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Linds M-D @freakygeeklinds🔁@masonmennenga So glad you could make it tonight, new friend! #SlateSpeak
susan a mason @susanamason63🔁Please have your supporter spayed or neutered!! 🤣🤣🤣

Comey Postal Service

Tara Ulrich @diakonia78🔁@cwarring It's so not spring here! #SlateSpeak
Tara Ulrich @diakonia78🔁I missed #SlateSpeak tonight!
Tara Ulrich @diakonia78🔁For me it's the Greatest Showman soundtrack currently. Loving also Rupis poetry. And just started Kate Bowlers book.. twitter.com .so so good!
Bucky with the Good Arm @benjancewicz🔁I’m your humble moderator for this evening. Jason, he/him. I just adore that sweet spot of 50-70ºF (10-21ºC), and I wished it lasted several months. It’s intoxicating.

Meg McDermott @MegMcDonut🔁 A5: Build things. Make things. Create. Behave as if facts still matter. #slatespeak
Tara Ulrich @diakonia78🔁@crazypastor Looks like I missed a really good one!! #SlateSpeak
Tara Ulrich @diakonia78🔁“A church that doesn’t provoke any crisis, a gospel that doesn’t unsettle…

…a Word of God that doesn’t get under anyone’s skin, what kind of gospel is that?”

— Monseñor Romero

Tara Ulrich @diakonia78🔁A5: Continue to seek beauty from film, poetry, art, music, etc.

If we spend all of our time checking facts and correcting people on the internet, it’s just not worth it.

Tara Ulrich @diakonia78🔁@DeniseWBarreto @crazypastor I'm surprised some lucky girl hasn't snatched him up yet. #SlateSpeak
Tara Ulrich @diakonia78🔁So I have to publicly plug myself to be crush girl in Chicago. Jason inspires me and makes be believe there is indeed hope for White America. And he’s lucky a Puerto Rican papi stole my heart recently or I’d be making play
Tara Ulrich @diakonia78🔁I love blogging for this very reason. #SlateSpeak twitter.com
Tara Ulrich @diakonia78🔁We can't be silent.

We must be educated.

We can't be lukewarms.

We must take care of ourselves.

We must take care of each other.

We must speak the truth that comes from everything above.

Tara Ulrich @diakonia78🔁@GregoryHStrong Agreed!! #SlateSpeak
Tara Ulrich @diakonia78🔁For me its currently the Greatest Showman soundtrack. I also am loving Rupis poetry. Just started reading Kate Bowle twitter.com rs book. So so good!!
David Kamphuis @KamphuisDavid🔁@diakonia78 @crazypastor Yeah, the "mad farmer" poems should be read by everyone of faith #SlateSpeak
Tara Ulrich @diakonia78🔁@KamphuisDavid @crazypastor Love Wendell Berry!! #SlateSpeak
Tara Ulrich @diakonia78🔁@eric_clapp @crazypastor That's so awesome!! #SlateSpeak
Peggy Van Sickle @plvs2🔁A1. Fake news = manipulation of reality for the purpose of hiding said reality to sway behavior.

I think some see it as something we just have to live with - if any legal rules came into play to curtail it, folks would scream about their rights being infringed upon.

Dirty 45 @Dirty45Toons🔁Please have your supporter spayed or neutered!! 🤣🤣🤣

Comey Postal Service


Tara Ulrich @diakonia78🔁 A2: The Truth is that which frees the oppressed.

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”


Belief; Unbelief @GregoryHStrong🔁@freakygeeklinds OK Google, what is kombucha? #SlateSpeak 😂
Hallelujah Anasuya @AnasuyaIam🔁Oh my goodness. I had no idea the Queen Ursula LeGuin had made her transition. May she Rest In Power! I have read sev twitter.com eral interviews with her, especially advice to writers, and gave her books on my MUST READ (lonnbgggg) List.

Hallelujah Anasuya @AnasuyaIam🔁Yo! I got dibs. I had since Baltimore caught fire. Be happy with you slice for . The rest... twitter.com
Jessica Harmon @nonesuch42🔁I definitely appreciate them *more* this time. I've gotten so cynical in my reading, always looking for plot holes a twitter.com nd ways the magic rules are broken. But Earthsea defies that. It has a beauty/truth that doesn't rely on logic.
John Deuel @kinkkink🔁I read all of these as a teen. Powerful experience then. I wonder how I would experience them now. twitter.com
Judy Pearson @jjpearson64🔁A1: I think it's important that Trump is the primary user of the term "fake news," while being so untruthful himself. It's primarily his way of undermining the press, because lies served his campaign better.
Judy Pearson @jjpearson64🔁A1: News That is deliberately misinterpreted for the sake of maintaining power. Falsehoods can be spoken on all sides, but “fake news” as currently used carries within it a struggle for power and control of a narrative.

GoldiLocs 🤗 @ViciousEgo🔁We can proclaim truth by being educated and steadfast in what we speak.

Fake news gets a foothold because we don't bother to educate ourselves and organize against it.

If we stomp out the smaller things and speak honestly, the smaller cracks can't form.

Jessica Harmon @nonesuch42🔁The Tiffany books are the best! And there are gems in the others too. Like this one from Hogfather that I brought up twitter.com here the other week.

Truth might be one of those things like justice that becomes real when we believe it.

Levi Stein @VileIslam🔁Says the moron who has been listening to perpetuate a Trump Russian conspiracy theory for a year and a half. twitter.com
Linds M-D @freakygeeklinds🔁@GregoryHStrong What about kombucha? #SlateSpeak
Deryll Amstutz @textteller🔁Association:
Genesis lists the good that the creator created. Then humanity is said to be created in the image of the twitter.com creator.
Duh! The image humanity is declared to be:
Creators of good! 🍲🕊️
Linds M-D @freakygeeklinds🔁@DeniseWBarreto @tracymurph5 @crazypastor So glad you could join us!! #SlateSpeak
Linds M-D @freakygeeklinds🔁@craftserenity You're not speaking alone! We are here with and for you! #SlateSpeak
Jason Chesnut-no-t-in-the-middle @crazypastor🔁 was rocking! Thanks for a wonderfully full (and damn fast) hour of truth and love in a world that needs more of these hours than it knows. Peace and blessings friends.


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