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Evelyn @Evelyn_Solis🔁 "71% of our elected officials are men. And they don't know sh*t about birth control." -- @sophiabush
Jeff Passan @JeffPassan🔁Sammy Solis is in for the Nationals. This game is simultaneously awesome and hideous.
Ashton.Solis @ashton_solis🔁 .@Addison_Russell turned that clutch factor all the way up. #NLDS
Ashton.Solis @ashton_solis🔁 How about a two-out, two-run, go-ahead double for @Addison_Russell?


Grant Paulsen @granthpaulsen🔁Maybe Dusty Baker thinks Sammy Solis is one of the relievers Rizzo got him at the deadline.
Will Brinson @WillBrinson🔁Dusty Baker decided that SAMMY SOLIS was a better option than Max Scherzer, who was at 98 pitches and one hit allowed. Say that out loud.
Ashton.Solis @ashton_solis🔁Don't care what team u root 4. When a guy gets hurt you never knw how it will shake out Love you bro and praying 4 the best
Raul @Raaul_13🔁The picture speaks for itself... Little brother had an emotional game and dedicated his game to our big cousin
Sam @SamTheMan180🔁@fergoe Somebody should throw Dusty through a table for allowing Solis to come into this game
benson @bluke123🔁Would be tied if solis didn't pitch
Efrain Solis @ef_solis🔁well said
NJB44 @HailToTheKing44🔁@solis_cassie Idk why but you just reminded me of this, and I did think you were a pilgrim.😂
cecilia avila @xxceciliaaxx🔁wow me and @___jxcelynn were listening to marco antonio solis shes the loml for sure
Zan Solis @zan_solis🔁Bruno Mars 24K Concert @ PNC Arena
Efrain Solis @ef_solis🔁Could the laws of physics vary between universes in a multiverse? & answer
daniel solis @dsolis22_solis🔁 The President of the United States is a sexual predator.
Abs 👻🎃 @Solis__20🔁God’s mercy, grace and unconditional love.
Alyssa Solis💛 @solis_alyssa6🔁 Don’t take anything for granted
Miguel Solis @miguel__solis🔁 “Go look what I sent you on twitter”
Anissa.💉 @Solis_Anissa16🔁@jasmin_santos4 Same.😂
SOLIS Sydney @SOLIS_Syd🔁Sounds like to me &
Ashton.Solis @ashton_solis🔁UPDATE:
Most Playoff RBI since start of 2015 post season
Daniel Murphy 20
Anthony Rizzo 18
Addison Russell 18

Serena Solis @Serena_Solis🔁Sometimes all you need is to be called out really harshly in a loving way
Leticia Solis @Leticiaa_Solis🔁 Life is testing me lately
Heather McDonough @schwawa🔁This is great, but Sammy Solis is going to have cost the Nats again.
Ashton.Solis @ashton_solis🔁 Shortstops with multiple 4+ RBI postseason games
MLB history

Jimmy Rollins, Carlos Correa & Addison Russell: 2 each

Ashton.Solis @ashton_solis🔁 Addison Russell tied with Anthony Rizzo for most post season RBI's in Cubs history. 18.
Jasmin_Santos @jasmin_santos4🔁@Solis_Anissa16 That’s always 24/7 .😂
Anissa.💉 @Solis_Anissa16🔁@jasmin_santos4 More like a pendeja moment.🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Ashton.Solis @ashton_solis🔁 Addison Russell is 2x the player Javier Baez is #MLBplayoffs
Ashton.Solis @ashton_solis🔁 Can Addison Russell pitch?
Ashton.Solis @ashton_solis🔁Captain Munnerlyn: I love Luke Kuechly the person. I love Luke Kuechlt the player. We're definitely concerned about his health.
Jasmin_Santos @jasmin_santos4🔁@Solis_Anissa16 Blonde moment.😂🤷🏽‍♀️
€hachaa @chacha_solis🔁Recognize a good girl when you see one

Miguel Solis @miguel__solis🔁 Fuck the strip club im goin to a pumpkin patch this weekend
Miguel Solis @miguel__solis🔁 I'm just out here tryna prove to myself that I can and I will
Jake Solis @Jake_Solis🔁Poker, drinks, great cause. @PleasantonDT @1plus1tech #Poker4Good
Lucy Pratt @LucyPrattwn5🔁Lol the Nats are pitching Sammy Solis in the 7th inning of a decisive game in the postseason
Steve Solis 🇺🇸✌ @solis_steve🔁Awe did I hit a nerve snowflake??? Trump and Epstein go way back. Common knowledge in Palm Beach bish!!!
edrianSOLIS @solis_edrian🔁@jacobsartorius 😍😊😘hey jacob
€hachaa @chacha_solis🔁Thought you knew me by now
cardi e @eileen_solis🔁@CavazosDelilah @FarterCrapple You lmao
Anissa.💉 @Solis_Anissa16🔁Went cruising with Jas & when I dropped her off she tried getting her charger through the window & it wasn’t even rolled down.😂💀
cardi e @eileen_solis🔁@CavazosDelilah @FarterCrapple Sorry I’m not kountry with a k


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