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Shawn Karen López @datachick🔁 Drake, Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendes are on Justin Trudeau's summer playlist
santii 🤘🏻🎸🇺🇾 @mendesarmy055🔁 Shawn Mendes 2.0 ahre
ShawnShawnShawn Alice💡 #TimeTYB @alicehelena49🔁 They love Shawn's ass wow
Shawn Matt Dowdy @Matt_Dowdy🔁 We're underway as Jah'Shawn Johnson chats with CBS Sports! #WreckEm #Big12FB
laura @mendescodes🔁 Shawn Mendes - No Promises
Mélissa LeBlanc @MazeLeblanc🔁 Shawn Mendes - No Promises
JAYE CANE @Jayecane🔁need a song with Ariana Grande Camila Cabello Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber to happen
Lucas Rangel @LucasRanngel🔁no shawn
JAYE CANE @Jayecane🔁Shawn Mendes 🔥
Ariana Grande 💔
Jake paul 💥
Harry styles 🌙
Justin Bieber 🌎
Camila Cabello ❤️
RT & like the post the emoji of the one u love!
♡ @ArianaaHug🔁 Shawn Mendes
Shawn Bishop @shawn_r_bishop🔁Peter Bosz: What can Borussia Dortmund fans expect? | Manager Analysis |

Is Bosz the right man?

kbiz @kellz_bellz🔁@MendesTourHelp Can you help me? I'm looking for 2 tickets for Shawn in Chicago!
i ❤ shawn @SanviLovesShawn🔁Tonight Shawn will be performing at the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO! This arena has a capacity of 18,000! 📸🤘🏻🎸
rylie has pcd :( @BADREPATIENCE🔁Shawn's third album
Shawn's third world tour
Shawn's award nominations
Shawn's music videos
salsa mami @p_radriguez🔁@thatbitchtaina @KILABOYSWAG listen to the people, shawn
Cynthia :)) @CynthiaMendes7🔁Shawn silenced the entire arena of 18,300 to sing "A Little Too Much" off mic and he sounded absolutely beautiful ❤️
HydroA 🐙 @BleachTheEarth🔁Were you with them? Shawn still don't know why they let him go and they won't tell him.
Aisling (✈️️) @badrepash🔁You are too beautiful , I'm sure Shawn was shaking when he saw you
Pinar @pinarhussein🔁help me meet Shawn!! Pls rt and tag them, it would mean the world ❤️
ashtyn @soIovocaI🔁@DaiIyMendesLife Hi, i need help with meeting Shawn when he comes to Atlanta, Georgia, thanks so much!
👑Spree~👑 @shawn_spree🔁Boss (sneaks up): Whatcha doin?

*frantically closes tabs*
*opens email*

Me: Just swamped

👑Spree~👑 @shawn_spree🔁 Now that Snapchat has "snapmap" how long before the nudes start showing up?
David @DDSotelo🔁@ohonrecords Shawn or Jamie?!
👑Spree~👑 @shawn_spree🔁 Mansplaining is a dyslexic thinking women don't understand things.
👑Spree~👑 @shawn_spree🔁 I'm just here for say the things I'm not supposed to say and maybe find some souls who understand
julie @endolorishawn🔁I love how in Switzerland fans didn't follow Shawn everywhere. He enjoyed his time here! I love my country🇨🇭❤️
cande loves mar🌹 @R5FTSH4WN🔁It's magical how Shawn inspires all kinds of artists, here's my sister's () choreography to 'Roses' 🥀

nadina🚀 @Nash_Shawn_AM🔁 Loved talking with you @sebtsb 💓
imaginashawn @Audrey81881🔁@GuinevereKeizer @ShawnMendes How do you always find the perfect shirts for Shawn?? 😂
Samm✨🎈 @YourGodmuvaSamm🔁Woke up and Shawn dumbass was in my bed 😡scared the whole fuck out of me
Petrova @nyaxpetrova🔁a little too much do shawn descreve-me
Shawn Ronald Coleman @Shawn_ThePrince🔁 looks to me like youre FaceTiming your future self
Andrea Garrido @AndreaAndreagsl🔁 I am not getting notifs for Shawn's tweets but they're still on. Is anyone else having this problem??


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