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Sixers Zesty Miami Heat @zesty_heat🔁Five takeaways: Dwyane Wade turns back the clock to lead Heat over Sixers; series tied at…


Phillip Betournay @phillymetal911🔁 DWYANE TYRONE WADE, JR BURIES THE SIXERS!!


Jeremy Littleton @jackball2891🔁 How Dwyane Wade and the Heat caught the Sixers slipping
SixersSixers Ben @BenjaminDubz🔁 Tell me Tyler Johnson and Dwight’s cousin mose aren’t the same person #PhilaUnite @sixers
Sixers SK Basketball @Basketball_SK🔁@JoelEmbiid is frustrated.

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Sixers ⚔️TITAN UP⚔️ @EurbOnDeck🔁 Back for more of the good stuff.

#PhilaUnite x #HereTheyCome

Sixers Philadelphia 76ers @sixers🔁Back for more of the good stuff.

#PhilaUnite x #HereTheyCome

Philadelphia 76ers @sixers🔁🚨 RETWEET TO ENTER 🚨

is giving away two lower-level tickets to tonight’s game AND a jersey!

We’ll DM the wi nner at 4PM.

NBA @NBA🔁D-Wade found his shooting touch en route to a season-high 28 points & a big road W!

- tied at 1 game apiece.

Dom😈🤞🏼 @YaBoyDom33🔁 @sixers Just bring Embiid back already
B @therealBraedenT🔁 Realistically speaking, how much blame does Dave Hakstol deserve for that Sixers loss?
TheProcess2:PlayoffEdition @LSilentN🔁I don’t blame Embiid for feeling that way.. If the sixers won I don’t think he says that but I feel him tho .. unlike kawhi whose doesn’t want to play
Otis Supreme 👑 @Chef_Tizzle🔁Dwyane Wade talked trash to Allen Iverson and Kevin Hart after dagger, then said he enjoyed shutting up the Sixers crowd and hope his son experiences it one day.
wtf is jizzpapi @JizzPapi🔁@MrDontAtMe @ESPNNBA @JoelEmbiid @sixers We went 52-30 tf you mean about all this #theprocess talk he just wants to play some playoff b-ball
The NBeye @TheNBeye🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Goran Dragic vs Sixers Full Highlights (20PTS 4REB 3AST) April 16, 2018
Oliver Mulongo @Ambasaderoliver🔁Warriors missing Curry: Beat the Spurs.

Sixers missing Embiid: Beat the Heat.

Celtics missing Kyrie/Hayward/Smart: Beat the Bucks.

Cavs healthy: Beaten by the Pacers.

Gavin Young @gavinlouisyoung🔁The 76ers mourn the passing of Hal Greer, an NBA champion, Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer and team legend »
(WORLD FUCKING CHAMPIONS) Jacob @jacobakadad🔁. could not hit the broad side of a barn.
Dwyane Wade came out of the retirement home.
Refs did not allow the teams to play in the first half.
Joel Embiid was not on the floor.

The likelihood of this happening again all at once is the same as you being struck by lightning

Michael @MichaelH2292🔁@shandershow @sixers Sixers has 5 fouls in 3 mins in the 2nd quarter. They had to back off which led to Wade dropping 15 points.
イチタ @gren_2🔁D-Wade found his shooting touch en route to a season-high 28 points & a big road W!

- tied at 1 game apiece.

👑 Lebron the GOAT @LilDash94🔁 Have to support the home team!
Bob Marley @bmadmarley🔁🔘Wade leaves Miami and signs with Chicago
🔘Wade is bought out by Chicago
🔘Wade signs with Cleveland
🔘Wade is traded back to Miami 5 months later
🔘Wade then singlehandedly beats the Sixers who haven’t lost a game since March in a game that could make or break their season
Gary Cali @GaryCali4🔁@ColinCowherd Update is that the Sixers are 1-1 in their series . And the Cavs are still winless in their series. Now you updated
CharŁieru @charlieru🔁@TheRealBHuggins Good morning brother....did the Sixers come back last night?.....fell asleep on the last 2 minutes. 😴😴😴
Leo 🌚 @leocamisa10crf🔁Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube Heat vs Philadelphia Sixers - Full Game Highlights | Game 2 | April 16, 2018
Jude Saunders @judesaunders127🔁🚨FULTZ JERSEY GIVEAWAY🚨

RETWEET for a chance to win (must be following). One winner will be randomly chosen during Game 3 of Sixers-Heat, Thursday April 19th. Good luck!

illMonger. @KisaSoGorgeous🔁 Y’all had to wait 18 games to make Sixers jokes again lol I know that was eatin y’all up.
John Prendergast @jprend10🔁I was convinced we weren’t losing that game. Heat hit a couple crazy 3’s that thwarted our momentum. If Embiid suits up, I like the sixers to win out!
David Jones @djoneshoop🔁Signing LeBron James is last thing Sixers need and one ugly playoff loss to Miami Heat doesn’t change that
Naté @fortuNATElyours🔁. records 24 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 blocks in Game 2 vs Miami.


Anne Chua 🌙 @annechuaa🔁“This was a great, gutsy win by a team that doesn’t have a lot of playoff experience.”

after scoring 28 points in the 's Game 2 win over the Sixers.

41-8 @Finselevated🔁 Lets goo @MiamiHEAT
Fuck you @sixers
Bitch ass @BenSimmons25
Love you @DwyaneWade
Joe Conklin @RealJoeConklin🔁 R.I.P to @sixers legend, a 10x all-star and NBA champion, Hal Greer.

Steele Hess @steelehess🔁🚨 RETWEET TO ENTER 🚨

is giving away two lower-level tickets to tonight’s game AND a jersey!

We’ll DM the winner at 4PM.

Rieanna Atiyeh @RieannaAtiyeh25🔁"This will sharpen you and strengthen you as a player... and as a group."

speaks to the media following tonight's Game 2 loss versus Miami.

Dom @DOMA4YoMAMA🔁"You a bad MF" Allen Iverson to Dwyane Wade as he stares down Kevin Hart after torching the Sixers 😂🔥

(via )

DSH🐐 @DSH9_🔁 Ben Simmons was the reason Sixers came back and closed the gap. 24-8-8 on 59% shooting to end the night. #OTTNO
Jr Vern @JrVern1🔁@sixers @StubHub @MarkelleF My question is why put a snake on our Logo ? The Bell was doing great by itself.
Queen A 💜 @forever_alexxx2🔁You don't think the Cavs could use DWade right now? And LeBron had no problem with letting him go back "home" to Miami? DWade just stopped the final Sixers run single-handedly.
Corbin @corbin_BlueEyes🔁Sixers gonna trade for Kawaii and sign LeBron, just wait
stephanieeee @__stephani3🔁.@sunny_rathor annnd they lost
TRUST THE PROCESS @TheReal3_JT🔁Sixers medical staff and Odubel Herrera screwed up last night. What a shock. Are Sixers babying Joel Embiid? Duh. Is Herrera a dumb, lazy player? Duh. Some things never change.
Jacob Anderson @J_fresh__🔁 Lost by 10 without Embiid and the Sixers didn’t play their best? Oh yeah, this is our series.
Walter Wicks IV. @WaltWicks_IV🔁Joel Embiid vents after Sixers' Game 2 loss: 'Sick and tired of being babied'


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