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#September11 Kinky In Ink @KinkyInInk🔁 This felt important today. A favorite quote from Alexander Hamilton. #September11
John Grundy @Jngrundy2G🔁RIP to all terror victims who lost their lives on .
Also RIP to 1.1M Iraqis who had absolutely nothing to do w/ it.

Matthew Espinosa👽 @TheMattEspinosa🔁My heart is with all the lives that were lost on this day 😞 #September11
FBI @FBI🔁Today, we remember those who lost their lives in the attacks. This flag is from Ground Zero in NYC. twitter.com
BasedStickPanda🇺🇸 @BasedStickPanda🔁 is just one of many reasons why I stand against They are NOT here to coexists, but to dominate.

Ebeth @NHPatriette🔁This happened yesterday, soldier raised Old Glory on a tank for & in solidarity with his family in Florida. H/T
@VDFCGA10 @VDFCGA10🔁 Watch live NOW: #September11 Pentagon Memorial Ceremony pscp.tv
ᏧuLᎥEϮϮE @JuEspinosaurus🔁 My heart is with all the lives that were lost on this day 😞 #September11
tammeka @tammeka32🔁Where was Hillary Clinton on ? On Ground Zero and fighting in the Senate for first responders. Where was Trump?

CPO Creed @CpoCreed🔁
At we put a 🇺🇸 for every life lost @ World Trade Center on
Harley Dude @HarleyRiderHD🔁. Spoke Truth! On Muslims WERE dancing in the streets celebrating.
Cassandra Tillery @cwtillery🔁Where was Trump after ? was at Ground Zero and in the Senate getting funding for first responders.
Homemaker @Madglor🔁 Within 48 hours of towers falling,Hillary introduced a bill, signed into law,so 1st responders could get $
jan van t Hoff 🐸 @Hoffnar🔁Palestinians celebrating

Please don't tell me this is normal, this is sick. Nothing justifies it.

Son Karakol TR @SonKarakol_TR🔁The Movement: An Islamic Response to Terror as a Global Challenge

Street thug @thugofstreet🔁"No one who saw it wished to see it again, although, of course, many saw it again."  
Novelist's Corner @NovelistsCorner🔁 Watch


SB @44ICE🔁Lest we all forget..

American lives come FIRST..because I don't want this to EVER happen again! 😠😠😠


RealProgressiveFront @RPFront🔁New York Post Report: FBI Evidence Suggests Funded 9/11 ‘Dry Run’
rpfront.com f="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/907916988558671872" target="_blank">twitter.com
Ⓜصقورالوطن السعودية @SUUFp🔁Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was practically being nurtured and protected by Qatar. This is shameful.
Karen Picone @PiconeKaren🔁This Tweet from @PiconeKaren has been withheld in: Germany, France.
Anonymous Knott @AnonKnott🔁Remembering all those who gave everything since And our military, wounded veterans and those going to 16 yrs later


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