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#soarhatchinggreatness Golden Child ✨ @suarxjules🔁Happy Sunday Morning #SoarHatchingGreatness 🙏🏼😇
T.D. Jakes @BishopJakes🔁Mentoring people isnt about solving problems, its about putting them in an environment where they can grow #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
#soarhatchinggreatness Kim KeepinItReal @KimKeepIt_Real🔁 It’s something in you that GOD is hatching! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
#soarhatchinggreatness Kim KeepinItReal @KimKeepIt_Real🙌🏾🔁 Mentoring is about watching! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
T.D. Jakes @BishopJakes🔁What you start out as, has nothing to do with what you will turn out to be. Despise not small beginnings! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
T.D. Jakes @BishopJakes🔁God is getting you ready for something that is so much better than anything you've ever had before! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Luxecases🌙 @Luxecases_🔁 You'll know you are getting ready to #SOAR by what you have to say goodbye to! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Luxecases🌙 @Luxecases_🔁 There are somethings you have to leave behind as you ascend to the next dimension! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Jamari Fox 🦊 @itsjamarifox🔁have a good week!! great service today!! this will be a week of soaring high! #tphonline #SoarHatchingGreatness
Luxecases🌙 @Luxecases_🔁 What used to feed you, is not meant to feed you now! (Matthew 5:6) #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Luxecases🌙 @Luxecases_🔁 You need to open your mouth and learn how to eat on another level! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Luxecases🌙 @Luxecases_🔁 What you are going to, is better than where you came from! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Mallory Irvine @MIRV9🔁God is getting you ready for something that is so much better than anything you've ever had before!
Luxecases🌙 @Luxecases_🔁 You're in the midst of a shift! The order is changing! Life is about birthing! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Luxecases🌙 @Luxecases_🔁 When you go into the next dimension, don't bring the rules from the old dimension! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Luxecases🌙 @Luxecases_🔁 You will learn how to survive in new environments if you dont quit! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Luxecases🌙 @Luxecases_🔁When God tells you to do something, always do what He says even if it doesnt make sense to you!
Shay @ShaySassyshay🔁Do not be weary in well doing! If you give up too soon, you will miss your blessing - sit on it!
Kim KeepinItReal @KimKeepIt_Real👏🏾🙏🏾 🔁 Anything you develop has to develop behind a wall. #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
1RealQueenKD💋💙 @TheBossQueenK🔁Thank you for joining us! See the rebroadcast of tonight at or in my Mobile App tdjakes.org
Shaymara Sanchez @ShaymaraSanchez🔁 The hardest thing in life/business/relationships is to figure out when to give up! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
T.D. Jakes @BishopJakes🔁Thank you for joining us! See the rebroadcast of tonight at or in my Mobile App tdjakes.org twitter.com
Kim KeepinItReal @KimKeepIt_RealAmen 👏🏾👏🏾🔁 Everything that is important is on the inside! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Journi @Journi🔁My faith is taking me somewhere. I am getting ready to #Soar! #PropheticWord #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Patricia A Trail @Ptrail11🔁Love you @BishopJakes and @FirstLadyJakes. #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Patience @PPreshy07🔁 If you get frustrated in the process, you'll never get to the promise! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Jazzy🐼💚 @Lovin_Green12🔁 Don't be afraid to change! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Cyncha♓ @CLJonsie🔁I love you too @BishopJakes!! #SoarHatchingGreatness
Jazzy🐼💚 @Lovin_Green12🔁 Don't let your fear stop you from the next dimension! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Bee Okeke @KingBeeOkeke🔁 Anything you get too easily, you will let go of easily! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Reggie Morafo @RMorafo🔁 There is something in you that God is hatching using the circumstances around you. #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Patience @PPreshy07🔁 Some people cannot succeed because they cant give up the shell they came from! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
John Saye @jsaye🔁 Gestation comes through frustration! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Sunday Oshunkentan @soshunkentan🔁 When the enemy brings before you your failures, show him your successes. #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Patience @PPreshy07🔁 You have to know when to move on! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
President Trillion$ @mikephilson🔁Please go watch today's sermon from The Potter's House 🦅 … instagram.com
Tumelo Mokabane @Tumelo_mm🔁 People cant always see your greatness from the outside! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
jasmine. @BLACKbutBLONDE🔁 What God sends as a protection, can be a problem at another stage! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Kim KeepinItReal @KimKeepIt_Real🔁 Greatness has to be hatched! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Kim KeepinItReal @KimKeepIt_Real🔁 Today’s Message: SOAR: Hatching Greatness Deuteronomy 32:11-13 … twitter.com
#Collaborate @Healthy_Teams🔁 Hunger is a blessing! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline
Victorious1MzV ♀Boss @Victorious1MzV🔁 While building your business, you will experience a wilderness experience! #SoarHatchingGreatness #tphonline


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