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Seattle City Council Jeremy Peronto @jeremyperonto🔁 Statement on Seattle City Council's vote:
Koa Beck @Koalani🔁"Amazon, a company valued at $768 billion and owned by the richest man alive, has succeeded in pressuring the Seattle City Council to take up a repeal of a business tax meant to fund relief for the city’s growing homelessness and housing crisis." -
Mike Rosenberg @ByRosenberg🔁Seattle repeals head tax on big businesses a month after passing it. So $47M a year for affordable housing and homele ssness services gone without a plan to replace the funding. Amazon, the world's 2nd-richest company, had led the charge against the tax

Bryan Menegus @BryanDisagrees🔁I didn’t catch his name, but someone who described himself as "a father, a veteran, and an anarchist” just addressed the Seattle City Council with the words "what up bootlickers"

What a legend

Mike @crazycdn123🔁Amazon paid no federal tax in 2017 and they have the power to influence the Seattle City Council to repeal a local tax. This isn't how government is supposed to work.
Number One Fae Fan @Yuoaman🔁I didn’t catch his name, but someone who described himself as "a father, a veteran, and an anarchist” just addressed the Seattle City Council with the words "what up bootlickers"

What a legend

vertigo @vertigo49🔁 City Council repealed a tax on businesses making $20 million+ after caving to pressure from Amazon.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest man in the world.

The funds would've been used for affordable housing programs and to help the growing number of unhoused people.

Gamemaster Anthony @SCRUB_DADDY🔁what's up bootlickers. i just spent forty minutes watching a seattle city council meeting so i could videocap this.
Wag the NagDog @NagDog🔁@BrandiKruse Think Romeo would like to run for a Seattle City Council seat in a couple years? 😂
Hypnotic Hydrangea⚡ @JayLeviosa🔁Just in: Seattle's city council has now repealed the Amazon-opposed head tax, 7-2, reversing course on a measure to fight homelessness they passed less than a month ago amid intense business group pressure
Halley Weaver @bikeleptic🔁“Marx.” ✌🏼

Seattle City Council is the place to be.

3xComiSm @JHohos🔁"What's up bootlickers... what the fuck is wrong with y'all?"

Anarchist veteran addresses Seattle city council after they repeal Amazon tax just weeks after ratifying it. He ends his comments with a Marx quote

Michael Rosen @MLInnovations🔁@cpdake By the way, the Seattle city council finally sees it my way, not yours. Sorry.
Brian M. Wise @brianmwise🔁Because you don't just throw money at a problem when the people purporting to solve the problem can't show what happe ned to ALL THE OTHER MONEY THAT WAS SPENT BEFORE THE .

The Seattle City Council doesn't get more money until they stop demonstrating incompetence.

Brian M. Wise @brianmwise🔁The second, third, fourth time it happened, we still said, "Okay, this is a thing we NEED to solve."

Now the fifth t ime rolls around and Seattle City Council decides to demand an autodeduct from our paycheck but has this kind of track record?

Hell no, no .

Brian M. Wise @brianmwise🔁Think of the Seattle City council as a drug addict who can't quit a specific drug.

The first time they came looking for money for rehab we were like, "Yeah, we can help with that." And even when the money vanished and they couldn't show where the money went to?

Brian M. Wise @brianmwise🔁Look, the reason the Seattle failed wasn't because of Amazon. It's because the Seattle City Council can't tell peop le where the money they ALREADY GOT went to solve the homeless issue.
Rob McGuffin @guffer44🔁At a Seattle city council meeting a father a Vet and an Anarchist let’s city council know how he feels about homeless ness in the streets of Seattle .
Pamela Okano @pokano🔁NE Seattle P-Patchers had nice meeting with Councilman Rob Johnson today. Unlike some city council people, he seems to know about P-Patches.
carlos rodriguez 🌹 @carlosseattle🔁Seattleites: Vote out of office. Vote out of office. Vote the whole city council (except and ) out of office. They are more interested in pleasing than funding a plan to address the housing crisis.
George Zornick @gzornick🔁Howard Schultz's Starbucks, rather than pay a Seattle tax that would have produced shelters for the homeless, led the successful pressure campaign to get the city council to repeal that tax today. And he wants to be the Democratic candidate for president?
rayko @raykovich🔁The forces of reaction in Seattle are using the same tactic against the City Council that the Republicans used against Obama. Obstruct new initiatives on housing and equity, then charge that "nothing is getting done" to solve the problem
ImaGrouchoMarxist @ImaGroucho🔁Take a break and watch a "father, anarchist, veteran" address the Seattle City Council as "bootlickers" while quoting Marx:

ImaGrouchoMarxist @ImaGroucho🔁@MicahWright Better indeed! The Seattle City Council has no shame. They just want to stay in power
Matt Read @Matt_Read_NZ🔁Amazon paid no federal tax in 2017 and they have the power to influence the Seattle City Council to repeal a local t ax. This isn't how government is supposed to work.
Captain Deplorable @DaMatterhorn🔁. on the repeal of Seattle's 'head tax': "[The head tax] punishes companies for employing the city's residents... The City Council made the right decision here."
@inskigator @Inskigator🔁Some misplaced blame here, fer shure. Think Bennett and the league can handle your blame just fine as ridiculous as it is 'cuz they have everything that coulda shoulda been Seattle's. Oh but you still have your city council to blame . . . . but you're stopping too far short.
JUST.I.TIA DC @ALL2JUSTICE🔁And wants to bring them to DC so they can control our city politics just like they do in Seattle. I voted for for council at-large because he called for public hearings on the Amazon deal. Taxpayers deserve to know where their money is going.
Ulinkd @admin_ulinkd🔁This Week Shows How Hard It-The Seattle City Council voted
Russian Bot #NoMoreWar 🏴 @HypatiaOA🔁I liked a @YouTube video Self-Described Father, Veteran and Anarchist Addresses Seattle City Council
☭Portland☭CPUSA☭ @PortlandCPUSA🔁Seattle Anarchist addresses city council over Amazon tax repeal
Todd Ξ Herman @toddeherman🔁 Hearing the gong at the City Council Meeting, the new nickname for the council should be The Gong Show. "From Seattle, almost live, it's the Gong Show" and queue the theme song. The 7-2 vote is announced and queue the gong sound and the "wah, wah, wah, wahhhhh" music


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