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Secret Service xunxun @xunxun1982🔁Trump Jr. asks Secret Service to scale back his protection - CNN
Secret ServiceSecret Service Zeez 🤴🏽 @zizysidy🔁 How Biafrans think their Biafran Secret Service looks vs how the Biafran Secret Service really looks
Lynne Richardson @lvbgal🔁 #HappeningNow: Secret Service protects @realDonaldTrump as he arrives at #UNGA
Secret Service Hopeful Craig @craigmiller383🔁 Liberals SERIOUSLY want the Secret Service to investigate Trump over his golf retweet. 😂
Jon Cooper @joncoopertweets🔁🔥Mueller has Trump's tax returns.
🔥FBI wiretapped Manafort.
🔥Don Jr drops secret service protection.
Jon Cooper @joncoopertweets🔁With the news that @DonaldJTrumpJr has dropped his secret service protection, people are wondering why he ditched it. Do you think Don Jr:
The New York Times @nytimes🔁Donald Trump Jr. gives up Secret Service protection, seeking privacy
Minimalist Engineer @minimalistcivil🔁Donnie Junior requests no more Secret Service on the same day Manafort's wiretaps revealed? Do you believe in coincidences? (Hint: No)
Vanessa @VJD364🔁Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., ditches Secret Service detail to have more privacy
jimmylme @jimmylme🔁‘Are you trying to get him murdered?’ NY Times under fire for reporting Trump Jr dropping Secret Service protection
Liberal America @Song4Jazz🔁Earlier tonight reported that Trump Jr. is seeking to scale back his Secret Service protections.

And now this...👇

A @Who5anna🔁Fun Fact: Secret Service agents can be forced to testify against the people they protect. (Thank Starr for that precedent.)
loading... Al smith @Alsmithbig🔁 told by Secret Service NOT allowed in Costco for book signing! Hillary censoring Journalists
Pamela Chavers @PamelaChavers🔁Donald Trump Jr. Gives Up Secret Service Protection, Seeking Privacy - The New York Times
Donna Boyd @donnadiane1970🔁 Yeah it's such a hassle to try to collude with Russia with the Secret Service watching you.
Sissy @smidge001🔁Trump Jr. gives up Secret Service detail — meaning, you can now get close enough to say 'f*ck you' without yelling
🇺🇸LoraBLawrence🔥 @LoraBLaw🔁Kellyann Conway is refusing secret service too. Wonder if she's taken her kids out of school and they are on their w ay out of the country
Sandy🗽⚛️ @BeingThisSandy🔁 No, @DonaldJTrumpJr ditched Secret Service protection because agents can testify against him.
Phyllis Oshaughnessy @PhyllisOshaugh1🔁@SheriffClarke No do you not give up your secret service
Evens Paul @evenspl🔁Donald Trump Jr. wants to give up Secret Service protection
Rick A. @Mainekindxl🔁Likely some lawyers today reminded clients that Secret Service are law enforcement & can be compelled to testify to what they heard.
Filma Sahagun @FilmaS777🔁 Don Jr wanted privacy from Secret Service-- so he could talk to the Russians?
emilialuxa @emilialuxa🔁Kellyanne CONway & Don Jr. wanting to stop their Secret Service detail the same day Manafort's wiretaps were revealed isn't coincidental.
UltiRad @UltiRad🔁@aterkel 1. He's lying. 2. He is a flight risk. Can't leave the country with the Secret Service around.
whistlincat @whistlincat🔁 Donald Trump Jr. wants to give up Secret Service protection
orange you glad @meredth24🔁Trump Jr. wants to drop his Secret Service protection. Also, this is the first I'd read about this incident w/agents
Karana Lynn @karana_lynn🔁 Donald Trump Jr. gives up Secret Service protection via @bykevinj
Pamela Howle @sewpam2🔁 Look Who Else Just Gave Up Their Secret Service Protection
crazy salesman @crazy_salesman🔁Even HRC secret service says she was a b#^&h she don't get her way.. Off with her head!!! smh. Never watch the view.. PATHETHIC
LaSanya Rucker @sanacardi🔁Trump Jr. asks Secret Service to scale back his protection

Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸 @Cernovich🔁‘Are you trying to get him murdered?’ NY Times under fire for reporting Trump Jr dropping Secret Service protection
CryptoSpeaker @cryptospeaker🔁Trump Jr. asks Secret Service to scale back his protection - #btc
Joy Ann Coll @JoyAnnColl🔁LOL, being son of a King isn't all it's cracked up to be!
Snackie Onassis @christa_m_art🔁He's afraid the secret service will arrest him. Don Jr is offshoring as much cash as possible and moving to the UAE to avoid jail time.
Ari Gold @LawalAbubakar_🔁Lol US Secret Service have relegated his ADC
Kylie O'Neil @kylie_oneil75🔁NY Times Reporter Broadcasts that Trump Son Has No Secret Service Protection -- Wants him dead
1ClickBiz @1ClickBiz🔁Conway to no longer have Secret Service protection | TheHill
Ed Rabitor @EdRabitor🔁It is hard to plan your next fictional defense answers with Secret Service looking over your shoulder and hearing con versations. Tough.
VickiS 🇺🇸 @vickscan🔁Donald Trump Jr. and Kellyanne Conway reportedly decline Secret Service protection via
Jacquelyn Miller @Justice2Tayler🔁Donald Trump Jr. Gives Up Secret Service Protection, Seeking Privacy
mlb @ctyankee007🔁 Donald Trump Jr. has decided to forgo Secret Service protection, seeking more privacy
Janda K @janda_keenan🔁Interesting that she's doing this on the same day as Donny Jr. Remember what I just said about the Secret Service being able to testify?


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