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#SessionsHearing Q @enantiomorph🔁 Jeff, your wife is telling us you're a lying little scoundrel. #SessionsHearing #TrumpRussia
Ted Lieu @tedlieu🔁Sorry, I couldn't help myself, but I had to retweet the below tweet. #SessionsHearing twitter.com
#SessionsHearing Geoff @Geoffphx🔁 Jim Jordan, let me refresh your memory.....
Nitu Dasi @NituDasi1🔁 #SessionsHearing
A must watch video
Is this democracy
Amy Siskind @Amy_Siskind🔁It occurs to me someone with such a terrible memory, is probably too forgetful to be our country's chief law enforcem twitter.com ent officer!

Eugene Gu, MD @eugenegu🔁"I don't recawwwww" is Southern for "I've committed perjury and pleading the 5th would look bad." #SessionsHearing
Ron Glass @RonGlass11🔁Let me B clear abt and the . he may have had to backpedal, or skip around a few questions, but if you knew, as he does, what is taking place as we tweet, you would also have to carefully choose words concerning He gave hints.
Albrecht @AlbrechtS_H🔁My latest for is on the and the Trump administration's attacks on truth and law
DEPLORABLE FL CRACKA @KennethSHall2🔁Instead of a we need a Investigation! We the people deserve answers!

MitchyK7 @MitchyK7🔁
I don't understand this butthurt election mentality. It's been a year no solid proof of evidence for Trump-Russia scandal. Your crooked girl lost get over it. These hearings are useless now. SMH...
Marlene Fleming @nmfle🔁 We will not let Jeff Sessions continue to fear monger. #SessionsHearing twitter.com
JK Chantler @chantler_jaki🔁The wasn't just about Russia -- it was part of a broader, purposeful assault on the integrity of law itself. My latest:
Dawna @danrivermama🔁"I was standing in Clue County, on the opening day of Clue Season, covered in Clue-in-Heat, smack in the middle of a twitter.com herd of Clues, and I still don't have a damn Clue." - Jeff Sessions

💋Kimmy J Covfefe💋🇺🇸 @kimmyj_Cx2🔁RETWEET! Demand Attorney General Appoint a Special Prosecutor Now or Resign!

Marlene Fleming @nmfle🔁 “Were you lying then or are you lying now?” @TedLieu #SessionsHearing
Marlene Fleming @nmfle🔁 today confirms the characteristic GOP strategy of obfuscation we exposed this Summer.
Karyl Harris @KarylHarris13🔁
grilled Sessions today. 😡 When will Lieu & his cohorts be grilled over their proven payments to ?
👉Especially since our national security may be at risk.
Karyl Harris @KarylHarris13🔁 Listening to Democrats on Capitol Hill showboat for the cameras is making me ill. Turning it off now. #SessionsHearing
Marlene Fleming @nmfle🔁 One thing is clear from this #SessionsHearing: Sessions should not be the Attorney General of the United States of America
Kent Elliott Allen @kwea007🔁Did everyone catch this EPIC Line During the ?

"I propose we simply go to the president and the former secretary of state [Clinton] and ask them both to resign,” Gutierrez said. “Then we can move on as a nation and from an election that never seems to end.”

Jidgette @Jidgettewynn🔁 "I don't recawwwww" is Southern for "I've committed perjury and pleading the 5th would look bad." #SessionsHearing
Roberta Hickey @Tuttivero🔁"Sessions is a disgrace to the Justice Dept & he should resign his position" Senator Ted Kennedy

Christine Brown @Christi76489149🔁 Sessions just admitted Carter Page told him he was going on a trip to Russia during the campaign

#SessionsHearing #FireHannity

Christine Brown @Christi76489149🔁I'm internationally not doing a play by play of the because he is digging his own hole.

It's clear thinks the phrase "I don't recall" works in these hearings.

Evidence will speak for itself in a trial. This is just more to use against him then.

Christine Brown @Christi76489149🔁 Americans deserve answers. Not some bumbling idiot who lies & is Trump’s puppet. #SessionsHearing
Christine Brown @Christi76489149🔁One thing that REALLY bugs me about the is seeing his name card's prefix as "Hon."

Let's be clear here: there is NOTHING "honorable" about ' refusal to answer simple yes-or-no questions.

just know @surfdlc🔁Is anybody watching this?!?!?!?!

Karen Bass is going in!!!!!

Jeff Sessions can't name 1 white supremacist group.

Christine Brown @Christi76489149🔁Woah! This probably means Sessions HAS already taken a loyalty oath to Trump!

Scary shit.

Christine Brown @Christi76489149🔁 Sorry, I couldn't help myself, but I had to retweet the below tweet. #SessionsHearing twitter.com
don e lee @donal_lee🔁Rep. Jordan asks AG did FBI pay for on Christopher Steele? Did FBI have Steele on payroll? Who leaked the info on Dossier? Sessions said he cannot reveal investigations. Jordan asks, what’s it going to take to get a ?
Christine Brown @Christi76489149🔁A Brief Summary of Today's

Jeff Sessions: I Can Remember Only the Parts of 2016 That Exonerate Me. Everything else I conveniently forget.

Christine Brown @Christi76489149🔁 “Either you’re lying to the US House or you’re lying to the US Senate” @TedLieu #SessionsHearing
Christine Brown @Christi76489149🔁 Did they ever find out who the old lady sitting behind Sessions was? I'm telling ya, brohs! Russian spy! #SessionsHearing
Christine Brown @Christi76489149🔁 Wow. So much drama going on. #SessionsHearing #TrumpLiar #MoorSenate
Christine Brown @Christi76489149🔁 Jeff Sessions Found On Capitol Steps following #SessionsHearing - Unable To Recall Where He Lives politicalgarbagechute.com
Christine Brown @Christi76489149🔁 #SessionsHearing "Now you didn't ask for my biological hand" - Sessions 😂
Christine Brown @Christi76489149🔁 Jeff Sessions has forgotten more meetings with Russians than most people have ever had.


Christine Brown @Christi76489149🔁What did we learn from the today? Nothing we didn't know before. He lied and continued to lie, American democracy is in danger and the GOP are a fringe cult protecting their demented King. Scary.
Christine Brown @Christi76489149🔁The revealed one thing. Jeff Session is not fit to be our Attorney General. He’s either a habitual liar or he’s suffering from severe memory loss / dementia.
Christine Brown @Christi76489149🔁 In a few minutes I will question Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III under oath at the #SessionsHearing.
Ty @tyness03🔁Similar to interrogating a 5 year for stolen cookies...alot of idk and cant remembers. But they have chocolate smear twitter.com ed on their fingers and face.


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