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J.D. Scholten @Scholten4Iowa🔁If you're in , make sure your voice is heard by casting your vote in today's . Best of luck to ! (pic via ) twitter.com
Justme @realPwarden🔁🚨BREAKING: Atleast 7 different bus company employees have contacted various Philadelphia news agencies claiming they bussed in illegals to vote in tonight's election. Each bus had Democratic chaperones onboard...developing

Ainsley Earhardt @ainsleyearhardt🔁. joined us on the curvy couch to talk about today’s in Pennsylvania and more! twitter.com
Flippable @flippable_org🔁 volunteer opportunity: Our friends at are phone banking in support of . Learn more at twitter.com
Daphne L Portis @MissLynneNYC🔁Wow. So Conor Lamb declared HIMSELF the winner.
Dude either has balls or info we don't know. 😂😂😂😂
Semper Fi !! twitter.com !!

Meaghan @Meaghan60🔁Washington County Election Chief comparing his absentee ballot counting to Allegheny County’s: “They got a much huger staff.” Wolf Blitzer left speechless.
Bob Brigham @BobBrigham🔁In Pennsylvania’s , has declared victory. Republican ’s elderly supporters went home hours ago.

So that is where twitter.com will start again in the morning. Air Force One ain’t for shit steel county apparently; expectations were shattered

Lyle Klich @LyleKlich🔁 ??? How many illegals are voting in Pennsylvania #SpecialElection #MAGA
Evidence-based Stable Genius @JamesMiner3🔁 , but the is too close to call via vox.com
Adam, SneakerWonk @SneakerWonk🔁#Democrat #ConorLamb #pullsahead, but the #Pennsylvania #specialelection is too close to call vox.com via @voxdotcom
Adam, SneakerWonk @SneakerWonk🔁What happens if the #Pennsylvania #specialelection goes to a #recount vox.com via @voxdotcom
Laurie Snyder @laurie_snyder🔁And so Conor Lamb finishes his optimistic speech where he all but declared victory in a in read more as we continue to update
ValleyGirl_Foodie @ValleyGrlFoodie🔁Who says your vote doesn’t count? Results: 18th Congressional District twitter.com
❄Martha❄ @rgvtexgal🔁 ‼️

March 13 ‼️

for in

Polls are open 7am-8pm

Check your polling location before you go👇

Bohler @DamnitBohler🔁If Trump endorses my body fat percentage, can I lose that too?
Rosa Bañuelos-Uribe @rosabanuelos🔁Bold move by @ConorLambPA! I like it. Congratulations! #PA18 #SpecialElection #BlueWave2018 🌊
Jerry Tamburino @janjer1🔁There are ongoing contests in Pennsylvania & Tennessee.

Reminder PSA: If you're in line when polls close, they have to let you .

Arriadna🗽 @Arriadna🔁Conor Lamb cites 86,000 donations -- almost "all of them small" -- as evidence of how "democracy is suppose to be"
JB @Jillsey11🔁Rick Saccone voted against Libre's Law, a Pennsylvania law with overwhelming bipartisan support, passed to prevent people from leaving animals OUT IN THE COLD.

Who does that?

Just GBMe @PicsByGB🔁The election should be discussed in every Social Studies class in the country tomorrow.

Jlacaria @Lacariarunner🔁@TwitterMoments Any bets on how long it takes for Saccone to concede??? #PA18 #NoSaccone #ConnorLamb #SpecialElection #HasMooreConcededYet?
Marlisa Goldsmith @WPXIMarlisa🔁"Tonight we celebrate regaining our voice and regaining our vote." -Conor Lamb at his watch party twitter.com
Cindy S @CindySchwarzy1🔁


CALL 412-715-8981

Don't assume anything - EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!



D'Ball_tRump @dmewing47🔁 Conor Lamb prepares to address supporters hours after #SpecialElection #PA18 too close to call
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette @PittsburghPG🔁And so Conor Lamb finishes his optimistic speech where he all but declared victory in a in read more as we conti twitter.com nue to update
Alyssa Brown @lyssa_marie_b🔁 "You did it" Conor Lamb tells supporters, striking a victorious tone in a #SpecialElection that's too close to call #pa18


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