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#FreeBrasi!!👈🏾🙏🏾 @F00tballJunkie🔁 Davante back. Offense healthy. Sean Lee out. Rookie safety for Dallas.
Drey Cromartie @billionairedrey🔁 Man, do the Cowboys miss Sean Lee.
Jane Slater @SlaterNFL🔁A #Cowboys team source tells me LB Sean Lee won't play today. LT Tyron Smith good to go.
Skip Bayless @RealSkipBayless🔁Man, do the Cowboys miss Sean Lee.
e.o @eazeee2004🔁 Meanwhile, don’t be surprised if Sean Lee (hamstring) sits another week.
luis @0voluis_🔁I’ve never missed Sean Lee so much
matt Ⓥ ☭ @exdaimonia🔁Kevin Lee suffered a heartbreaking loss in the ​216 main event. So who should he fight next?
Stew Higgins @BigLeagueStew50🔁Asking a lot from a rookie with no Sean Lee to lead him
🍉Hillary🦋 @MamaMelon34🔁 We need you Sean Lee
Plumpahontas👩🏿🌻 @Plumpahontas🔁 Two weeks in a row it shows how much Sean Lee is missed on the field
McGee 🐻 @daaaaaaamnD🔁Two weeks in a row it shows how much Sean Lee is missed on the field
Larry Thompson III @_positivegrind🔁 Middle of Cowboys defense misses LB Sean Lee just a little bit, huh.
JimmyBasquez @jmebqz🔁@RealSkipBayless Will Sean Lee be ready next game?
Hammy Goes Ham! @19greatest_🔁 Sean Lee we need u
Edwin Beltran @wildmigo90🔁@RealSkipBayless Sean Lee isn't that good..skip stop with the excuses
Qui-shon Jinn @shawnadeus🔁I miss Sean Lee.
DIRTY DAN💩 @danny_guerra23🔁 Come back Sean Lee
Coach Conner @CoachEC3🔁@nickeatman He looks like a guy who hasn't played in a year. Funny huh? We need Sean Lee back.
MissFelonyStrutter @MissStrutter🔁My sincere apologies, I forgot my favorite player in the league, thank you.SEAN LEE, the same guy who should be the F ACE of our current team
Lord Jones👑 @MasterRoshi__🔁Terrible. And when sean lee go out niggas be out there looking lost af
alfi @ClutchLikeRomoBEAL THE SEAN LEE OF BASKETBALL 🔁 Wasn’t Beal first time last season?
PJ😈 @Grandetaco1🔁Dallas defense isn't complete without my boy Sean lee
Fred perez @Fredperez234🔁 We need Sean Lee right now
Major Jobe @jobe_major🔁Can Sean Lee like comeback like.... NOW our runstop is awful!!!
Brittany @Brittaniia_🔁 I miss sean lee
Deon$ @yoodeon🔁I'm sharp bra everybody on defense some shit but sean lee
Cilla⚚ @PLURscilla🔁Missing Sean Lee on the field
Alexis @JUSTLEXYY🔁 I miss Sean Lee.
Peter Bokadrik @Petaheatah🔁@JarretSigrah Wait till Sean Lee gets back and than see if you still think they still are.
Claude Sanders @c_sanders2123🔁@JC1053 Best player on D not named Sean Lee....or Demarcus ?
jesus garcia @JG_Swifty🔁Come back Sean Lee!!! #DALvsGB #CowboysNation @dallascowboys
Joseph Rivera @jrivs_🔁He can have mine, I’ll give one to Chidobe and the other to Sean Lee
🎒DeeBuckets🏀🎒⭐️🎥 @Dee_storey03🔁 If Rolando McClain wasn't such an idiot and Sean Lee was healthy? All our "Run defensive" problems would be over.
3rd Doc from the Sun @DOC_So_Serious🔁If Rolando McClain wasn't such an idiot and Sean Lee was healthy? All our "Run defensive" problems would be over.
Christian Evanchovic @CEvanchovic🔁 the latest from | Sean Shelby's Shoes: What's next for Kevin Lee, Ray Borg and...
Mike Woellert @Mike_Woellert🔁#IDP With Sean Lee out, Jaylon Smith wearing the dot...
Mike Amoles @MikeAM32🔁I wish Sean Lee would just randomly show up all suited up, like Bobby Boucher did at the bourbon bowl
Trill Millennial @TrillMillN7🔁 1st half - Do the #Cowboys miss Sean Lee?


How about in a 2pt ballgame in the 4th Q?


therealTDJesus @therealTDJesus🔁@JohnFischesser Especially with no Sean Lee
Spooky Ali 🎃👻 @ArabianPapii🔁This defense is making me appreciate Sean lee 💀
David Membreno @davidjm8_9🔁Sean lee would have been all over this game
Spooky D @LaDevinJames🔁I miss Sean Lee
Austin O'Connor @_frosty1🔁Cowboys a sub 500 team without Sean Lee


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