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Adam Best @adamcbest🔁"I don't believe Carter Page acted as anything but a clown."

Says Sean Spicer who:

* Hid in the bushes
* Defended "covfefe" as intentional
* Pushed inauguration crowd lie
* Complimented Hitler

Should he really be calling other people clowns?

James Caffrey @cooljim198🔁Sean Spicer says RNC should return Steve Wynn donations via @HuffPostPol
MSNBC @MSNBC🔁"I don't believe Carter Page acted as anything but a clown."

Sean Spicer responds to question of Carter Page acting as a Russian agent

Zerlina Maxwell @ZerlinaMaxwell🔁What is the point of Sean Spicer as a political analyst if he's just going to lie to defend the WH just like when he was press sec? What is the value?
Ken Pa 🤔my secret memo🤔 @KennethHeer🔁Dear You need to get Sean Spicer off my screen. I also never want to see Kellyanne Conway or Sarah Huckabee Sanders appearing on any of your programs as a paid commentator. No, no and no. Pass it on.
TrumpsLapelPin @TrumpsLapelPin🔁Sean Spicer dropped by the White House today to say hello to former colleagues. He and Mike Pence have been battling it out in thumb wars for the better part of 7 hours. He may look out of shape, but Spicer has some serious thumb strength.
JTho @jtho59🔁@goldengateblond Sean Spicer at the Emmy’s...hello???
Vegan In NYS Ⓥ @NYSvegan🔁@MSNBC should be ashamed of themselves for having Sean Spicer on as a contributor this afternoon.
@joboomr44 @joboomr44🔁@TheGoodGodAbove Where's Sean Spicer to go out and lie for ya, when you need him?
Fake News Bot @ohaifakenewsbot🔁Sean Spicer’s Very Bad Comments About Hitler Were A Gift To Fake News Sites
James Bacon @JamesABacon🔁Spicer: I Regret Embarrassing 'Myself, My Family, Friends' As Press Secretary

Thank you Sean. Your bullshit made me laugh

History Nut @historynut3🔁A Fake Sean Spicer Quote | Scribd
(((JosephPréville))) @JosephPreville🔁Can't wait for Sean Spicer and Omarosa's books on the Trump White House.
Trey Warren @_TreyWarren🔁@1500ESPNJudd Is that him or Sean Spicer?
VikingTrader @TheMeatballGuy🔁 As we speak, Sean Spicer is on MSNBC admonishing everyone not to "create false narratives."

No, I'm not kidding.

Dan Spalding @DanimalSB🔁Sean Spicer regrets bringing “embarrassment to myself and my family” during time as Trump’s press secretary
SienaSoup @sienasoup🔁@ByTimReynolds Sean Spicer is running the @sienambb account.
SportsFan @BLU_N_GLD🔁 MSNBC is allowing Sean Spicer to spread Trump propaganda unchallenged.
Stephanie Knapp @StephKnappCPA🔁@TrumpinTheShark @MSNBC @craigmelvin No one wants to see Sean Spicer except on snl
Republican Show @RepublicShow🔁Trump-Russia collusion figure Peter W. Smith tweeted Sean Spicer, Sean Hannity, and hackers - Palmer Report
Chocolate for Jay @ChoocfantasyM🔁Feinstein fires off letters to a host of current and former White House aides, including Don McGahn, Sean Spicer and Stephen Miller, asking for documents and interviews in Russia probe
velоuяаzure🐉 @velourazure🔁@thehill Can Sean Spicer stop trying to make Sean Spicer relevant again? It's over dude.
Tasnim Tanveer @ttanveer14🔁 On MSNBC now: Sean Spicer says he's been outspoken about "all" sexual harassment.
Marian @mkaee🔁Spicer Calls Himself an ‘Embarrassment’ – Plus 5 Other Crazy Moments From Latest Interview via @reverbpress
(((Impeachtrump))) @WANNIE49🔁"I don't believe Carter Page acted as anything but a clown."

Sean Spicer responds to question of Carter Page acting as a Russian agent

Estelle Levendal @estellelevenda1🔁was disappointed to tune in, and hear not one mention of Russia sanctions, and then i hear that you guys had sean flipping spicer on?


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