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Somalia bruk bruk @tebohay🔁 I Am Mogadishu. Thoughts on Somalia and the mainstream media.
Somalia Websys Technology @The_WebGuys🔁Somalia car bombings kill at least 300 people
Somalia Global Connect @GlobbalConnect🔁Somalia car bombings kill at least 300 people
Somalia Daily News @DailyNewsGhana🔁Somalia car bombings kill at least 300 people
Samantha Blue 🇺🇸 @Blue4Blue2🔁 Somalia just had its worst terrorist attack in the history of the country.
Somalia Aden Dahir @Aadandaahir1🔁#Kenya on alert after 'deadliest' #Somalia explosion
Somalia Jennifer Ayala @ProfesoraJen🔁 'Why aren't we all with Somalia?'
Ash @WeLoveFudge🔁 Over 300 people are dead, and hundreds more are injured or missing, after the deadly bombing in Somalia.
Mufti Ismail Menk @muftimenk🔁Almighty. Comfort the people of #Somalia as they pick up the pieces from the gruesome attack. Protect the families & grant ease to all.
Justin Trudeau @JustinTrudeau🔁The attacks in Somalia are horrifying & Canada condemns them strongly. We mourn with the Canadian Somali community today.
Reuters Top News @Reuters🔁Death toll from Somalia bombings jumps to over 300
adamayob1401 @Adamzuneid786🔁somalia just BARELY made it out of a famine and drought. and now the biggest attack happened to them. speak TF up & donate
Thania @TeeCee0822🔁im tired of y’all ignoring terrorist attacks that happen around the world because it didn’t happen in america. when will y’all start giving a shit about other fucking people? my heart breaks for everyone in somalia
USAFE-AFAFRICA @HQUSAFEPA🔁At the request of the Somalia govt, the U.S. provided a C-130 filled with a relief supplies, transported by CJTF-HOA.
yas @idkyasmintho🔁Devastated to hear of the horrific terror attack in Somalia and the loss of so many lives. My thoughts are with the victims & their families
mel 🐾 @OjitosRojooos🔁let me use my 280 characters to say that there was a truck bomb in mogadishu, somalia that went off and killed over 200 people and injured another 300+. it has not gotten any media attention. this is one of the deadliest attacks and deserves to be heard about.
zippy da zipster @zippydazipster🔁Wow. Not one statement yet in from gov on 276 people just killed in Somalia by alQaeda linked terrorists. Imagine if victims were white.
FLORIDAGIRL @7777MYNAME🔁Footage of truck bomb attack in capital . The truck exploded in the midst of a traffic jam.
Luismb13 @lmirandabermud1🔁230+ Dead: Obama LIED about Somalia, claiming he "took out" the Islamic terrorists there; as huge truck bomb hits.
Dan Riro 🇰🇪 @Danfar_🔁 @GovernorBabayao Why stand in Somalia? I now believe that this is a fake account
Dr Triona Fitton @TrionaJane🔁 : Hundreds of people storm at Mogadishu hospitals to donate blood and help blast victims. .
Hawo Ali @xawoali🔁Devastated about the news coming out of Somalia. Praying for our brothers + sisters impacted by this terror attack.
Tayab nisar @nisar_tayab🔁Aftermath of the massive truck bomb that struck Somalia, killing 270.

A tragedy completely ignored by Western media. And you know why...

timmy boy neutron @timmyboy359_boy🔁Disgusted by the slaughter of innocents in Somalia. Condolences to loved ones of those who lost their lives. We must never give in to terror
Cm Punk @Royreigns🔁The Toronto sign will be lit in the colours of Somalia’s flag today in memory of the innocent victims of terrorism in Mogadishu. Our thoughts are with Somalia.
kaySosa Flames🦋 @khalidsheikh_🔁 hundreds of Mogadishuans at Banadir junction to donate their blood for the victims of yesterday's attack. kudos to Mogadishu pple.
ꌩαsɧ ᎶαɧlօԵ @yashgahlot5🔁He has been born in India, the liberator of the world, his knowledge will affect the entire world,

Said Awaleh @SaidAwaleh🔁BREAKING: Hundreds of young Somali volunteers arriving at the scene of the explosion to help clean up the debris.
shayxhuq @shayeerah🔁Imagine if 250+ ppl in the US or UK or France were killed in a truck bomb. That’s what just happened in Somalia. They deserve to be mourned.
Ulfat الفت @U1f4t🔁90%+ of President Obama's 1000's of drone attacks killed innocent civilians


The Angry Gentleman @HeartBreak__J🔁 The shallow coverage of the Somalia 🇸🇴 terror attack is shameful - and is because the 230+ victims are Muslim and Black
pk @pkendowed🔁Our heartfelt condolences to our brothers and sisters affected by the recent bombing at Mogadishu, Somalia.


JayBoogie @AJ_Efe🔁JUST IN: Death toll in Somalia’s twin bomb blasts rises to 231, nearly 280 more injured
My Inner Freak @myfreak095🔁The Eiffel Tower went dark to pay tribute to the victims of the car bombings in Mogadishu, Somalia
Arewa Popcorn @arewa_popcorn🔁The bombings in Mogadishu stands condemned.The terrorists in represent an existential threat to the whole of the African continent.
Helga Alexandra @helgueezy🔁 Sending my prayers to Somalia 🇸🇴 and Portugal 🇵🇹
Arewa Popcorn @arewa_popcorn🔁Almighty. Comfort the people of as they pick up the pieces from the gruesome attack. Protect the families & grant ease to all.
Apollo Mbabazi @apollo_mbabazi🔁Condolences to our brothers & sisters in Somalia for the devastating bomb attack in Mogadishu. In solidarity against terrorism
S30 Media Network @KeriYurikke🔁Somalia calls for blood donations after bombing, Turkey sends doctors
Patricia Davies @nanapatdavies🔁Thank you Paris for dimming Eiffel Tower lights in solidarity with hundreds killed in Somalia, while most of the world turned a blind eye 🙏🏾
*Judas is number 1* @phemelott🔁Doctor in : “I’ve been working round the clock, I am so tired. I am also mourning as I lost 19 relatives”.
marilyn trahan @talkNadvice🔁will not stop tweeting/RT stories on Somalia until this tragedy is seen by the entire world. we've mourned alone for too long, we need you.
Yoriko Yasukawa @UNYorikoY🔁Thinking of Int'l Day x #Poverty, #Rohingya, #Somalia sharing 'You don't know me but I'm yr brother' via @UNFPAasia
Huey McNavis @MudzekxOfficial🔁 Prayers out to Somalia. Sad sad news this morning. 🙏🏿
sinan torun @synanklay🔁 sent 10 tonnes of medical supplies to Mogadishu & brought 35 wounded Somalis to Ankara for treatment.
We will not let down!
Michael Dean @Okavangomick🔁. Questions starting now. MPs to ask about Myanmar, Kashmir, terrorism in Somalia & more. Watch live
eleven. ⚡️ @foreverwavvy🔁230 people dead in Somalia. TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY. And it's like nothing happened. Why do we normalize black and brown suffering and death?
Fatima @Coco3yoon🔁Hundreds of innocent lives were unjustly taken in Somalia & I'm noticing a pattern of coverage that highlight their achievements first. Why?
Rick Gregory @GbgRick🔁Double standards: 'Why aren't we all with Somalia?' @AJENews
Victor @Victor_Karuga🔁"Africa needs to tell its own story," African journalists scream. Then a terrorist attack happens in Somalia & EU media covers it better.
mi @chwiham🔁That moment you forget white Christian men committed mass genocide in Africa,Europe, Australia,& N/S America—so you shamelessly mock Somalia
TeeTee @littleeteebee🔁@BTtoronto no coverage on the terrorist attack in Somalia that killed 300+ people? Shameful.
kryptonite @mich_shellie🔁KRCS is working closely with the Somalia in provision of humanitarian services to hundreds of ppl affected.
Santi @kolexcurtis🔁Can you imagine being a victim but only seen as the enemy by the rest of the world? is a country that’s literally 99% Muslim, who on a daily basis are terrorized by a group of devils who hide behind a religion they know nothing about.The fear that media makes us think..
Turki Ismail @Turki19🔁Djibouti force commander for AMISOM: "we are ready to sacrifice our blood and lives for Somalia".
I. am. crying.
2knee @Iseenochangeis🔁I can’t lie to you it’s bugging me how certain demographics who claim Islam is one big family ain’t got shit to say about Somalia.
Sallu @Coffee_nated🔁Almost 300 people killed.
At least 300 injured.
More than 100 missing.
Where is the collective outrage?

Phantom Vendetta @MsZondi06🔁 @mailandguardian Malema begins briefing by offering condolences to those who have lost their lives in Somalia. #EFF
Dead Brain @DeadBrain98🔁 Somalia calls for blood donations after bombing, Turkey sends doctors


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