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Steve Morrison @stephenm1020🔁 USA Hockey lost to Slovenia this morning.


Redman @Redman89335216🔁 Hot sexy camgirl from Slovenia gets anal sex and cum in her juicy ass live on webcam.
slovenia 立言Roy🇺🇸✊️✊️✊️ @YanyuweivipRoy🔁 Winter in Bled, Slovenia.
slovenia Travel Slovenia @travel2slovenia🔁 Lake Bled, Slovenia
CBC Olympics @CBCOlympics🔁38 seconds

All it took for Slovenia to upset the U.S.A. in overtime

🇸🇮 3 - 2 🇺🇸

Laurie Garrett @Laurie_Garrett🔁Now that says he wants to eliminate "chain migration" thru which legal migrants bring relatives, many are asking abt Viktor & Amilija Knavs, from Slovenia. For a year they have resided in the US, caring for their grandson.
They are Melania Trump's parents.
Chain migration?
Pierre LeBrun @PierreVLeBrun🔁Tournament favorite Russia loses opener to Slovakia. USA loses to Slovenia. That's all you need to know about the men 's Olympic hockey tournament this year. Sure looks like a wide-open tournament!
Elizabeth Karlsson @_Elizabeth_K🔁BU’s Jordan Greenway is the first black player to compete on the US Olympic men's hockey team. Today, he scored against Slovenia in the opener.
ED ANSER @crookedgop🔁Today's big story is that the WH refuses to detail the immigration status of Melania Trump's Parents.

The bigger story is that Melania's father Viktor, is a former member of a Communist Party in Slovenia & an atheist.

Imagine if Michelle Obama's father was a communist atheist!

Linda Worden @wallyboo99🔁Now that says he wants to eliminate "chain migration" thru which legal migrants bring relatives, many are asking abt Viktor & Amilija Knavs, from Slovenia. For a year they have resided in the US, caring for their grandson.
They are Melania Trump's parents.
Chain migration?
Justin Fact @JusTFacts12345🔁Surprise, surprise. If they are getting green cards, I’d call that and favoritism for people who have no degrees and no jobs. When Slovenia sends its people, they're not sending the best. They're sending people that were in the Communist Party...
Zoe Stein @Garage_Floor🔁On WH immigration call, reporter asks about the immigration status of Melania Trump's parents from Slovenia and whether they fall into the "chain migration" category wants to get rid of. "I'm not going to get into specific cases," a WH official responds.
doug tsutsui 🌀 @kingsfanone🔁Random Olympics notes...

Not only did USA lose to Slovenia, but gold medal favs Russia lost 3-2 to Slovakia.

Kings prospect Nikolai Prokhorkin had one of the two goals.

Interestingly, Russia has now dropped 3 of last 4 Olympic games vs Slovakia (only W was in 2014 shootout)

Sam DC @SamDC915🔁's stunning Alps give you an excuse to play in Europe's second-oldest :
Andro @androkavcic🔁Many governments referred to Slovenia as the Silicon Valley of Europe, so we gathered some of the best blockchain companies to talk about the potential of blockchain technology with Slovenian Prime Minister and a number of government officials.
Frommer's @Frommers🔁's stunning Alps give you an excuse to play in Europe's second-oldest :
Yakov Koltovskoy @KoltovskoyYakov🔁 : a glimpse of the meeting between of & 's MOD Von Der Leyen
RIForward @RIForward🔁OLYMPICS STORY OF THE DAY: U.S. stunned by Slovenia in hockey opener
سليمان الحسني @y6TXYg3w4anrYIr🔁The Global Football Tour continues! The ball has travelled from Serbia, to Brazil, Mauritius, Slovenia, Mexico, Indonesia and Croatia. Check out the highlights in this video. For your chance to host a match in your country, visit
ken @ken2018_🔁With the release of Blockchain Alliance CEE Slovenia has an amazing opportunity to become Blockchain Valley. Check what our founders have to say about the importance of the Blockchain Alliance CEE in the following article.
LC Mallory @leezus91🔁Ok, so are we deporting ‘s family? They’re all here because they chain migrated here from Slovenia. Her dad was a me mber of the Communist Party. They could be dangerous
ken @ken2018_🔁Our founder Vasja Veber about the future in blockchain: “I hope that cooperation with the government can be upgraded and that we will truly make Slovenia a target destination for blockchain companies from all over the world.”
Alexandra A. Čeferin @Thezaurus_🔁DID YOU KNOW? is one of the most water-rich countries in . It has 27000 km of rivers, streams and other watercourses. (Image by )
Stephanie CW Telles @StephanieCW🔁Is Melania Trump sad that the USA lost or happy that Slovenia won? #Olympics
.hockey on mute. @hockey_on_mute🔁@NewYorkPuck are you just saying that cause they lost to Slovenia?
Alexandra A. Čeferin @Thezaurus_🔁LAKE ZELENCI, - a beautiful emerald-green lake that never freezes no matter how cold the winter temperatures are. (Image by Miroslav Asanin)
Alexandra A. Čeferin @Thezaurus_🔁VINTGAR GORGE, - a 1,600-metre-long gorge carved by the emerald green Radovna river. During the the gorge is officially closed, although it’s still possible to go into it. (Image by Miroslav Asanin)
BRUJA🐾 ♌🐾✌💞 @eneidacortes681🔁Watch as the men's team takes on Slovenia!

Join us live on ! →

Alexandra A. Čeferin @Thezaurus_🔁LAKE BOHINJ, - Slovenia's largest lake frozen and covered with in the . (Image by Turizem Bohinj)
Megan O'Neill @megaanoneill4🔁 1, Slovenia 0 with 12:33 left in the 2nd.

Get to know the guy that got the U.S. Men's Team on the board at the .

Alexandra A. Čeferin @Thezaurus_🔁Ambassador of Slovenia co-hosting a reception with for the 2018 Human Rights Council members in the . 🇦🇺&🇸🇮aiming at strengthening the promotion and protection of around the globe.
LC Mallory @leezus91🔁Yeah! Keep America America. Not Slovenia. Deport Melania’s parents. Who came over here via chain migration.
Bitcoin Bolt @BitcoinBolt🔁Slovenia is Becoming a Target Destination for Blockchain Companies #bitcoin
Jeff Johnson @jeje66🔁@Hlas Be happy!! Can you name Slovenia's lone NHL player, by the way?
LC Mallory @leezus91🔁Seriously. Why can’t Melania’s sister and her parents stay and make Slovenia great? Whole family chain migrated over here.....
Kreaux Sha Music @KreauxShaMusic🔁 fell to Slovenia in their first game.

Tune in to watch their continued quest for an Olympic medal on Feb. 16!


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