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SpringSpring Jada Blackeye🎰 @QueenOfHeartLOL🔁 You vs the nigga she meets on Spring Break
SpringSpringSpring The Caedmon School @CaedmonSchoolNY🔁Were Caedmon students excited to return from Spring Break today? Thumbs up to that!
Spring ⚝effie☯⛾📚📖 @gypsyrose197🔁 "colors of the Spring" photo by cagdas topcu
Spring 🌟 ️Tiggy ☕🎧♿ @Tiggersaurusrex🔁 The first of my Fritillaria are in bloom #gardening #Spring
SpringSpring Josh Pulse @TheAzucarPapi🔁 Checks the calendar: "Tuesday, March 20 was the first day of spring."

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⚜️⚜️⚜Kathleen⚜️⚜️⚜ @KNP2BP🔁 #FakeNews takes the spring out of the #EasterBunny's step this year!
Spring ⚝effie☯⛾📚📖 @gypsyrose197🔁 "colors of the Spring II" photo by cagdas topcu
Spring Any @Anyecheg🔁 Spring is here in Yosemite! [OC] [6000X4000] - nhomewarrior #photography #travel
Spring Bradee Coit @FreyaReigns🔁Dont even talk to me about spring. #thereisnospring #sodak #WHY
Spring ⚝effie☯⛾📚📖 @gypsyrose197🔁 "colors of the Spring III" photo by cagdas topcu
Mr. Mxyzptlk @lexponential🔁 Get your dancing shoes on! #MHWorld Spring Blossom Fest is almost here!

🌸 April 6 ~ April 19 🌸

Monster Hunter @monsterhunter🔁Get your dancing shoes on! #MHWorld Spring Blossom Fest is almost here!

🌸 April 6 ~ April 19 🌸

SMTOWN GLOBAL @SMTOWNGLOBAL🔁EXO-CBX is returning with bright and vivid vibes!
Their second mini album’s title track is “Blooming Day” 💐
Is every twitter.com one ready to welcome spring with EXO-CBX?

💿 EXO-CBX ‘Blooming Days’ Album release: 2018. 04. 10

ABC News @ABC🔁Today was supposed to be the New York Yankees opening day. The game has officially been postponed due to snow. Happy twitter.com Spring!
... @btshorizon🔁'Don't Leave Me' now becomes 's fourth entry on Top 10 US iTunes, along with 'Spring Day', 'DNA' & 'MIC Drop remix'.
Joya Scholars @JoyaScholars🔁With only 5 days left until our upcoming Spring Celebration and Fundraising Banquet, we would like to thank this year twitter.com s Banquet Sponsors for making this event possible. Thank you all for your support, it means the world to us!
Taeygi @lmfine_sorry🔁🌎iTunes WW:
#6 BTS - Let Go [NEW]
#16 BTS - INTRO : Ringwanderung [NEW]
#20 BTS - OUTRO: Crack [NEW]
#46 BTS - Crystal Snow [NEW]
#105 BTS - Best of Me [NEW]
#112 BTS - Go Go [NEW]
#128 BTS - Spring Day [NEW]
#166 BTS - DNA [NEW]
#177 BTS - MIC Drop [NEW]
You Know Multi Talented Global Sensations 방탄소년단 @SusyBangtan🔁Worldwide iTunes Song 🌎:

1. Don't Leave Me
6. Let Go
16. INTRO : Ringwanderung
20. OUTRO : Crack
46. Crystal Snow
102. Best of Me
112. Go Go
128. Spring Day
166. DNA
174. MIC Drop

Buy ➤

jeon ballad @softweonwoo🔁takes two College classes while on spring break
CEDaddy @CEDaddy🔁🛣🚗

Hit the open road this summer, BUT only after you have done a little spring maintenance on your car!

Check out twitter.com these tips:

Hilburn PTA @HilburnPTA🔁Volunteers are awesome! Have you claimed your volunteer shift at Hilburn's Spring Carnival? Sign up now at . twitter.com Volunteers make carnival run and each shift gets you a free admission wristband! Every game and attraction needs a volunteer. Thank you!
Melissa Baldwin @mpbaldwinauthor🔁Excited to announce Pushing Up Daisies: a Spring Short Story Collection including my short story, Sailing Into Love ( twitter.com prequel to Love in the City series)
Suga’s fckoff doormat @Michael31262291🔁Don't Leave Me entered Top 10 (#9) on US iTunes, the fourth BTS song to enter after Spring Day, DNA and Mic Drop remix.
SmartShopperGuide @smartshopperv🔁Spring Cleaning? Look no further than Bona Stone, Tile, and Laminate Cleaner to care for your non-hardwood floors! >>
Val Mason @valamason🔁High School Spring Concert Wednesday, 7pm at EBJSHS. The students have worked hard and the show is free!
Calvary Baptist @CBC_NYC🔁The New York School of the Bible has launched Spring II courses - there is still time for you to register is enjoy t twitter.com his semester's growth and educational opportunities:
Pharoah🇨🇩 @pharoak🔁bro I promise you ever since spring semester started I've been venting to myself at least 10 times a day
jazmine @missjazzyband🔁 #AllergySeason Spot the signs. Symptoms of spring allergies can vary from person to person. They can include coughing, sneez…
Lutzy @EvanLutz1🔁This spring is shaping up to possibly be the worst spring I’ve ever experienced
vanessa @itss_vanessaa🔁spring break here’s to making memories 🌷
🙅🏽‍♂️Wakanda Forever🙅🏽‍♂️ @rampage_misfit🔁So spring is cancelled then? 🤦🏽‍♂️
Miracle Holistics @miracleholistic🔁
with your 125 PV LRP order!
1–April 15, 2018.🙌🙌🙌
10% OFF

Available April 1–April 30, 2018☺☺☺


shoregirl @jerseyshoremil1🔁Anothet miserable day in NYC....but is the new "normal"....cold days, rain and SNOW again Sun/Mon!!! UGH I want Spring, flowers, birds chirping. Oh well! The Lollipop Shop will be this week ---Tuesday 4/3 thru Sunday 4/8 --- between 11AM and 10PM. Come and get popped!!!
Hamdi @Hamdi83558364🔁🚨New Rankings Addition🚨
JUCO Prospect

🗣Kenio Mike Jr
📏5’10 -195
🏈Spring 2019
🌟8.0 on
⬇️2017 Film🎥
Janice Montgomery @knittygrrl🔁@CraftNation_RD @HellsBasementMH Summer? We are still waiting for Spring!
Jill Rosenkrantz @your_bff_jill_🔁Senioritis is in full effect after spring break....
Elle @mercuryelz🔁Spring is my favorite season but I’ll never be able to truly appreciate it because THESE MF’INNN ALLERGIES
Kitty Sikes @kittysikes🔁We can always trust Jo Grundy to have a painting that fits the season. This is ‘The Path Through Spring’ Very pretty piece of work. Great colours.
Bridgitte Goosen @BridgitteLesley🔁Spring Cleaning? Look no further than Bona Stone, Tile, and Laminate Cleaner to care for your non-hardwood floors! >>
ArtsDistrictNOLA @ArtsDistrictNO🔁Welcoming the spring weather with a cocktail that tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream! Come try out our , titled "April Showers"
Erika @EWittekind🔁For comparison, 421 voted in the February primary, and 570 in the 2017 spring election.
TCTELA est. 1965 @TCTELA🔁Spring into action w . Conference on English Leadership call for proposals is still open. Submit 5 min Ignite-style, 30 min presenter-focused, &/or 60 min interactive session for Nov 18-20 convention in Houston Tx.
isabelli is shook @bellilovesindie🔁EXO-CBX is returning with bright and vivid vibes!
Their second mini album’s title track is “Blooming Day” 💐
Is everyone ready to welcome spring with EXO-CBX?

💿 EXO-CBX ‘Blooming Days’ Album release: 2018. 04. 10

Angel Gutz @prince__paradox🔁So far during spring break I’ve finished the office and lay in bed all morning, now it’s time to watch Boruto and lay twitter.com in bed all night.
Catherine Fernandez @CatrinFern🔁List of Montana’s months by season

April-Winter in the AM Spring in PM

Jewels @JewelsCat🔁Emerald Valley Scarf; free pattern available! Perfect for spring 🌷🍀🌞 prettyincrochet.com
Andrea🥐 @ItsAndrizzle🔁Texas played the biggest April fools prank when we thought it was finally spring and starting to warm up and now it’s 50 degrees
bj #BoycottNRA @bjewing2🔁Hear about our Spring Fling Dog Adoption Special yet? Well, these adorable pooches want to make sure you do! Adult (1 year/40lbs+) dogs like Ace are just $75, and there's a one-time-only discount on many of our puppies, too! See more: - and adopt! 🐶💗
Shahmeer ALi🔹 @Shaaahmir🔁Thousands of patriotic pashtuns gathered in Peshawar today to reject mehmood Achakzai and his puppy manzoor pashtun....
Pashtuns know what CIA, RAW and Afghan NDS plot and have rejected the "pashtun spring"....

Shaun™ @Deshaun__2🔁 UAB Spring Game rosters 247sports.com via @247Sports
Bliss & Bling @_BlissBling🔁We're calling it, Paris Jackson’s new hair color will be the next huge spring trend. instyle.io
Rocky Top Insider @rockytopinsider🔁Tons of quarterback work, observations about the offensive and defensive lines, and more from our Vols spring practic twitter.com e notes today:

J.M. Casas @jnnsmn🔁We are proud to announce our Spring 2018 Reporting Fellows! AND… our fellowship has increased by 30%! Read all about them here:
Kotoha @HolyAjora🔁I should probably actually start watching some Spring 2018 anime. Maybe later today or tomorrow. I'm sure something good has aired by now.
Punta Gorda Media Ce @PGMS_Media🔁Relaxing by the water’s edge
Perhaps a waterfall
Dreamy time to ponder
Time to just plain stall

Girls so cute and twitter.com lovable
With happy spring break smiles
Perhaps a little flirting too
After all, it is a pretty girl’s style
.....continued next tweet

Baby Love 🌞 @Un_Dray_Uh🔁Unless you wear plus sizes, in which case you pay $25 with a maximum of a 15% discount at 2 AM for one day only on the spring equinox
Heather.one. @NOcatchinZEEs🔁It’s snowing on spring break. @channingtatum and @jennadewan should of thought of the affect this might hav e on me
UK Deals Online @ukoffersonline🔁Guess Annabel Patent Sandal - Price: 85.00 Retail Price: 85.00 Patent sandal. Heel height 6.5 cm. / 2.56 in. Ankle s twitter.com trap fastening. 4G logo detail on the heel. Leather insole. Fabric lining. Rubber sole. -
Kathy Wrennall ✨ @NotJustPowder🔁@7marconsulting The Spring blossoms are gorgeous 🌸 :)
Ashley Lauren Dickinson @ashleylaurend🔁 Spring Forward: Reset More than Just Your Clock kindakind.com via @ashleylaurend
Center Radio @CenterTXRadio🔁Go Texan Spring Fling cbc-radio.com
F SThomas @spenthomf🔁. on his new fortnightly LBC phone-in: "In the programmes I have done already, the good sense and wisdom of the callers has educated, informed and challenged me... I hope for more of the same”
Amber Curtis @wendybird25🔁I’m excited to read The Fall of Grace gvwy.io
Old Row Nebraska @OldRowHuskers🔁Take 2 minutes of your time and get ready to RUN THROUGH A FUCKING WALL- spring game less than 3 weeks away‼️🎈🎈? twitter.com ?
Dan Raja @Mr_Dan_Raja🔁 Time to Spring clean.... twitter.com
zzDragonz16 @EnderDragonz16🔁How many of you have Spring Break coming up.. @realZekethenewp @dinothunder14 @DiafireMC @xXTimeLord21Xx
Cassandra @Athena1944🔁Barbara Kay: This spring, the fight to protect free speech in Canada continues nationalpost.com via @nationalpost
Rodina @mschionophile🔁I literally hate spring
Faiza Yousuf @FaizaYousuf🔁Survivors of a school shooting in Parkland, Florida, returned from spring break to new security measures -- including clear backpacks -- that some students said made them feel like they were in prison
Angela Rakis @AngRakis🔁That abandoned 8-story office building on Fenton Street could become apartments; neighbors say a proposed 5-story addition is too tall:
Elisabeth Friedman @YsasWorld🔁This is why I told the president of Estonia when I addressed her at a conference last spring not to trust the Trump admin no matter how many assurances they gave her
Brandy @brandyellen🔁Spring Break 2018 in Walt Disney World magicalmommyblog.com
Theddeus King @TheddeusK🔁 Florida state visit and spring game on the 14th🍢 @Andrew_Ivins @JohnGarcia_Jr
𝓈𝑜𝓇𝒶𝓎𝒶 @130moodjungkook🔁i promise i’m not dead i’m in europe for spring break and it’s hard to find internet
Cathy Poe @poe_cpoe1🔁Fox co-president Jack Abernethy to the L.A. Times on Laura Ingraham: "We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts. We look forward to having Laura Ingraham back hosting her program next Monday when she returns from spring vacation."


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