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king of the irony bros @matthewonurside🔁 Crowd chants "Space force!" at Trump rally in Duluth, Minnesota.
Space Force allen andres @allenandres7🔁 Dear Earth,

Here’s the Empire’s Space Force

Space Force Dr. B V. Baby @DrBVBaby4🔁Cold war replaced by 'Space War' ?
Space Force Nathan Merrell ⛺️ @Nathan_merrell9🔁 DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE SPACE FORCE
Colleen @msbabystock🔁This is how I imagine the Space Force.
Space Force Nancy Estes Manard @NancyEstesManar🔁 You just know all the Space Force uniforms will be like:
Space Force Joshua Reed @dr_joshwho🔁New photo of Trump' s prototype space force troopers.
Space Force Daryl Harriger @DarylHarriger🔁 When you realize you’re too old to enlist in space force
Space Force kristak @kristarchy🔁 We have a new chant “Space Force. Space Force”
Comedy Central @ComedyCentral🔁Nothing but respect for OUR Space Force founder.

brendan murphy @brendan905🔁you’re disrespecting a future US space force soldier
George Takei @GeorgeTakei🔁Also, about this whole Space Force thing: You really need to believe and support science first to get there, so good luck.
Phil Landsberg @Phil16723🔁 Space Force. Brought to you by the people who don’t believe in geodesy or dinosaurs. This should be good.
Ken Kong @beyonce_sux🔁I want to join Trump’s space force
Brass @BryceJohnson345🔁Sure, a Space Force sounds badass, but maybe we should make sure that Puerto Rico has electricity and Flint, MI has clean water before we build a Star Wars space army. Merica.
Craig Arthur @craigarthur_nz🔁Will a Space Force really stop replicants from sneaking back from the Old-World colonies? By November next year Nexu s-6 replicants will be on the loose in LA and it will take specialised Blade Runners to hunt them down.
Martine Skopan 🇪🇺 #FBPE @mskopan🔁"We're re-opening NASA. We're going to be going to space," Trump says, though NASA has been open and going to space this whole time, and the crowd chants "SPACE FORCE SPACE FORCE," and it is 2018.
Wyatt Sullivan @wyatt_sullivan🔁I propose we call it Space Force X.
TheGhoststarOriginal @ghoststarcorp🔁REAL NEWS= SPACE FORCE



Dennis Koch 🖖 @DennisKoch10🔁Why #Trump's 'Space Force' Won't — and Shouldn't — Happen #USA
N Jankov @NJankov1🔁@morganisawizard Pretty sure this disqualifies you from the Space Force...
Don Martin @martin_don🔁 I hereby propose to @realDonaldTrump that his first mission with the Space Force is putting a man (him) on the sun.
STICKYHAMMER🐸🐼🍕 @stickyhammer🔁I realize this was 200 news cycles ago.. but I still want to talk about the space force some more
Adelle @adellebrave333🔁The force is strong with this selfie

DJ² ♊️ @DeeJay_Squared🔁 You just disrespected a future US Space force soldier
lex @paulIanders🔁 you’re disrespecting a future US space force soldier
saskia @sasky1959🔁Trump's Space Force is the one shining beacon of happiness in an otherwise bleak landscape this week.

Carmen Romero @Carmenr1Carmen🔁45: “I have ordered the Pentagon to begin work on another military branch, The Space Force”.

Pentagon to 45: “You don’t have this authority. Only Congress can do this”.

45: “But I’m Commander in Chief. Fuck!”

Brandon Wright @developish🔁I never want to hear someone say “Yes, I’d be great if we could give everyone health care, but HOW are we gonna pay for it?” now that President Starship Troopers just made “Space Force” a thing
GNelson -NOT A BOT @GNelson12365890🔁Liberals are really into this space force idea. Their logic "If we leave earth behind we leave Trump behind..." Brill iant idea...Can we start the selection process for colonizing the sun? 😂😂
Doug Merlin @dmerlin80🔁 Instead of a space force can we just get healthcare??
Jeffrey @blake67atkison🔁How do I enlist in space force?
Orthopsia #Ω❄️🌊 @orthopsia🔁Today in the US Space Force...

says the Treaty of Algernon is a “bad deal for America.” Wants to withdraw, offers Romulans Vulcan and Earth for a Twinkie.

CDR Riker is relieved at not having to cover up the USS Pegasus’ cloaking tech development any longer.

Thomas McDonald @TJMCNH2007🔁Do you think Trump is kidnapping these Central American Kids for Slave Labor or as the foundation for his new Space F orce like in Starship Troopers where they get citizenship if they survive?
Colt Smith @coltsmith🔁@ComfortablySmug You forgot Space Force. How in the name of god could you forget Space Force?
landon shelton @shelton_landon🔁I no longer force things. What flows, flows. What crashes, crashes. I only have space and energy for things that are meant for me.
USA Patriot @TweeterBleeter🔁.
Mr President, PLEASE change the name "Space Force" to...


There's NO name that'll resonate more in t he USA!!!

Mona Shoup @RangerGSD🔁Everyone is talking about Trumps plan for a Space force, so I had to bring this throwback photo back. Space Force K9’s ready!

Who is ready for a new Mike Drop podcast? New podcast will be out tomorrow morning (Thursday.) I answer all your dog questions in Team Dog 002.

𝔧𝔪𝔭 @tweetjmp🔁White House proposes to merge Education and Labor to save money.

White Houses wants to create Space Force, to spend more money.

Yup. Makes sense.

Ivan F. Soto @ISotoAFLPU🔁 @TrumpDraws .@realDonaldTrump Space Force. We can’t even help Flint get water.
Kellen Griswold @ClarkDubya🔁Trump touts his "Space Force": "And I think you saw the other day, we're reopening NASA. We're going to be... going to space."

Crowd starts chanting, "SPACE FORCE! SPACE FORCE!"

Brooke Gardner @brookegardner15🔁Trump 2 weeks from now: “SPACE FORCE is totally canceled, SPACE FORCE is also canceled, and all other departments are pending.”
Local Minnesotan @localkindman🔁 President Donald Trump leading a "Space Force" chant in Duluth is one of the things I specifically voted for.
DZombie @DenzelWright91🔁👽: Incoming Transmission

Space Force is some peak colonizer bullshit.

Space Force is some peak colonizer bullshit.

Space Force is some peak colonizer bullshit.

Space Force is some peak colonizer bullshit.

End transmission.


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