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#Send2017 Puck @Mike_Puckett🔁 Collegiate churches are inherently #sending churches @bryanwiles @h2ochurchbg @sendnetwork #send2017
#Send2017 Bryan Wiles @bryanwiles🔁Extremely honored to share about @h2ochurchbg & @CollegiateColl at the @sendnetwork conference! #send2017
#Send2017 Mike Riggins @mrigginsnambnet🔁Send Volunteers at their best! #send2017 @NAMB_SBC
#Send2017 J.D. Greear @jdgreear🔁Spent the day with these 2 beautiful girls in Orlando getting ready for #send2017!
#Send2017 Greg Hombirg @GHombirg🔁@jdgreear thanks for the pic with the students from FBC Washington. Looking forward to your message.
#Send2017 NAMB @NAMB_SBC🔁 Send Volunteers at their best! #send2017 @NAMB_SBC
#Send2017 Peter Vivaldi @vivaldisenate🔁#Send2017 Awesome Event
#Send2017 cody silver @kool_cody🔁Love the creativity of this stage #Send2017
#Send2017 Cory Willard @Cwillard4🔁Tripp brought the truth today!
#Send2017 Dean Inserra @deaninserra🔁Dinner with some good dudes. #SEND2017
#Send2017 Seth Waldrop @RealSethWaldrop🔁Platt & Crowder on deck. #Session2 #Send2017 @IMB_SBC @NAMB_SBC @sendnetwork
#Send2017 Brad Vose @bradvose🔁My swell pastor friend @MarcGlass_ is really enjoying his first ever Send Conference. #send2017
James Choi @jschatology🔁Dinner music. #SEND2017
#Send2017 Peter Citelli @PeterCitelli🔁Praying for a new generation catching the fire for God's mission! #SEND2017
#Send2017#Send2017 Fla. Baptist Witness @goFBW🔁Getting the blood flowing tonight at #SEND2017!
#Send2017 Eric King @globalhike🔁The joy of the Lord is my strength #SEND2017
Steve Bensema @liveiniowa🔁Hug Time at #send2017 @NAMB_SBC @Trolls
Tony L Lynn @DrTonyLLynn🔁"The lives we live don’t matter if we never get around to sharing the message of the gospel.” –
shawn elledge @shawnelledge🔁This is how we get ready for Session 2 at #Send2017 @ First Baptist Orlando
Mike Ebert @mebert🔁About time for more #send2017 @ First Baptist Orlando
Tim Wolfe @timwolfe🔁Thankful for and the 3 circles conversational method of sharing the Gospel.
Aaron Still @still_aaron🔁 Great seeing @still_aaron from fellow youth pastor to church planter...#send2017 #NC2Orlando
Sean Vickers @seanvickers🔁Great day at #send2017 looking forward to @plattdavid and @crowdermusic tonight
Philip Nation @philipnation🔁"The church as a multicultural representation of the gospel isn’t a new thing; it’s a New Testament thing." – @vancepitman #Send2017
Ben Jones @Ben_Is_Second🔁 "The last thing the nations need is the exportation of nominal Christianity from America."
NAMB @NAMB_SBC🔁Volunteers in red shirts can help you find your next step in church planting, international missions or mercy ministr y!
Grant Hignight @HignightGrant🔁 Welcome to Orlando #Send2017.
Steven Davis @sddavis101🔁 1st: engage the city
2nd: make disciples
3rd: plant the church
@vancepitman #Send2017
Craig Mintz @cmintz52🔁 It’s not the pros that win people to Jesus, it’s the everyday Joe’s. @JimmyScroggins #SEND2017
Lifepoint Students @LPCFStudents🔁 “Every day we wake up should be a mission trip.” – @kevezell, #Send2017
One Mission Students @1MissionStudent🔁People are ok with me liking Jesus, until I like him enough to do what He says. @TripLee #send2017
Jessalyn @Jessalyn009552🔁 "We embrace sacrifice in ministry because we get to walk in the footsteps of Jesus." - @bryanwiles #Send2017
SendMeMissions @SendMeMissions🔁To deny the gospel or sit silent with the gospel... leads to the same results. -David Platt #Send2017 #ProclaimHisGlory
Spencer Walters @SpencerMWalters🔁Blessed to worship at today and the celebrate all that God is doing through …
stathamchurch @stathamchurch🔁At the Orlando conference today and tomorrow! Excited to have my faith & vision stretched.
Pastor Jason Spade @pastorjspade🔁Ready for session 2! #SEND2017
Fla. Baptist Witness @goFBW🔁A lot of millennials at . I recently asked , pastor of FBCSebring, how to reach that generation
Nancy Gilmer @NancyGilmer🔁 America is now the 4th largest unchurched nation in the world.
@vancepitman #Send2017
Bill Smith Jr @wrsmithjr🔁 America is the 4th largest unchurched nation in the world. We need a fresh move of God in America. @vancepitman #SEND2017
Kevin Bumgarner @FBW_editor🔁A lot of millennials at . I recently asked , pastor of FBCSebring, how to reach that generation
emily hill @Miss_EmilyHill🔁So many wise, God loving, pumped about living life on mission-- CHILDREN OF GOD in one place. #SEND2017 #Orlando #Crowder #MyPeople
micah millican @mmillican🔁Our planters, spouses & team members are heroes of the SBC. Honored to host & encourage 200 of them tonight at
BCNE @bcne_sbc🔁 God used a nameless "them" in Antioch to raise up the Apostle Paul. Please be a "them" #SEND2017
Fla. Baptist Witness @goFBW🔁#SEND2017 Conference has been amazing! @plattdavid is bringing God's Word tonight, and @crowdermusic will lead worship! @NAMB_SBC @IMB_SBC
Kevin Bumgarner @FBW_editor🔁#SEND2017 Conference has been amazing! Eager to hear @plattdavid bring God's Word tonight and worship with @crowdermusic! @NAMB_SBC @IMB_SBC
Tracey Deavers @BamaBro🔁"What if instead of measuring church success by how many people showed up we measured success by if God showed up?" @vancepitman #Send2017
Danny Slavich @DannySlavich🔁So @4RSmokehouse in Orlando can go toe to toe with KC barbecue. #SEND2017
Tony Drabick @abracadrabick🔁 We are a servant of the church, if we do not serve the church we are not accomplishing our goal. @DannyAkin #iamgoing #SEND2017
Tomahawk Shoes&Amps @TomahawkSandA🔁Wanna bangkok like a bienstock, try Tomahawk! If you wanna blach like a the rock, try Tomahawk! #Send2017 #TomahawkShoes
stephen woodard @stecawoo🔁The group I'm with at chose to eat at a Texas BBQ place. There's Texas stuff all over the place.
Brian Frye @brifrye🔁Extremely honored to share about & at the conference!
Jason Lee @jleeinSC🔁 "The gap between the local church and its surrounding community is deep and wide." - @da_horton #Send2017
Zach Terry @zachterry🔁When we seek God in prayer, we experience God in power @vancepitman #send2017
Tim R @timricesc🔁I look forward to hearing @PastorOttoS share @SendConference #send2017
Dean Inserra @deaninserra🔁Something special to me: started @citychurchtally in my parents' living room. 10 years later they are here in Orlando for #Send2017.
Dennis Moranha @DennisMoranha🔁 No matter the size of your church you can be actively involved in fulfilling the mission. #SEND2017 #iamgoing
Kendall @KendallMigues🔁Obamacare was a money making SCAM from the beginning. Big Pharma an Special Interest Lobbyist $$ to politicians. Amer icans suffer

Peter Citelli @PeterCitelli🔁Thankful for an incredible time, refocusing our Mission in God's plan!@NAMB_SBC Send Conference
Chris Hansen @mama4jesus🔁 "Every day you wake up should be a mission trip." - @kevezell #send2017
Adam Ganong @adam_ganong🔁Got to meet D.A. Horton. Great man and speaker. Love for the Lord! keep…
Arnaldo Achucarro @aachucarro🔁 “You can’t preach the gospel WITHOUT using words.” – @vancepitman #Send2017
Daniel Scroggins @palmbeachd🔁 teaching on the at SEND North America conference. Blessed to serve with him!
Peter Citelli @PeterCitelli🔁Thankful for our time! @…
Tom Walker @tom_walker89🔁 Model for your people by how you handle the Bible how you want them to handle the Bible- @DannyAkin on preaching #Send2017
David Brinkley @Dave_onthebrink🔁Great seeing @still_aaron from fellow youth pastor to church planter...#send2017 #NC2Orlando
David Brinkley @Dave_onthebrink🔁Great eating lunch with @nathanschneider and @KyleWConnell , love seeing what God is doing in others lives #send2017
Aaron Ivey @aaronivey🔁SEND__
What a privilege to be in Orlando for the last . These people are legit. There…
Ashley O'Brien @ashleytark🔁 There is no such thing as an unsent Christian. #Send2017


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