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Sixers ₩¥€€z ©θrleone @YungLyfeWyeez🔁 Our jerseys were red
Their jerseys were Vice
We won the game
and that's nice »
Sixers Paul Fowler @iaw84u🔁@sixers there is a chance of a second parade this year in Philly. Just saying #TTP #HereTheyCome
Sixers PHLSportsNation @PHLSportsNation🔁Sixers Dishonesty Damaging Markelle Fultz’s Image
Sixers PabloH @Huidobro_Pablo🔁Lebron to the sixers confirmed🤔
Alvin Lee @alvinisaiah🔁 @sixers How to side eye a Croatian by M. Fultz
Sixers Donovan Bustamante @D22boosty🔁 Even LeBron can’t resist using the Sixers on 2K
Sixers Philly Sports Talk @PhilaSports_🔁 Sixers Dishonesty Damaging Markelle Fultz’s Image
Sixers malcom jenkem @J_MARR_🔁Sixers confirmed
Sixers White Embiid @EG_4596🔁 LeBron has been playing with the Sixers in 2K it seems...
Sixers Dominic Cancelliere @Domoflage1🔁 The people, they love the new guy.
Sixers Peak Process @Peak_Process🔁 Oh yea, we in good hands!!! @sixers
Sixers Philadelphia 76ers @sixers🔁SIXERS WIN!
Philadelphia 76ers @sixers🔁If "Erase a 24-point deficit to win our 5th straight." was on your Valentine's Day wish list... We got it for you. E njoy.
Philadelphia 76ers @sixers🔁. notches triple-double with 18 PTS, 12 REB, 10 AST and 4 STL in the comeback win over Miami.
Brad Mengel @b_meng689🔁@SportsCenter Sixers vs nuggets
Chris Smith @chrissmith909🔁The current nine-game home winning streak is team’s longest since a 10-game streak from Oct. 30-Dec. 4, 2002. H/t
🏆SUPERBOWL52CHAMPS🏆🦅🦅🦅 @Ronald22052148🔁“The Sixers roster makes the Lakers look like the Cavs”

“Ben Simmons is Lonzo Ball without the offense”

Just a reminder that Colin Cowherd often times has literally zero clue what hes talking about

Tyler Gondos @_Gondos_🔁@SportsCenter Sixers vs rockets
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. @pastorannisha2🔁.'s triple-double, 's strong second half help steer team to 24-point comeback over Miami.


iz @izzy_hamlin🔁Ben Simmons triple double

Without Embiid

And the Sixers won

Against the guy who stole his All Star spot

ROY and it isn’t close.

Phillip @sheridanhedrick🔁 Sixers Vs Thunder @sheridanhedrick
aaron @gibbsgrice🔁Sixers didn’t have a problem with that when they played them this season. Also, other than offense, name anything Mit chell does better than Simmons.
Rob Schork @Schorkie22🔁@SportsCenter So no other team in the @nba has a chance besides these 4? Disrespect @sixers @raptors @okcthunder
Super Bowl LII Champs! @heard_a_who🔁@SportsCenter Sixers vs. Warriors
Nate Zona @Naterrr__🔁Sixers Vs Thunder @sheridanhedrick
Dev_215 @DG__215🔁@SportsCenter Sixers Vs Warriors
N🐐 SB 52 CHAMPS @mlnick99🔁@SportsCenter i don’t see an option for the sixers
cheesesteak beeq @BQuizzle_🔁 @SportsCenter Sixers v Rockets
Max Linn @to_the____MAX🔁@SportsCenter Sixers vs Rockets
Joseph Rodio III @_JRIII_🔁.@KingJames to @sixers confirmed:
🦅Jake #SUPERBOWLSZN🦅 @JakeDixon28🔁@SportsCenter Sixers v Rockets
I'm here to troll @Barnes3417🔁@jahwon_green LeBron to the Sixers next year.
Stephanie R @BroadStGhoulie🔁Sixers are on the All Star break, Flyers don't play until tomorrow, there was no Eagles championship parade....

Man this Thursday SUCKS.

dayani @daddydayani🔁The hype video the sent to season ticket holders will make you want to run through a wall and then slap down your credit card for tickets.
Noisette St. Jean II @SaintManBeats🔁First watched the last night & today he's using them in 2K and shouting out ! (Hes coming next year 🤪)
SJ Magazine @Justsaysj🔁“Everything I learned in basketball is something I use every day, whether it’s leadership or teamwork.“ - Lara Price, , Trailblazer of the Year

Hear more from Lara at last year’s ’s Series:

Turd Ferguson @GinJerLee🔁@gibbsgrice Spotted the scared sixers fan
Stoned Philly Special @StonedPhillyFan🔁Hearing these arguments from gun nuts I am reminded of this quote from Benjamin Franklin (the Sixers alternate logo r emember?)

"We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid."

dommy @dom_adelizzi🔁Phewwwwwwww.... Great win for the Sixers tonight... Piss off if you ever doubted the Process or Brett Brown... both are great
Erica M @Khandiiyamz🔁. notches triple-double with 18 PTS, 12 REB, 10 AST and 4 STL in the comeback win over Miami.
Mark Perner @MarkPerner🔁@jheron215 @DerekBodnerNBA @sixers Give me five guys who play great together and let the rest get their stats.
Alvin Lee @alvinisaiah🔁If you could be one GIF for the rest of your life, I think maybe we found it.

📲 |

Mark Perner @MarkPerner🔁Whether he's top 3 or top 20 it's not going to matter. He'll be judged by 60-win seasons and hopefully by the number of trophies. He's a very unique player.
Hoops Reference @HoopsReference🔁“The Sixers roster makes the Lakers look like the Cavs”

“Ben Simmons is Lonzo Ball without the offense”

Just a remi nder that Colin Cowherd often times has literally zero clue what hes talking about

ɯxɟsᴉuuǝp @dennisfxm🔁This, but with Charles Barkley in a Sixers uniform.
Hingle McCringleberry🎧🎹 @Cj_4pound_🔁It's pretty wild that Dario Saric is basically averaging 15-7-3 on 45/39/90 splits and it's barely a story with everything else that's going on with the Sixers
Mark Perner @MarkPerner🔁Like last night. He had no idea he got a triple-double until after the game. Because he was more interested in winnin g than watching his stats.
aaron @gibbsgrice🔁@noelhayd Didn’t seem to be a big if when he played the sixers two times this year,so I mean...
Dominic Cancelliere @Domoflage1🔁Belinelli for three!

The new guy is responsible for nine straight points from the Sixers, who trail by just four now.

Mark Perner @MarkPerner🔁His reputation is going to be based mostly on his leadership and his team's performance. Much like Magic. Because as he goes, so goes his team. He's that kind of player. His game is intertwined with his teammates' performances. He's the orchestra leader, the conductor.
Jess Cirone @jesscirone🔁Michael Barkann and Marc Jackson get the special introduction to Pregame Live courtesy of viral PA announcer Mike Wolk from

Tune in now to Sixers Pregame Live!

Grifferent® @_griffoutt🔁@SInow @michaelfazel @TLaws_12 Bron use the Sixers bro, he coming here
Eric Mundinger @MoneySmith4🔁LeBron to the Sixers
TheProcessHasLanded @PronounceRs🔁 How could he have been more wrong? Lakers? #Sixers
Nick @Nick_Piscopo🔁The ’ LeGarrette Blount, Ronald Darby and others launching 3-pointers postgame at game
Matt Drey @mtd525🔁@JJkrin27 Wow. U love the NBA. Yet a wizard got posterized, and u made a big deal. Your Sixers get posterized every day and no video????
BehindCurve @BehindCurve🔁 he actually thought the lakers were a better roster! And Fultz would be the Sixers 2nd best shooter. I feel like his eval‘process’ was almost colangelo esque
Danny Sullivan @DCSDANNO🔁“Goran Dragic should be an All-Star over Ben Simmons because the Heat are the 4-seed.”

2 weeks later.. *after Sixers beat Heat twice*


Elinor Nissley @krankpress🔁 very excited. go sixers! (maybe we should start thinking of the Trump years as our nation's personal Trust the Proce ss) @Sean_Brace🔁Fresh off the plane and right to the media circuit, talks about his rookie season and the play as we reach AS Break...
BehindCurve @BehindCurve🔁How could he have been more wrong? Lakers? #Sixers
Mark Perner @MarkPerner🔁@jheron215 @DerekBodnerNBA @sixers Agreed. He needs to finish a lot better. That'll come with a little more strength.
Jalen Barjolo Jr.⛹🏾 @Jalen_2K🔁!

leads the way for a big comeback with his 6th triple-double! He posts 18 PTS, 12 REB, 10 AST & 4 STL for 55.4 points!

🐲💨 @thefoolyguy🔁 Appreciative


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