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Creativenamegoeshere @MsLVizzle🔁 Zags best UW, Seahawks lose, Sounders lose, Mariners don’t get Ohtani and Trump is still President
Chad Tibayan @colormeCHD🔁 Zags best UW, Seahawks lose, Sounders lose, Mariners don’t get Ohtani and Trump is still President
Sounders Mark and Debbie O @ViralVids4u🔁Highlights: Seattle Sounders FC vs. Houston Dynamo | November 30, 2017 #fistpump
Sounders Goddess of Black. @afualareine🔁 #BREAKING: Toronto FC beats Seattle Sounders 2-0 to win MLS Cup final at BMO Field
ᴍɪᴊᴀɴ @HamizanZahari🔁 Toronto FC vs. Seattle Sounders 09/12/2017
Sounders FOX Soccer @FOXSoccer🔁CHAMPIONS AT LAST!

Toronto get their revenge and defeat the Sounders 2-0 to win their first ever #MLSCup

Sounders Sportsnet @Sportsnet🔁BREAKING: Toronto FC defeats the Seattle Sounders to win their first MLS Cup.

Lawrence Barns @LozBarns🔁Match Highlights: Seattle Sounders FC at Toronto FC - December 9, 2017 via @YouTube
Alex @ABarnesandnoble🔁This is not fake news: Check out the Seattle Times’ Sounders page this morning (turn your ad blocker off for a moment to do it).
Siihawk @Raksimus🔁Since I've been home, Sounders lost, Seahawks completely lost composure, and my car broke down. Can I go to to Illinois?
Sarah Lynn @SarahLynn110🔁For enter our to ANOTHER $20 to Amazon! 🎁Just RT & FOLLOW to enter, ends 12/14!🎁
Fist Pump Baby @FistPumpBaby🔁Highlights: Seattle Sounders FC vs. Houston Dynamo | November 30, 2017
ᵀᴴᴱKIDD♔ @JKidd_86🔁President Bill Manning says is built for long-term success. Next up, competing in the historically Mexican-dominated CONCACAF Champions League. ()

CNW_Sports @CNW_Sports🔁BREAKING: Toronto FC captures their first title defeating Seattle Sounders 2-0.
Kerry @heygirlkerry3🔁@MayorJenny She didn't bother to take credit for Sounders and Hawks both losing this weekend. Typical politician.
Demosphere @demosphere🔁Congrats - the 1st team ever to win the Supporters’ Shield, their domestic cup and in a single season! 🏆👏⚽️ @recentpoker🔁Seattle Defends Cup in Toronto Odds: Toronto-Seattle in MLS Cup Rematch. One year ago at BMO Field in Toronto, the Seattle Sounders beat Toronto 5-4 on penalties to win the MLS Cup, after playing to a s
Andychin Skywalker @AndyCtown11🔁Life of a Seattle sports fan.

Wed-Thu: UW beats #2 Kansas, M's get Dee Gordon and are favorites for otani, and we m ight get NHL team 😁

Fri-Sun: Otani signs w/LA, Sounders lose MLS cup, Seahawks lose, & UW loses 😭

Kim “a Sounder⭐️, a Champion” Wiseman @sounderzoot🔁Sounders fans are understandably upset with Ozzie left unprotected.

Not too surprising Lagerwey made this move. Reme mber, he tried (and failed) to trade Ozzie.

The apparent conflict since then is concerning. It will continue to be unhealthy for the squad if not confronted.

Nelson TetraCampeão @NelsonL08🔁Biggest name available in the expansion draft?

Surely Ozzy Alonso?

Great destroyer and distributor, look how the S ounders midfield was torn apart in his absence vs Toronto.

matt1829 @mattkeitel🔁@OzzieAlonso I've been following ya with the Sounders for years. Whatever happens I'll always follow and support you!
Mitchell Tierney @mitchelltierney🔁WAKING THE RED
Hometown boy Jonathan Osorio has game of his life in MLS Cup final

By Mitchell Tierney ()

Frank MacDonald @frankmSounders🔁 1973 – Pro soccer returns to West Coast as yet-to-be-named Sounders joined by LA, San Jose & Vancouver in NASL's big gest expansion class (Baltimore, Boston too). League grows to 15 clubs. ?
Seattle News 360 @SeattleNews360🔁Toronto FC's MLS Cup Win Was a Year in the Making, Earned It a Championship Unlike Any Other
Janet Lawman @Joyceowens1612🔁Given how successful Seattle Sounders were right after Sonics left the city, not a bad time for MLS to consider St. Louis a bit more.
Arcadio Marcuzzi @_marcuzzi🔁Update: Looks like the ads got pulled.

Credit to the Sounders for taking the ads out. The Union are welcome to buy ads in the and Inquirer and Daily News and on our website whenever they’d like to.

But… whoops.

Travis MacKenzie @TAMacKenzie🔁New at >

Me on this morning chatting 's win with and

John Molinaro @JohnMolinaro🔁New at >

Me on this morning chatting 's win with and

ReLynn Vaughn @ReLynnWrites🔁@_shireenahmed_ I was cheering for the Sounders, but Toronto played better ball. Congratulations and well done to them!
Mehran Reza @mehranreza🔁From the "worst team in the world" to champions. has more from 's championship victory.

Frank MacDonald @frankmSounders🔁Chapman was reluctant to use his whistle early on, when tone was set. Nevertheless, was only 3rd match all season S ounders (9-3) had more fouls than opponent, and 1st time in 68 games (all comps) it was +5 or more.
Kaitlyn🍍 @Kaitlyn_Smooth🔁There’s one other sounders fan in my math class and I walk In, he looks me dead in the eye and says “Sounders lost” w hich got the whole class saying “yo Kaitlyn did you see that Toronto won?”and now I want to crawl in a hole and sleep forever.
Dan Keefe @UWDanKeefe🔁Remember how fun sports was in Seattle? And then Friday (Ohtani), Saturday (Sounders) and Sunday (Hawks, Dawgs) happened? Why you do this to me sports?! WHY?!?
Seattle News 360 @SeattleNews360🔁Toronto FC's MLS Cup Win Was a Year in the Making, Earned It a Championship Unlike Any Other
Andrew Bustamante @AndrewBusta11🔁'LAST LAUGH': Toronto FC's Michael Bradley gets his told-you-so moment by winning MLS Cup
Chuck Dalldorf @ChuckDalldorf🔁Retooling must begin now for Sounders if they hope to return to Cup in 2018 via
Chuck Dalldorf @ChuckDalldorf🔁Relocate an original franchise? Expand the league? mulls doing both at once via
TFC ASN @TorontoFCasn🔁My latest for >

Club president Bill Manning: built for long-term success after win

EdenwoodMiddleSchool @EdenwoodMS🔁Toronto FC wins first-ever with victory over Seattle Sounders in rematch of last year's final From
Sportsnet 590 The FAN @FAN590🔁New at >

's first captain joined this morning to chat about the Reds' win



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