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Señora Traidora @_traid0ra🔁 @RedSox Oh, it's alright. Jean tends to finish strong, too.

#SendSegura | Mariners.com

#SendSegura Seattle Mariners @Mariners🔁THIS. IS. HAPPENING.


🗳 Mariners.com

#SendSegura 👁❤️⚾️ & I am @MarcTh12fthMan🔁 Me, realizing the #SendSegura campaign is over
Shawn Broderick @headbando5🔁 @RedSox Oh, it's alright. Jean tends to finish strong, too.

#SendSegura | Mariners.com

Seattle Mariners @Mariners🔁Thank you.


Seattle Mariners @Mariners🔁Thank you to everyone who came out to , and all who voted from around the world.

It’s been a special couple days.

William Chang @StarDigital88🔁Bought 4 tickets with the bogo for Club seats but don’t see the garage pass that said was included? twitter.com
Marcus Farmer @FarmerMarcusj🔁Wow, just processing how incredibly cool the campaign by the was. The teammate support & giveaways were awesome already. Opening up the stadium for fans today? That’s next level.
Christine J Bunger @GrandmaBunger🔁Seattle and , let’s Leave No Doubt the Hit Machine should be an All-Star.

Voting is UNLIMITED, !

🗳 |

Ike Fuller @ikefuller🔁I dont care about the All-star game, but anyways. I'm more focused on the making the playoffs! Lets go Lets do thi twitter.com s!
Pretty Boy Flizzy @jack206swagger🔁So 1st the gave me a free ticket to a game in June for my birthday & now I get a BoGo for a game against the Astros twitter.com this month because I helped to the !! I’m loving these deals
Trento @TrentoHunter🔁@JoeVeyera Still must be campaigning for #SendSegura
Princess @Princess_0409🔁Thanks to @Mariners for the $29 Terrace Club seats for #SendSegura campaign! Can't wait! #TrueToTheBlue
theeb @theeb🔁In honor of everyone coming together to and all the crazy giveaways fans won, I'm celebrating by donating $10.00 to the . They are ALMOST to their summer goal. Please consider it, there wasn't even a Captcha!

Bette Sullivan @betteirene🔁I tried to buy tickets using the code word "vote" and it told me I wasn't able to do this from my device, which I us twitter.com ed to . So I tried my phone, which was also used to vote, and it told me the same thing.
Jeremy Herbel @gerbil42🔁 Having trouble redeeming my VOTE ticket offer. Did the collective power of voters bring the mighty to their knee twitter.com s?
A Suppner @AMsupp🔁Thank you to everyone who came out to , and all who voted from around the world.

It’s been a special couple days.

Zen Ingot @411Zen🔁When your friends want to go out bowling, but all you really care about is SENDING SEGURA
M. Gonzalez @oneverything226🔁So amazing to get him in! Great job by all in the organization from the marketing folks down to the players and fa twitter.com ns.
Gregg Greene @RealGregg🔁Thanks for sharing, Chris. Unfortunately, we alone can't approve because there are several others that would need to twitter.com get involved. We're going to work hard to get Edgar in next year and I know M's fans will be behind him in full force, too!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ @iMufferZ🔁BREAKING: Your votes paid off.

Jean Segura is the American League Final Vote winner and the Mariners' fourth All-Star

NavHazard88 @navhazard88🔁So I voted many times for and got a free 2 weeks to . Also seem MLB.TV to be watching hopefully not be hurt. twitter.com
WeTee @WeTee_Design🔁【⚾️ 🔻】No.235
Good morning , & 🐥
7.11.2018. Game result;
beat for the 2nd, 3-0.
1️⃣HOU 62-33. 653.
2️⃣SEA 58-35. 624 GB 3.0

James Garrity @Mr_Garrity🔁Good job Seattle Mariners and fans on the campaign to get into the Allstar Game. Now can we do something similar t twitter.com o get in the damn Hall of Fame?!
Shawn Broderick @headbando5🔁Seattle peeps- any way someone can get their hands on a #SendSegura shirt for me? i’ll paypal ya! #SentSegura 🙌 @Mariners
PNW Wonder Woman @PNWWonderWoman🔁In the words of Jagged Edge, this is so, so def. #SendSegura #SentSegura #TrueToTheBlue #YouGottaLoveTheseGuys twitter.com
Joey Parkhill @MrMarinersKid🔁Win or lose this campaign has really showed how awesome this organization and our fans are. Love this team, organization, and this city.


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