should be... Springer time on the Rogue.
Springer Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁 No offense to Mexicans, of course.
〰 @joshram7🔁 Up 10 in the game

13 in the division

Springer is fine

Springer alex @maurasargcnt🔁My Springer Dottyback:)
Springer Elizabeth Sampson @lizksampson1🔁My Springer Dottyback:)
Springer Michaela West @kayla_bangs🔁My Springer Dottyback:)
kei @okeihanvaper🔁 Build on the Tigertek Springer X RDA 😀😀
Springer Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁 Debbie Wasserman Schultz Accuses Jeh Johnson Of Lying [VIDEO]
Springer Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁 FCC imposes largest-ever fine to robocall network
Springer kurt kiene @KurtKiene🔁My Springer Dottyback:)
Springer Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁 Moments ago, President @realDonaldTrump tweeted that America "will BUILD THE WALL."
#VoteAstros @astros🔁Springer steps up to the plate and we're underway! #PlayBall
MLB @MLB🔁.@astros CF George Springer leaves game in 1st inning after getting hit by pitch on left arm:
Richard Justice @richardjustice🔁Astros 115-74 since George Springer moved to leadoff spot by A.J. Hinch last season. That's the best record in all of hardball.
I ❤HEART❤J.MARISNICK @AstrosCrushGirl🔁 Springer said he was lobbying to stay in the game. He'd love to be in the lineup tomorrow but will see how the hand feels.
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁Isn't it amazing how Democrats don't see any difference among immigrant groups? It's almost like they're retarded or something.
Bianca @KillaB_19🔁 From the clubhouse: Springer left game with left hand contusion. He's day to day.
Stengelese @VinBoombatz🔁Yeah, no doubt! That little punk talked smack at me then blocked me. If you're gonna step up at least be a man and ta ke what's coming.
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁 are calling the proposed Trumpcare law "mean." I might be mistaken, but I don't think Democrats EVER referred to ISIS as "mean."
Julia Morales @JuliaMorales🔁Springer said he was lobbying to stay in the game. He'd love to be in the lineup tomorrow but will see how the hand feels.
Kyle Riggins @kyle_riggins🔁 Correa, Altuve, and Springer combined for one hit and the Astros scored 12 runs. The depth on this team is incredible.
Best Coupon Online @best_coupon🔁Springer Shop US: Up to 50% off Print Books in Mathematic •Choose from over 427 titles in…
ojaguirre11 @Oscarjohnaguir1🔁 Sweep! Astros Win! Glad Springer is ok, great game by Reddick against his former team.
Josh Golden @jrgolden42🔁@ChromeTyranno Is that the sword from GDO Springer?
D. Adam Springer @D_Adam_Springer🔁You are as dumbass as you are incoherent. You should shut up now, before you embarrass your ass some more. LOL you ev en look like a pussy!
SDSU Tweets @SDSUTweets🔁 The Effects of Separate Taxation on Labour Participation of Married Couples.
Bettie Boop @BettieBoop77🔁 #WeddingHeckles
Jerry Springer should be hosting this wedding
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁@DWStweets @BarackObama Donkey brays
jason springer @jason_springer🔁 Markelle Fultz was asked when the #Sixers will start winning: "As soon as I get there."

Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁When did Dems ever stand up for what is right? Liars and thieves. , Benghazi deaths, Fast and Furious,Spying and unmasking
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁Which is why you two lying hypocrites didn't bother to seek one Republican vote to pass your Obamacare disaster.
Marilu @mariskiplu🔁First to 50!!!! Way to go @astros!!!! Hope Springer is ok.
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁 Why is #pizzagate boy "John Podesta" Trending
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁 Finally we get to hear from the snake himself John Podesta. Can't wait to see how much he tries to lie under oath #MAGA
9⚾️'S BASEBALL @1990sBaseball🔁George Springer is the fourth player in history to have an OPS+ of 130+ in his first four MLB seasons (min. 1500 PAs)
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁I am very supportive of the Senate . Look forward to making it really special! Remember, ObamaCare is dead.
Benson the Springer @springer_fun🔁@mungo_bungo_ It's your birthday? Happy birthday - how old?
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁: John Podesta, campaign chief, to be interviewed by House Intel panel next week - SOURCE: ! ⚡️🚨🚨🚨⚡️
Amy Salinas 🎀 @als_89🔁 Per @AstrosRadioMLB: George Springer is back in the Astros dugout, X-rays were negative.
Dave Nelson @DaveNelsonn🔁 CNN is the new Jerry Springer
Walt Stone @Cuppacafe🔁The worst part is the Astros can't even retaliate because the only A's equivalent of George Springer is Brad Pitt in Moneyball.
botfic @prowlish_ebooks🔁Springer’s chestplates, as he pushed his ears, an escape his face, which Springer muttered.
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁 Appeasers believe that if you keep on throwing steaks to a tiger, the tiger will turn vegetarian. - Heywood Brown
Rockie Springer @rockie_springer🔁Hey and , why do you support rap "artists" that glorify gun violence, use racist language, and threaten White people?
Kaylee Springer @kaylee_springer🔁I miss my best friend so much 😓💔
Gustavo S. Collazo @gscollazo🔁The Altuve, Correa and Springer effect...
Eloise Chandler @ellechandler01🔁The influence of freshwater flows on two estuarine resident fish species show differential sensitivity to the impa…
Albert Spanner @Albertspanner🔁Certainly was Sabine, we always have fun there, sweet dreams xx


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