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South AfricaSouth AfricaSouth AfricaSouth Africa 08 de Julio. @naiabaraka2🔁 South Africa 🇿🇦
Manuel José @morenobrociner🔁 A suspected poacher was eaten by a pride of lions in South Africa
M. O. A @SwishaBl🔁 After 20 somewhat years

This is what we still have in SOUTH AFRICA 🇿🇦💔

Franz Joseph Strauss @FJFStrauss🔁 South Africa. Racist Attack.
Three black men attacked a white youngster at petrol station...
South Africa Young pac @richieedet🔁 South Africa's president - Jacob Zuma - told to go by the ANC
South Africa lonie🍬 @_loniemvrie🔁 Poaching suspect reportedly mauled by lions in South Africa
BBC Africa @BBCAfrica🔁A suspected poacher has been eaten by a lion, leaving only his head behind.

South African police say the unidentifie d man's remains were found lying next to a loaded hunting rifle in a private game reserve near the Kruger National Park on Saturday.

National Geographic @NatGeo🔁A hunting rifle and ammunition were found near the body of a man mauled by lions in South Africa
AJ+ @ajplus🔁A suspected poacher was killed and eaten by lions just outside of Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Lion popula tions decreased in 2017 by 33% due to unregulated hunting, habitat loss and poisoning by humans. There are 20,000 left in the wild.

sedmos @sedmos🔁 I’m in South Africa!!!
Veronica Brown @hifuzaoitogi🔁Live score updates India vs South Africa, 5th ODI: India beat South Africa to clinch historic series win - Times of I ndia
6:00 AM @raya_reya🔁Uk🇬🇧, USA🇺🇸 ,🇹🇷Morocco ,france🇫🇷 ,Zambia🇿🇲,Tunisia🇹🇳,Turkey🇹🇷,Taiwan🇹🇼,South Africa🇿🇦,romania🇷🇴,N orway🇳🇴,NewZealand🇳🇿,Brazil🇧🇷,Bahamas🇧🇸
Sophalicious @sophalicious_84🔁 Suspected poacher eaten by lions in South Africa leaving just his head
Yira @yiraluc99🔁hi, it's tasia here! I am a 18 year old illustrator and animation student from South Africa. I love drawing cool gals💌✨

700WLW @700wlw🔁Lions Maul Suspected Poacher To Death In South Africa
tweety bird @petpalskaren🔁One night. Two gruesome attacks. The cull of white Christians continues apace in South Africa. And the world looks the other way.
Eden G.Mehari @narsha_adey🔁 South African lions eat 'poacher', leaving just his head
NewsRadio 570 WKBN @570wkbn🔁"They ate his body, nearly all of it, and just left his head and some remains"
Shaza @KickItBro🔁A suspected poacher has been eaten by a lion, leaving only his head behind.

South African police say the unidentified man's remains were found lying next to a loaded hunting rifle in a private game reserve near the Kruger National Park on Saturday.

Drommedaris @cobusvanzyl54🔁The New York Times carried an article, burried in its back pages, about Jacob Zuma’s pending departure from government. Nothing was mentioned about the poor economy or the farm murders. Little was said about the RSA’s massive corruption.

Westlake Charter @westlakecharter🔁 The look on a teacher's face when her class is introduced on from South Africa. Amazing connections!
Priyanka Pahuja @priyanka1909🔁Virat Kohli become first Indian captain to win 9 consecutive ODI series...

Virat Kohli become first Indian captain to win ODI series in South Africa...

CalumScottFan @CaluScott🔁Well this is SICK!!! The single and duet version of ‘You Are The Reason’ are No.1 and No.2 on in South Africa!!! 😍🖤 THANK YOU! 🇿🇦
Philile from School @Philile_Bee🔁 So after numerous “fruitful and exhaustive discussions” Jacob Zuma is still president of South Africa.
Holly 🦈 @hollymostdope🔁A suspected poacher was mauled to death at a game park in South Africa over the weekend by a pack of lions. A loaded hunting rifle was found next to his remains, mainly his head; the big cat's head and paws are prized for use in traditional medicine in the same way Rhino horn is
Big Man @TopLess_TeezY🔁 @TopLess_TeezY Really painful staying in South Africa hey..

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Sello @SelloJ2J🔁"Do the right thing"

South African Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba tells us he expects Jacob Zuma to resign

Franz Joseph Strauss @FJFStrauss🔁
South Africa, Northern Cape, Kimberley 26-01-2018
Piet Els (86) and Rikkie Alsemgeest (66), were assaulted by 4 black males and burned with a iron.
Both suffered multiple injuries.They were also kicked, slapped and hit by a pipes.
They are in a stable condition.
Kristy @BullyUzi🔁Moving Mountains founders Robin and Heather Craigen have been unable to secure the limited work visas they've relied upon for almost 20 years to bolster their staff w/ guest workers from other countries – most recently from South Africa.
randall @randallpp3🔁Suspected poacher mauled, eaten by pack of lions in South Africa - “They ate his body, nearly all of it."
Vivek Rajkhowa @VVWRITER20🔁So you’re starving now are you? Do you think you’ll get justice by forcing people off their own land? If you’re refer ring to South Africa, again, the Bantu and the boxers appeared at the same time, so who did they take the land from?
Filarete @Filarete14🔁PLEASE BE VIGILANT!
Massive marches threatened to attack and plunder stores owned by white people in Swartruggens in North West Province, South Africa
elizabeth payton @elizabethandcat🔁 What goes around comes around BBC News - South African lions eat 'poacher', leaving just his head
sir prabesh😎🇳🇵🚩‏ @sir_prabesh🔁Many Congratulations to the Indian Cricket team on their first bilateral series win in South Africa. Brilliant consistency and hunger throughout and winning this series overseas is just a sign of things to come. Special team
GREG HURVITZ @GregHurvitz🔁Who is the next Deputy President of South Africa? @StephenGrootes
Investing Ways @InvestingWays🔁Anglo American near five-year high on good news from South Africa
InnerLightMinistries @InnerLightMin🔁Rev. Deborah L. Johnson is speaking on "Making Sense of Racial Nonsense" and the Inner Light Choir is singing two son gs of Empowerment. The event is based on the book Born a Crime, by Trevor Noah who grew up in Apartheid South Africa.
Learner @Learner20172020🔁 A suspected poacher has been reportedly eaten by a pride of lions in South Africa.
sagar @sagar12384🔁👉India's First Ever ODI Series Victory In South Africa
👉India Becomes No. 1 In ICC ODI Rankings Dethroning South Africa
👉9th Consecutive ODI Series Win

Congratulations Team India. 💪🙏🇮🇳

Franz Joseph Strauss @FJFStrauss🔁Rustenburg, South Africa
On Sunday, 28 January Gareth Roberts (23) & his mother witnessed 3 criminals were about to hijack a vehicle with a woman & child still inside.
Gareth decided to risk his life. He died a hero when he laid down his life to save the life of a family.
stragled @stragled7🔁Rohit Sharma, wrist spinners help India script history in South Africa
Drew Ddembe @ddembe🔁South Africa and Kenya with much more robust economies than ours have doled out funds into a bottomless pit to return their airlines' back to profit in vain. Let us first build a functional bus service system in the city before we think of reviving Uganda Airlines.
Colin Castle @britbusinessuk🔁Anglo American near five-year high on good news from South Africa #startups
Jacaranda News @JacaNews🔁In South Africa, patients are either referred directly to an academic hospital, or a local secondary hospital - which generally only has "some diagnostic services". Want to know more?

Click here for the full report >>

LEO. @Leo_IX🔁@SylvanLacue @WiseUpCo_ Nigga, I’m in South Africa 🇿🇦 im down.
Priyanka Pahuja @priyanka1909🔁[STATS] become the 1st Indian captain to win 9 consecutive ODI series & the 1st to win an ODI series in South Africa too. 👏 (Pic Courtesy: )
Sanj® @sanjeevsangar🔁HISTORY created!

's first bilateral ODI series win in South Africa! An unassailable 4-1 lead now with just one more to play.

Boyd's Backyard™ @TheBoydP🔁A fun game to play in South Africa is guessing which way a taxi is going to turn when he slams on brakes and hazards BEFORE you fuck into his rear end! @zentrade_online🔁Corruption Currents: South Africa Enters Crisis Amid #africa #crisis #institutions #management #news #power #risk
Chris Brown @chrisbrownofca1🔁Have you studied the history of Christianity?
From the Spanish in central America to the justification of slavery an d white superiority from the USA to South Africa.
That's apart from the wars of religion that erupted across Europe for a hundred years.
AfricanPlanet @african_planet🔁 Corruption At The Core Of The Attempt To Remove South Africa’s P: Top…
Rebecca Byrne @rebeccalbyrne🔁 Suspected poacher eaten by lions in South Africa --
Lion told the media the man tasted like irony.
Keitumetse Lebeko @KeitumetseBiko🔁 According to @StatsSA South Africa has now 21,3 million people who unemployed and not economically active.
Mr McAwesomeson the Audio pharmacist @The_Vuntu🔁Good morning world. I'm Mali - B aka McAwesomeson. I'm a rapper/producer from 053 South Africa. I'm putting out 1 n ew beat every day for 30days straight. Hala at me if you fux with the sound.
llahrevrac annig @GinaCarverhall🔁@dodo Lions reportedly ate a suspected poacher in South Africa KARMA
DudeComedy @DudeC0medy🔁A suspected poacher was mauled to death and eaten by a pack of lions that he was allegedly hunting in South Africa. A ccording to local reports, only the man's head was left next to a rifle and some ammunition in the bushes of a private game park.
Nicola Smith @niccijsmith🔁Can South Africa's would-be president Cyril Ramaphosa live up to the faith of Nelson Mandela?, by
MR SIR AFRIKAH @ARIKAHWORLDWIDE🔁@AustralianOpen @jamie_murray Happy birthday brother #all the love from South Africa 🔥🔥🔥🤙
L.R.Ananth. @LRAnanth1🔁The Socialist India congrats Indian cricket team for beating South Africa by 73 runs victory at Port ಎಲಿಜಬೆಥ್. This i s the first series win against South Africa at their own soul. Indian blue Boys showed outstanding performances. A magnificent century by Mr.rohith is outstanding
Way Of Life Success @wayoflifesucess🔁India seal the series win! Kuldeep Yadav cleans up South Africa's lower to secure a 73 run victory in Port Elizabeth and take a 4-1 lead with one match to play! It's India's first ODI series win in South Africa!

scorecard ➡️

Peter Adepòjú @peraisakop🔁South Africa has just told Jacob Zuma, the 75yrs old controversial leader to go. But in Nigeria, sycophants surrounding sickly 75yrs old Buhari are urging him to run for a second term. Even with no record of performance!
Dania @ddurillo🔁Police found a loaded rifle and ammo near the man’s body, which made officials believe he was illegally hunting. The lions left just his head and some remains.

James Doyle, Jr. @Occoquan1🔁Big cat poacher is mauled to death and EATEN by lions he was hunting with only his head remaining in South Africa
tony allison @ecodigitography🔁Lions eat suspected poacher in South Africa, leaving just a head | The New Daily Pity it wasn't one of 's murderous sons.
Boyd's Backyard™ @TheBoydP🔁 Tornados in South Africa, snow in the Sahara, this is the new world order motherfuckers!!
blueballoonfriend🎈 @James_LNK🔁Elon Musk is from South Africa, does nothing for poor people, and makes luxury cars. He's like if Apartheid was 100% electric.
Red Velvet Kitty @RedVelvet_Kitty🔁South Africa, Johannesburg
White elderly man was insulted and assaulted by a racist black. A white man intervened to protect the elderly man.
Loren Natasha @LorenNatasha1🔁@SBSwags South Africa
S_Really1 @S_Really1🔁@foreignoffice can you advise on what you are doing re white farm murders and genocide in South Africa @BorisJohnson ?
Shark Catalina @SharkCatalina🔁 & announce a research partnership with expeditions to South Africa, Galapagos & Australia:


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