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Snapchat NormaStits @Norma18779265🔁 I’m loving my new snapchat. So fun to get to talk to fans. Goodnight!
SnapchatSnapchatSnapchat izy @_izymendoza🔁 Currently looking for a boyfriend so say hello 😌 snapchat:juanytoee ig:juanytoee #LGBTExcellence
Snapchat Champions of England💰 @CaIIum98🔁 add me up on snapchat I'm bored
Snapchat MANIC IMPRESSIVE @gr888shopper🔁 Trump campaign ‘diversity’ adviser praises Nazis in Snapchat video
♋MistressKristen☯ @KrissyDevocion🔁 Join My Premium Snapchat today 🔥? ?
Accurate Texts @AccurateTexts🔁 Snapchat is dead because of our hook ups! Come see for yourself!😈👻


SnapchatSnapchatSnapchatSnapchat Olivia Taylor @otayy_🔁 i got my grandma to join snapchat & it’s the cutest thing ever
Snapchat ang ✨ @angie_794🔁 Why did Snapchat get us used to Stories being on the left just to throw them back on the right?
Snapchat @dW6mfmOnZ12ssmS🔁 Everyone add me on #Snapchat please @Snapchat
Snapchat FaZe Banks @Banks🔁Drew this with my finger on Snapchat, nobody plays the Snap game better than your boy — add ‘RickyBanks’
Liverpool FC @LFC🔁📱 Follow our final matchday coverage on Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

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Turn Ons™ @SexualTurnOns🔁If you think your bf or gf is cheating and you want to see who they Snapchat, use the link in my bio! My gf has been snapping her ex 😒
kenz @mckenziieee_🔁 Snapchat is 2 updates away from being deleted..On a serious note.
oluwadamilola @damiieyy🔁 My phone so fuckin dry🤦🏾‍♂️ I keep going from Twitter, Snapchat , to instagram 😂
Muriel Kamgang @MurielKamgang🔁@Snapchat is the most confusing app to use ever!

Everytime I give that app another chance, I then close it after just few seconds. 🤦🏾‍♂️

TØMMY @t0mmysq🔁@Snapchat u should move 'Delate Conversation' a bit away from 'Block Friend' lol
Riley @rjq_135🔁If I told you not to talk to me, why do you thinks it’s okay to just pop up every couple weeks?

When i say I don’t want to talk to you; don’t text, call, Snapchat, message, dm, none of it.
Stop tweet watching and move on. It’s simple.

al pal™ @localpoet14🔁niggas in 2018 will find a girl on Snapchat , geek over this girl in hoping she'll get with him, then finally when t hey get her , they go and cheat. like what is the logic in it all explain
أميرة @pimppunzel🔁Behind the Scenes maternity shoot I did for my cousin today. 📸👸🏿 Follow me on snapchat for more BTS: @blachaz3
sabrina🌙 @sweetlilchoni🔁went on snapchat and watched someone’s story of 2 boys pushing an anorexic girls bike around and taking the piss out of her and the caption says “ funniest thing oml 😂😂 “ ...... this is why i fucking hate the people in my area xxx
Movies @Moviepicts🔁 i wish there was a timehop for snapchat, like how drunk was i a year ago today ???????
Absolute UK Babes 32k @absoluteukbabes🔁📣Announcement📣

Join as she takesover on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat tomorrow 🔥

All can be found under theglamour_zone


katie (au📌) @jinsIovemaze🔁i sent a snapchat to allie 4 days ago and she still hasn’t opened it and at this point i only want her to open it so i can find out what i sent her bc i have no idea anymore
Yessenia Cervantes @yesseniacee🔁Is your best friend even your best friend if they go to rolling loud & see chief keef perform and don’t even Snapchat you or ft you?
Mi Candado @candado_mi🔁😘😜Hello Guys 😍Add me in snapchat for more pics like this one 😏and if you want a privete picture in you twitter dm 🤩like...share and coment this picture 😘everyone who share this tweet 👉Get a hot pic 😘


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