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Spring GameSpring GameSpring Game Sean Davy @sean_davyy🔁 First spring game! ✅Thanks to all the Duck fans and family for coming out 🦆
🤘🤘Hookem🤘🤘 @AngelOfPower12🔁 Show up. Turn up. 2018 Orange-White Spring Game. #ThisIsTexas #HookEm
Spring Game Mel Pasquale @MelPasquale1🔁 Amazing moment yesterday @UCLAFootball Spring Game. @YogiRoth always brings out the best in him!
Leobardo Perez @TeamPerez93🔁 Show up. Turn up. 2018 Orange-White Spring Game. #ThisIsTexas #HookEm
Spring GameSpring Game Adam Kelly @adam_kellyy🔁 Iowa spring game attendance compared to Nebraska is laughable😂

Really hate to see it

Spring Game Chad Hildebrand @ChadHildebrand1🔁 Here's how you can use household tricks to up your spring cleaning game. spr.ly
Spring GameSpring GameSpring GameSpring Game Jan Claire @janclaire456🔁 Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, her OOTD game is always on point.
Spring Game Montez Fields @Fields_94🔁 Received invite to spring game from @Columbia 🙏🏾
Texas Football @TexasFootball🔁Show up. Turn up. 2018 Orange-White Spring Game. #ThisIsTexas #HookEm
Spring GameSpring Game Barstool 'Skers @BarstoolHusker🔁Iowa spring game attendance compared to Nebraska is laughable😂

Really hate to see it

Mark Owens @marko6262🔁Top: GT Spring Game 30 Min before kickoff.

Bottom: UGA Spring Game 30 Min before kickoff.

This is why the GT fan b twitter.com ase drives me crazy. Loves to talk big, refuses to support the program.


The video game has now been released! seemed to remember our visit last spring as we now finally have a cool video for our version of ”Kingdom Come" by Manowar.

- What do you think?

Justin Bahlinger @BahlingerJustin🔁Pac 12 Spring Game attendance(per Jon Wilner):
Oregon: 27,317
Washington State: 5,927
Arizona: 5,000 (unofficial)
Washington: 5,000 (unofficial)
Arizona State: 4,600
Colorado: 4,500
Stanford: 3,000 (unofficial)
UCLA: not reported
USC: not reported
Utah: not reported
Jon Platia @JPlatia19🔁A Penn State fan from Harrisburg stopped by the football offices yesterday prior to the Spring Game. Appreciate the kind gesture!
andy dwyer @andydwyer_iam🔁Spring is well underway...so isn't it time you get your game together? Take a look our par 71 championship course. One of the finest in Surrey, its demanding holes are through wooded glades & parkland. Memberships from £840 p.a. More here
∆ Drea ∆ @Dreadmyjingle🔁It was a cool spring evening with traces of winter lingering when they went on an impromptu date. Jin wanted to play the new game at the arcade, Yoongi wanted to try out the new restaurant. Poor man wasn't expecting a proposal that night...

Autzen Edits @elmomo6464🔁 returning to spring game like felt the love being welcomed back home at Autzen from
Nolan Vance @nvance5🔁Final spring game attendance:
Georgia 82,184
Alabama 74,732
Tennessee 65,098
Florida 53,105
Texas A&M 48,129
Miss State 36,789
Kentucky 36,090
Auburn 28,033
South Carolina 25,500
LSU 22,000
Arkansas 7,000
Mizzou, Ole Miss & Vandy did not announce attendance.
⁶ @KaimanSmith🔁My first spring game was a success and I would like to thank the dawg nation for coming out to support . ❤️💯
Tyler 🎧 @Tylerr_Bennett🔁Caught up with Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt on Sunday, and he wasn’t walking back his challenge to some of his players or fans after the spring game. “We want to be the best. If we’re going to be the best, we can’t talk about it. We gotta try to do it in everything we do.”
CharlesFoster Malloy @cfmalloy🔁We interrupt this program for this exciting announcement - LSU has at least 1 great QB (if not 3) for 2018, and his n twitter.com ame is:

Justin McMillan ...

this guy can sling the rock, scamper on the runs, and move chains.

"Justin McMillan LSU Spring Game 2018"

UCF Knights Nation @UCFKnightsNatn🔁Despite coming off a perfect year, may still be a team on the rise. Check out our spring game takeaways:
Joe Fox Jr @foxwithmee🔁@AdamCarriker94 @BigTenNetwork I hope that’s an #omahanorth jacket, or why else are you wearing blue to spring game?
Joe Fox Jr @foxwithmee🔁 @AdamCarriker94 @BigTenNetwork Wearing blue to the spring game Adam!?
Matthew Mims @matthewmims03🔁Top: GT Spring Game 30 Min before kickoff.

Bottom: UGA Spring Game 30 Min before kickoff.

This is why the GT fan base drives me crazy. Loves to talk big, refuses to support the program.

Mike H @MikeInPS🔁 Pruitt may have been disappointed by attendance at Tennessee's spring game, but UT's attendance was still higher tha twitter.com n attendance at spring games for Florida or Texas A&M, both of whom also have new coaches.
. @sam2arthur🔁Everyone come out to Madison Central on May 3, 2018 for the Indians spring football game at 5pm the cost for adults is $3 and students $1.....Come out and support your Indians!!!
... @TrayFor_3🔁. was *That Dude* in the Spring Game.

A look at what he and the other backs did Saturday.

BlackshirtFORCE⚡ @KyleZiola1🔁"We get more support than anybody in the country..."

- described the passion of fans ahead of Saturday's spring game.

Watch it on BTN at 11 CT or stream here on BTN2Go:

Return of Nebraska @Return_of_Red🔁Recapping Nebraska’s spring game; Huskers recruits react to Memorial Stadium sptz.us
Douglas Muhs @djmuhs🔁The first game at Notre Dame Stadium in 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ did not disappoint!

Check out the highlights from 's spring Blue-Gold game. ⤵️

lil c bear @littlecbear13🔁Went back to Oregon for the spring game as an alum. Was disappointed by the fake fuck it buckets.. found out it was twitter.com because people took all the buckets. So I just wanted to apologize, I have 5 in my adult apartment in another state.
43rd State Blues @43SBdotcom🔁Idaho Fish and Game says the are arriving later than usual. Or are they not arriving because they don't exist? As of 4/22/18, only 6 chinook had passed the last of the 4 lower Snake dams, which is 4% of the 10 year average.
SB Nation College @sbncollege🔁Future of Texas QB position has Tom Herman excited burntorangenation.com
Pat Brown @PFitzB🔁My young bulls ✊🏾💯💯ball out this spring i miss y’all. I’ll be at y’all spring game to support you guys even though I’m coaching at Atlantic I’m still gonna support and mentor you guys. Terrance and KB
Return of Nebraska @Return_of_Red🔁I talked to a few Husker veteran players about Adrian Martinez right after the Spring Game. He definitely has the fan base's attention now. He also has the veteran players' attention -- and their respect.

The QB competition is far from over. But that's telling.

Column coming.

Jero @B0mbulu🔁Wow 😍 This is not somewhere in Europe .. Its Nigeria !!!
This is Wikki spring located in Yankari game reserve, Bauchi state
🔂 to the world

Trent Butler 2️⃣ @TrentButler8🔁Thank you for a great weekend at the Blue-Gold Spring Game! Excited to join the family! Go Irish!!☘️☘️
Srijan Gopal @srijan_gopal🔁It's time to start the game and steal back your future! PERSONA 5 THE ANIMATION joins our Spring Preview Guide!
Kevin Beck @KBeck0019🔁I also saw where you guys broke a record for spring game attendance this year. The fan base is fired up. 60k showed u twitter.com p. That was only 24k less than showed up to show all of those five stars visiting what they could expect if Kirby decides to let them play here.
AK Gold Basketball @akgoldbball🔁Pangos Sweet 16 Spring 17U Invitational CHAMPIONS!! After a tough battle...defeated Utah Mountainstars 81-71...great game! Great team effort!!! 🏀🏆
goth angel sinner @pedropanini🔁Been in spring hill for a much longer portion of my life than I expected. It's like if i went back 10 years ago and t twitter.com old myself the shit that's happening now i wouldn't believe myself. It's like being stuck in 1 city in an rpg for like half the game doing stupid shit side quests
Patrick @CitizenSalt🔁. sees a Coug offense in spring game powered by a group of WRs on upward glide path (sub)
Issa Clay ⚠️ @shoefinesseking🔁Former standout had an amazing Spring Game and is expected to be an impact player this season for
Colyan @StopColyanMe🔁It needs to be emphasized that not only did UGA fill the entire stadium again for a spring game, this time we did it with no gimmicks, no halftime concert, and a fraction of the promotion beforehand as when we did it two years ago.

Dawg Nation > your fanbase

Otaku🈷️ @_laTodd🔁Finally got to watch the spring game. Some thoughts:

-Jamal Pettigrew can be a difference-maker in the passing game
-Jontre Kirklin has really improved in coverage
-Justin Jefferson is so impressive. Major asset in vertical pass game

Roping Duck @Ropingduck123🔁DBC William Nimmo Jr. visit to Oregon Spring Game Mater Dei Could stud DB be part of the to land in Eugene?
Brad @Bradsback_🔁Here's redshirt freshman Lowell Narcisse in action during Saturday's annual Spring Game in Tiger Stadium. Narcisse was 6-13-0 passing for 205 yards and a TD.
KeAyr Gragg @ImThatDude_5🔁With his mom in the stands, WR DJ Lee had a breakout performance during Saturday's scrimmage. Don't miss the next chance to see him and the Vandals, Friday 7 pm, at the Silver & Gold Spring Game! Admission is FREE.

UCF Knights Nation @UCFKnightsNatn🔁Amazing time at the spring game Saturday! Can’t wait to join these guys in the summer!!⚔️
Big Oil Money @Bigoilmoney10🔁 Oh NO, Not another Texas is back! Erase what you wrote about texas. Go watch their orange and white Spring "Cesspool twitter.com ." Mack Brown and David Pollock called the game. And they were trying to be nice. It was pathetic. Trust me, save your reputation and pull tu off.
Eazy-E🏂 @_Showtime2k🔁@Young_Eryk See you at the spring game 🐶
Collyne Marsolf @mighty_mouse244🔁Kansas football cancels spring game because there aren’t enough offensive linemen available to play. This is real.
Steven Joseph Fex @coachfex🔁"Do it for the family, only thing that matters."

Our Spring Game has us ready to in 2018.

Husker Football Fan Podcast @HuskerPod🔁Garden City CC RB Charles West was in town to see the spring game this weekend.

📰 - 247sports.com


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