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Smash シマ @simano_mayu🔁 smash
SmashSmash Sergi @Serfuu20🔁 🔁 Kingdom Hearts
❤️ Smash Bros
Smash wesley @wesley82293391🔁 waiting for smash ultimate like
Matthew Foxwell @MLFoxwell🔁 For you the day Ridley graced Smash was the most important day of your life....
Smash Chuột 🧀 @chiizuking🔁 the new smash ultimate zelda just seems so enthusiastic to be there
Smash 🎤🐛Grass Boi 🎤🐛 @beckhamjacquot1🔁 Also @souljaboy plays Smash LOL
Smash Soñador N is thicker than a bowl of oatmeal @sonador_N🔁 waluigi after the smash announcement
Smash Tatuman @NigelLord_🔁 Smash Twitter these days
Smash firefoxies @firefoxies1🔁 dotes on smash zelda
Smash Woody @Woody00157099🔁 kids are done! first of a couple of ghibli prints i'm gonna have for smash in sydney this july!
音割れポッター(※シュヤラ) @690chocolate🔁 Guess who are back in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?
Smash PekPuff @pekwekduck🔁 my favorite part of the new Smash news is


SmashSmashSmash Majesty @hime_o3o🔁 Smash news! Hooray!! Have a buff SamusxPeach comic commission I did! :>
Smash Oyecomova @Khemwi🔁 Smash Bros. Ultimate fans can’t stand Snake’s redesigned butt
快刀乱麻 @kaiketsu55🔁 Guess who are back in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?
Smash WOLF IS FREE!!! @shofu🔁I’m giving away this hat I got for winning a Smash Bros Ultimate match at E3, retweet and follow for a chance to win
Nintendo of America @NintendoAmerica🔁The gang’s all here! Every fighter from previous Smash Bros. games will return in Super on !
Bologna Sammich @Aguadracon🔁When President Iwata passed away, Mr. Sakurai continued on developing Smash Bros saying "I will push on doing what I must". Yesterday's presentation showed a little of the emotions he has held back.

Context: Sakurai's JP tweet said "can I cry a little now?" EN didn't say that.

RaichuKanzuki @Raichu_Kanzuki🔁@feraligayle Yo! See you there. Maybe next year I'll be in the Smash Brackets
(202) 466-2556 @_chop_mein🔁 Smash Bros. Ultimate hands-on: We put new fighters, new features to the test by @samred
George @GEORGIE_35🔁@coys100 Can see why teams want to smash us
Magical Cunt @Magical_Cunt🔁the various ways characters have been announced for smash ultimate:
inkling: the inkling boy and girl enter the fiery pits of hell and must face judgement from the smash roster
ridley: ridley impales mega man and viscerally crushes mario's skull
daisy: hi i'm daisy
c0rdially @_c0rd🔁Smash Bros. Ultimate: Link can shoot beams from the Master Sword when no damage is taken
☾ loulou @elunalou🔁 Still tryna smash tho dus hmu alsnog
💩 digitaldac 💩 @digitaldac🔁👉 Aye Aye is now on 🔗 👍 if your looking for an awesome strea mer you just found her. check out her channel & smash that follow button like there is no tomorrow 🔄
rydo cn ~ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @rydookie🔁 @ohJaydonv @PhnxFLK I am 60fps just don’t know my twitter password so fuck up before I smash yer cunt in
Lauren @lauren_stdnurse🔁@samanthae9697 Good luck. I’m sure you’ll smash it #pma x
Cardane Ultimate @Cardane_SSB🔁Leffen (Cloud) vs Zero (Marth) - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:
Amy C. Lossie, PhD 👩🏼‍🔬🐠🐕🌻🛩 @Ilovepigenetics🔁“Positivity alone no more shrinks a tumour than snake oil, crystals and avo smash. What will make cancer even tougher, though, is the societal expectation of relentless optimism and gung-ho.” Well said
MORDEKAI AND THE RIGBY'S 🇿🇦 @Nkulee_RSA🔁@linc_smash I hope I won't have to take to utatakho or no excuse pay your papgeld akere
IG @mpho_smash @SmAsH_mPhO_🔁When we start dating please tell me the date we going to breakup I don’t want surprises bo “it’s over” while I’m at a club otlong kgamisa ka beer
Filip Gunnarsson @Phoeniks_C🔁If Smash Wii U and 3DS was Smash 4 i would call Smash Ultimate, Smash 4.5.
Enough changes for it to not be called a port but not enough, in my opinion to be called Smash 5
gravityfallsgoodgirl @gravityfallsgg🔁me, after the direct: okay alright there was a?? disapponting lack of content for games that werent smash but?? daisy was added and the new final smashes are pretty dope and ice climbers!!

me, waking up from a four hour slumber, foaming at the mouth: MIYAMOTO IS JESUS HIMSELF

Cinna Bazzi @EthiCinna🔁 We dont say "dating" anymore we say "confirmed for smash"
kittyblue414 @kittyblue_764🔁The gang’s all here! Every fighter from previous Smash Bros. games will return in Super on !
AotN | TCM | AkAlouxo @AkAlouxo🔁ARMS is great
Pokkén is great
Splatoon is great
Smash is great

Competitive gaming on the Switch is great

All communities can coexist and cook up the craziest majors

It's great

You're great

Good night

Mutt_ebooks @Mutt_ebooks🔁les see dah ponies first ;D I'll even draw you an icon if you give me a smash code for an icon?
shrimpせんぱい😜 @shrimp474656471🔁Notice📣
You can watch the heated battles of “Splatoon 2 World Championship 6/11-12”
"SUPER SMASH BROS. INVITATIONAL 6/12", as many as you like for free👁️


Shay @ShayPatrickX🔁Sketch - Zelda (Smash)

After some sleep, and changing pen settings, here's another cutie from the upcoming Smash Bros Ultimate. :D
Hope you like it.

mike ya boi @1_800_mikey🔁Nintendo confirms that Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a "Brand new game built from the ground up."


rae @ultsdoyou🔁 nintendo wont put cooking mama in smash because they’re scared of powerful women
Kai @KaiEnixGideon🔁I know the stock it fluctuates all the time. You'll see. And smash is blatenly not a Wii u port. Then Pokemon try so mething new and you moan it's not the same😂😂. Budget doesn't make a game good. Look at destiny.
smash_sword @smash_sword🔁💎 GIVEAWAY

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You can gamble your CS:GO skins on ! Try you luck in coinflip or jackpot !

Rugglesboy @Rugg13sby🔁Will be giving away an extra Nintendo Smash Brothers Ultimate VIP Bag from the Smash Brothers Invitational 2018!

RT and Like for a chance to win!

Will announce the winner on Friday 6/15 at 2PM PST

DAISY SSBU ママブラット @MaamaBratt🔁 Knockback in Smash Ultimate is like when you punch a balloon across the room
Rasty @DudeCreamy🔁Smash Bros main themes ranked

Smash Bros Wii U > Smash Bros Brawl > Smash Bros Ultimate > Smash Bros Melee > Smash Bros 64

new one is good but hard to compete with the best, maybe the menu remixes etc will rank it higher once those come out

Deron @derond7🔁Predictions-
•If Smash NX is to come out the ICs would become as a Smash NX exclusive character
•Stage hazard toggle exclusive to Smash NX
Tyler Hilton @a55a55inTH🔁Nintendo's E3 sale will start today at 3pm CEST / 2pm BST in Europe and 9am PT / 12pm ET in North Amercia.

Over 40 games on sale, including:

• Zelda: BotW - NSW & Wii U
• Splatoon 2 - NSW
• Fire Emblem Warriors - NSW
• Splatoon - Wii U
• Smash Bros - Wii U & 3DS

あてぃあ @atiar_ssb4🔁Local man gets bodied by 2-time Nintendo Smash Bros. Invitational Grand Champion (ft. and )
CallmeJac @Jacman1225🔁I love Smash Ultimate but I agree

Gimme less lag on more aerials and a crisp slide on wavelands that would allow me to act upon landing.

I also need to be able to dash through shields. Fox side B got nerfed because of this.

Can I also push shielders off plates plz?

C'mon mah

yasmin #youngblood @THE1975lRWlN🔁The only thing I want to talk about is youngblood and how 5sos gonna smash the charts!!!! They've worked on this albu m so much and I'm gonna do my best and promote them ❤️❤️
Discraws @Discraws🔁Lets finish Smash 4 strong!

It's lasted so long and gotten this far, no reason to let it go so early when we're so close 😄

Gonza #BombermanForSmashSwitch @Shockfuse13🔁It's funny to see Waluigi get snubbed in Smash for the 3rd time but it's absolutely criminal that Bomberman didn't get a spot on the roster.
Adri Gaydri 🧜🏽‍♀️ @AdriiNair143🔁Nintendo announces Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Switch -- the game features every single character from past games. Oh, and it has GameCube controller support. Release date: December 7, 2018
SPACE CHANNEL TRASH @gordux🔁Brawl: "H-Hey! I-I'm new! Be careful!"
Smash 4: "I feel more confident now! Watch out!"
🌈Būnny Böö @TlotliTshey🔁@Nkulee_RSA @linc_smash They coming for your the After 9s😂😂😂.
「 Peter 」Khayat @coffeemanptr🔁@AcePictureBot Smash
Joshua Bauschke @BauschkeJoshua🔁IT TOOK GANONDORF




RetroDeath @Retro_Death🔁@mario123007 This shit wasn't an E3 conference, it wasca Smash Direct. And a drawn out one at that.
Gustavo Ramirez @Goonstavbro🔁Watching nintendo e3 “conference” was like watching finals day of a fgc tournament, just waiting for the smash bit to end before you get to the good stuff. Only this just straight up ended after the smash bit, so the waiting was for nothing 😭
Lichzim @Lichzim🔁Listen. by the time smash 4 development wrapped up, he HAD to have seen the popularity and desire for bandana waddle dee. so if he wasn't playable in this game. he surely would have been implemented and ready to be shown off by now. no way he thought to put in knuckles before BWD
Cade @PopeShark🔁Aw well... Better luck next time you poor bastard.


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