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SerenaSerenaSerenaSerena demigod @Serena_sakr🔁 MISS ZENDAYA SNAPPED ONCE AGAIN
SerenaSerenaSerenaSerena Kitty $ @Serena__Kyle🔁 Lily Collins as Snow White in Disney's "Mirror Mirror" (2012)
Serena U.S. Sports Academy @USSportsAcademy🔁Venus Beats Sister Serena at Indian Wells Masters
Serena August Pearl @Complxpearl🔁 Venus and Serena, for the 29th time #BNPPO18
darling nikki @IB_DOM🔁 Serena is back. Venus is the victor.

The sisterhood endures.

F.F. @FutFrustrados🔁 Serena is back. Venus is the victor.

The sisterhood endures.

Serena BNP Paribas Open @BNPPARIBASOPEN🔁Venus and Serena, for the 29th time #BNPPO18
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Serena is back. Venus is the victor.

The sisterhood endures.

WTA @WTA🔁. emerges as the winner of !

The World No. 8 defeats sister Serena Williams 6-3, 6-4 to advance to the next round of !

Mr Blend @christonyblend🔁Venus cuts Serena’s comeback short at Indian Wells
ro for @sipowit🔁@LeVeonBell Should be happy that Serena could play again
CEO TosH @T0sh_P0inT_O🔁 Listen to Serena - Safari (N.O.A.H Remix) by N.O.A.H #np on #SoundCloud VERY NICE 👊
Anthony @AnthonyGrayson🔁Here’s the “heated exchange” said had w/ a reporter. An exchange where Serena did not once raise her voice or give any indication of anger (when she had every right to) has been coined “heated” and “testy”.
Biko Django @BikoDjango🔁Serena Williams' comeback at the was cut short thanks to Venus Williams’ superb play.

Zach_G @Zach_Grebert🔁@Serena_Stout In Ohio yes
Ky 🔆 @KyReeDFincher🔁Powerful new Serena Williams ad for Nike: "I’ve never been the right kind of woman. Oversized and overconfident. Too mean if I don’t smile. Too black for my tennis whites. Too motivated for motherhood. But I am proving, time and time again, there’s no wrong way to be a woman."
🌴Carolina Petes🌴 @carolinapetes🔁 Serena Williams say she has “a long way to go” on her comeback after the birth of her child following d efeat by sister Venus in round three at Indian Wells. The former world number one hit four aces but had her serve broken four ti... …
Real_Infinity95 @Real_Infinity95🔁Serena Williams' first tournament since becoming a mom was cut short by Venus.

The older sister won 6-3 6-4 at Indian Wells:

mid-day @mid_day🔁 To Launch Her Own Cosmetics Line 'Aneres'

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Bradley Walker @BradleyPW_🔁 @AshandSerena satoshi and Serena getting the TRio treatment, XD
Serena @BuffCuteyLover🔁Serena actually manages to lift both of the beefy babies and carries them off to the nearest pet supermarket for all the things a pair of cats could need! “Let’s go!”
Jesse Muhwezi @JesseMuhwezi🔁With Australian Deputy High Commissioner Jonathan Ball and William Blick at Commonwealth Day celebrations, Serena Kampala yesterday.
Leeonidis🛸 @LeeBoldenn🔁 I’m salty Serena lost...but then again, I’m happy Venus won...😩😩😩
sachaetserena @sachaetserena🔁 @Sawyer_Kun The pokeani staff know people want Serena to return, they're just waiting for a good time.
ro97r fedeXX world #1 @jamEYYoo🔁The entire world tuned in to watch Venus Williams battle past her little sister Serena at the :
s e r e n a @Serena_Stout🔁all I ask for is sun and warmth. Is that too much :-(
Floren Potter @SanzPastLIOR AND SERENA RYDER-HEA🔁//" target="_blank">

Liz A-O @LizzardLou🔁@KCURUpToDate #Federer has won 20 Grand Slams. Serena Williams has won 23. Your guest is losing by his own metrics.
Randy Archibold @randyNYT🔁Serena Williams’s Return to Tour Is Ended by Her Sister Venus
Elle'Challa @suburbnista🔁A Serena Williams beauty brand is on the horizon — and we can't wait There's no shortage of celebrity beauty ventures recently, but...
Eric @ontologyofsumud🔁The chair calling Venus and Serena by their first names gives this match such a familiar and childlike quality that fits so well with the wonderment we all feel watching this improbable story unfold before us...yet again.
NEP-AGE @RePEc_NEP_AGE🔁 Retirement rigidities and the gap between effective and desired labour supply by older workers: Serena Trucchi; Els
HouseofSports1 @HouseofSports1🔁Venus Williams got the better of her younger sister for the 12th time in her career at Indian Wells on Monday.

It w as the first time Venus beat Serena in straight sets since the 2008 Wimbledon Final.

Jan Mouzone @redz041🔁I’ll always remember at the when Venus told Serena “Your win has always been my win” that quote sums up the wonderful person is totally ! I still hear teary watching that speech
Jeff DeGuia @jeffdeguia_🔁What’s Serena’s ranking right now?
Maria Garcia @MariaGa48824644🔁 Venus Williams beat sister Serena Williams in their 29th match against each other in BNP Paribas Open.
Mihai Whaler @Tender24Walk🔁The year is 2034, 52 year-old Serena Williams is playing her 16 year-old daughter Olympia Ohanian.

Serena after going down 0-15 in the opening game;

💥I❤️Y’ALL I REALLY DO!❤️I’M Redd💥 @cctrini🔁Serena Williams Says 'Doctors Aren't Listening to Us' And Black Women Are Dying As A Result | BLAVITY via @blavity
All Things Serena @all_serena🔁It has been more than 20 years since Venus and Serena first played each other reluctantly on tour. But there has never been anything quite like Monday's duel. My piece from the desert
August Pearl @Complxpearl🔁. emerges as the winner of !

The World No. 8 defeats sister Serena Williams 6-3, 6-4 to advance to the next round of !

All Things Serena @all_serena🔁Just 16, American Amanda Anisimova is already beating top 10 players. She is a rare talent but best not to get ahead of ourselves. My piece from Indian Wells
Kara S. McAllister @FSUKara🔁. wins the latest installment of the all-Williams rivalry, prevailing over Serena 6-3, 6-4 to move into the fourth round at Indian Wells.

Comment with a ❤️ if you loved seeing them face off again!

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TennisRightNow @TennisRightNow🔁Roger Federer reveals Serena Williams expectations after becoming a mother #tennis
élise @corporalkin🔁i like it when blair bosses the team around aka bossing nate, chuck and serena
GzG @therealgloria🔁Venus Williams defeated Serena Williams in straight sets at the BNP Paribas Open, beating her younger sister for the first time in almost 4 years
Elissa @yankee_girl🔁 Venus Williams now has her first victory over Serena since 2014
demigod @Serena_sakr🔁 When they let you know what they think of you. I have a name.
All Things Serena @all_serena🔁Daria Kasatkina has beaten each of the four reigning Grand Slam champions within the last 7 months. Completes the set with her 6-4, 6-3 win over Sloane Stephens today to make the Indian Wells 4th round.
All Things Serena @all_serena🔁Daria Kasatkina already has wins over 3 of the 4 reigning Grand Slam champions in the past 7 months - Ostapenko at US Open, Wozniacki in St. Petersburg, Muguruza in Dubai. She can complete the set when she takes on US Open champion Stephens today [via WTA match notes]
justDee @deeblock847🔁"It's definitely not less disappointing - I wish it were"

reflects on her loss to at -->

The Desert Sun @MyDesert🔁ICYMI: Serena Williams impressed at Indian Wells, but showed Monday against her sister that she's not quite yet back to her old self.


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