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Spain Ms. Donkey @Ms_Donkey🔁 The town of Ronda, Spain spans both sides of a rather spectacular gorge. (Photo: Steven Gerner.)
B/R Football @brfootball🔁Spain are OUT of the World Cup 😱
Spain Andrés Copelmayer @copel13🔁I have 20 new followers from Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, and more last week. See
Spain This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. @wrlingtn2🔁 Barcelona, Spain
Aaron Chewning @AaronChewning🔁Go Spain
Gary Neville @GNev2🔁That means we avoid Spain in the Semi - Final 😂
diogo @bicodeurubu🔁Self-employed workers as share of total workers.

Colombia: 51%
Greece: 34%
Brazil: 32%
Turkey: 32%
Mexico: 31%
South Korea: 25%
Italy: 23%
Spain: 16%
UK: 15%
France: 11%
Japan: 10%
Germany: 10%
Canada: 8.6%
Russia: 7.5%
US: 6.4%


Bernard Foong @bernardfoong🔁Are you into or stories, and / or mysticism? Check out Owen Jones' blog and his books here - written in Wales, Thailand and Spain, but always about the people and their beliefs
julie ◟̽◞̽/ @harrysmedixine🔁RT IF YOU SEE YOUR COUNTRY


MJ Fdez Sanmamed @MJSanmamed🔁 (zero restraints) is a campaign to end the practice of physical restraint in Spanish psychiatric facilities. Check it out on the Asylum website:
Nick @_nicklouis_🔁The Timbers win is carrying me through the pain and heartbreak of Spain’s loss.
민경천 @MGC41🔁The Bolshoi ballet dancers watching the Russia v Spain game backstage.

(📷 via redditor sallem654)

rachel dean @rach3ld3an🔁A transgender woman won Miss Universe Spain. Angela Ponce will be the first ever transgender contestant to compete for the Miss Universe crown 👸🏽
Chendy🇲🇽 @OyeCindy🔁 Spain is out and Mexico is out.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO🙁
xEl_Roguex @Chrisxt9🔁I love that the world is seeing what (our director) is capable of. From film professor in Spain to number one movie in the world for 2 weeks straight. And only gettting started.
беркут🌹 @SovietMello🔁Russian jumping on police car after Russia victory against Spain...

Wait for the reaction from the Russian police 😲😲

Noémie 🇮🇱🇧🇪🇨🇭🇩🇪Scottland @noecatnord🔁Eric Cantona: "Spain did not win the Worldcup (in 2010), Catalonia did."

Hopefully people will understand it today!

Richard Deitsch @richarddeitsch🔁World Cup viewership for Fox:
Croatia-Denmark: 6,162,000 viewers including streaming.
Russia-Spain: 5,376,000 viewers including streaming.
emma @hslotemma🔁Omg McDonald’s is Spain is so weird
Bob Lee Swagger @Agente_Bianco🔁 Top 3 World Cup games for me:

- Spain vs Portugal
- France vs Argentina
- Belgium vs Japan

Michael Brourman @mike_412🔁 Japan was a bigger underdog than Russia was to Spain. But, they came out and played a great, attacking game unlike R ussia which parked the bus and made no effort when they had the ball. Kudos to Japan for giving us the best match of the Cup to date!
フラン 🎮(NarF)🎮 @fran_j_chico🔁I know that this is your American account , and you are not responsible for these measures in Europe, but this is the only way to reach you via Twitter.

Please, let Toei Europe know our message.

Please, let them know that we LOVE Dragon Ball in Spain.


NoMásMentiras @CannaCanal🔁Meet 6 of the most influential women in Spain’s cannabis world, women advancing medical marijuana research and breaking stoner stereotypes:
C News @cnewslive🔁Maintenance works on an elevator at the Port of Spain General Hospital caused a fire and left one person treating thermal burns..
The NWRHA says an immediate investigation has been launched into the cause of the fire.
Jidechi J. Chidiezie @JesseJidechi🔁@brfootball For reals? Japan is ranked lower than Spain, Denmark and Portugal...

@stighefootball really?

Patty De Mejia @PattyDeMejia1🔁When Spain had a core of Barcelona players, they won the World Cup.
Now Spain had the core of Real Madrid players, they got knocked out in the Round of 16. The difference.
Gregory Andre Luke @gregoryluke00🔁Most roads in downtown Port of Spain and Woodbrook are impassable due to rising flood waters. Motorists are warned to avoid traversing on these roads until water subsides.
ChiquiPelaez @ChiquiPelaez🔁I gotta say even not playing that much his pedigree is crazy.
He has a lot of marketing in Spain
Elche. Cadiz. And Albazete want him which to me seems like he has a great manager
I hope he leaves soon
@-- Wizbee--@ @Wizbeee🔁It's the final goodbye for Iniesta with Spain 😢

131 caps 🇪🇸
13 goals ⚽
1 World Cup win 🏆
2 European Championship wins 🏆🏆

Legend 👏

Lucy Thorne @LucyThorne6🔁@motoway @krispykremeUK Spain
MyCountryPeople @TushikeMkono🔁First, they sent Germany home. Then Argentina & Messi. Alafu Ronaldo's Portugal. Then Spain. If Brazil lose to Mexico tonight, I would believe my bro 's theory that someone is working with the Russians to divert our attention from the sugar & thecother scandals! Bas!
フラン 🎮(NarF)🎮 @fran_j_chico🔁Dear ,

We love Dragon Ball Super in Spain, but fans are really sad today. We know that you have decided to censor the Spanish dubbing of this anime, not only on TV (), but also on DVD and BD ().

Please, think about it twice.



Ⓚ²🇺🇾 @ibushia🔁 i'm still mad that i wasted 120 minutes watching spain play like that fucking hell
DickBreza @DickBreza🔁@AlanWindham @bakiBalboa It’s been awhile and I’m old so my memory is soso. Didn’t the US beat Spain 1-0 the same way a few years back.
Andrew Mandujano @andrewmandujano🔁Vamos Rafa. Get this title for Spain and Mexico. Let’s go!
trudy gonzales @trudygonzales🔁Bannon wants to have it both ways: isolate the USA while he meddles in the affairs of other countries like Spain. It rarely works out well when outsiders try to influence elections. Russia/Brexit, , Iran/Contra, Afghanistan 40 years ago.
Marie Hull @Marie_Hull🔁Maintenance works on an elevator at the Port of Spain General Hospital caused a fire and left one person treating the rmal burns..
The NWRHA says an immediate investigation has been launched into the cause of the fire.
Yoncé @sydney_reed01🔁Congratulations to Ángela Ponce, the first woman crowned Miss Universe Spain. Ponce will head to the Philippines later this year to represent Spain at the competition, bringing trans visibility to the world stage. ¡Felicidades!
Teri THE ALL ENGLISH SPEAKING FANGIRL VERSION @4067N_7395E🔁I think it has to do sthing with the soccer world cup?
In Spain we're not having Incredibles 2 until August but we're having AMATW two days earlier than the US
🇸🇻Marco Lucka 🇪🇸 @MarcoLucka🔁Uruguay’s population is 3 million. THREE!

Texas has 28 million.

The next world champion with the least population i s Argentina with a little more than 40 million.

Italy, Spain, France, England and Germany have between 60 million to 80 million each.

Brazil with 207 million.

dlomo @Dlomo_Dlomo8🔁Members of the Bolshoi following Russia vs Spain backstage, during a performance. From dancer Bruna Gaglianone.
🍥Kyungiee EXOℓ ⊙З⊙🍥 @elrapdesoo🔁180703 [Info] EXO-L from Spain: Don’t be left out!
Take note:
📌Sunday, July 1st
They’ll open more spaces so you can reserve your tickets for the planet #3 theEXO'rdium in Seoul Live Projection

K⚽️R🎧H🎮🖥 @HowardNas0415🔁Gareth Southgate after Germany🇩🇪, Argentina🇦🇷 , Portugal🇵🇹 and Spain🇪🇸 are eliminated from the World Cup...

Chief Mide @Tonyolumide_🔁Russia 1 -1 Spain (4-3)

The Russian people saw through Spain's Fine passes.

They knew it was like Osinbajo's flowery Speeches which hardly achieves any result.

They DEFENDED their Democracy.

And waited patiently to remove them at the Polls(Penalties)

zapata @jgrilo777🔁 Ronaldo vs Spain is still the best individual performance this World Cup. Don’t think anyone will top it
Gerard Alvarez🎗 @gerardalvarez3🔁Marca - Spain’s national sports paper - has a poll asking who is most to blame for this World Cup. Only three options: Rubiales, Hierro, the players. No Perez, no Lopetegui.
Have they run a single article critical of Madrid’s role in any of this?
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Jono Huggans 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @JonoHuggans🔁Spain failed to break down Russia for 120 minutes. Drew 3-3 v Portugal. 2-2 v Morocco. Scrapped a 0-1 win v Iran. They’ve had a poor World Cup campaign overall, yet people are attempting to divert the blame on David de Gea?
charlotte @charlottebxiley🔁she felt like the winner already when she got Germany lol who’s laughing now... not me I had Spain and look where the y’ve got me
Psy (Gangnam) Opp @DaveBurian🔁Spain has it's running of the bulls, we have our unpredictable fussilades of gunfire
Dor2Dor Bristol West @Dor2DorBristolW🔁We have all entered a weird space-time continuum where Donald Trump is US President; Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary; Brexit; Argentina, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain fail to reach the quarter finals of the World Cup and Britain enjoys 2 months of sunshine.
Sanni rodiat @Sisi_joke_blog🔁Sergio Ramos in tears as Spain loose out of Worldcup #Russia2018
Clara Roca Mainar @donagaleta🔁Can you imagine a political campaign in Germany/Italy to preserve Hitler/Mussolini mausoleum?
43 years after his death, Spain dictator Franco is still buried in a huge monument built by Civil War political prisoners & maintained w/ public taxes.
. Europe open your eyes
Ewan Banks @EwanBanks19🔁 Spain’s measurements are dangeous 😭😭😭
GP @gpftbl🔁We’ve been blessed with some cracking games in this World Cup, w/ some brilliant results.

☑️ Germany eliminated by S outh Korea

☑️ Colombia beating Poland (group stage)

☑️ the hosts Russia shocking Spain on penalties.

☑️ France thrashing Argentina

☑️ Belgium/Japan

Patrick Burke @pburkevt🔁JAPANESE heartbreak loss means that France 🇫🇷 has to carry all of our TIE Sister School hopes:

✅ France 🇫🇷 (in 1/4 final)
❌Japan 🇯🇵
❌Spain 🇪🇸
❌ Germany 🇩🇪
❌ USA 🇺🇸

Forwarder Directory @fwddirectory🔁Check our PREMIUM member NFS FORWARDER S.L. on Forwarder Directory.
Are you looking for a quote in Barcelona, Sp ain?
Capità Collons @voelvry1993🔁Why when we do it its nationalism and when Spain does it its "non-nationalism"? Why other small countries can be in dependent and we can not? Why you only complain about nationalism in Catalonia? Why you Americans have always supported Irish nationalism then?
kigo wa mwaniki @dweenievkigo🔁And as usual, a Kenyan shows up, even in a World Cup Round of 16 match between Russia and Spain in Moscow.
abby🇦🇷 @stoesselhappily🔁Tini is staying (approximately) until the 14th in Prague, filming the new movie with Jackie Chan. Afterwards she’s heading back to Spain!

Lauren 💓 @Lauren_duff4787🔁 Booking a flight to Spain in 30 days is the most impulsive thing we’ve ever done... 🇪🇸 🍻 ❤️
Anthony Blanco @AnthonyBlanco_🔁 Sad to see Spain go so soon in another World Cup due to their arrogance
Faraz @mohammadfaraz89🔁I supported Argentina,they lost.
I supported Spain, they lost.
I supported Belgium but they were losing&Japan won the heart so i supported Japan,they lost as well.
Time is right to offer my unconditional support to BJP for 2019 .Time to jinx for a good cause.
Andrew Coyne @acoyne🔁Wow, what a goal! Two of my three picks, Belgium & France, are now through to the next round. (Spain, alas, fell to R ussia by that disgrace to all that is sporting, a shootout.)
Adam Finney @adamfinney_uk🔁Booking a flight to Spain in 30 days is the most impulsive thing we’ve ever done... 🇪🇸 🍻 ❤️
Bety X @BetyX1🔁Happy birthday to you ❤💚💛 🎂🎂 All the best for you and kisses from Spain
Darryl Van Horne 🏳️‍🌈 @ExcellentMenXXX🔁LOVE our FANS from Spain!

Marbys Negretti in his MARCUSE Arrest Me yellow, awesome!

Tag us on your IG @marcuseaustralia


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