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#Seahawks THE WHATITDO™ @THEWHATITDO🔁Good☀️Morning Beautiful People..🤙🏽
[ photo by: @pelepels ] #seahawks @mosesbread72 #family
G+1 @PhilJack🔁 #Seahawks fans, don't try to act like your better than those #Jags fans.
Scarlito @ceelos49🔁 #Seahawks fans, don't try to act like your better than those #Jags fans.
#Seahawks Stuart @JoseStuart07🔁 FINAL SCORE:
#Seahawks 24
Jaguars 30
#Seahawks ʇsnɹƆ @crsprz82🔁YouTube comments on #Seahawks #Jefferson are pure comedy gold. Lmao.
Oscar R. @rochaO74🔁 We almost got the NFL version of Malice in the Palace here 😵 #Seahawks #Jaguars
#Seahawks NFL @NFL🔁.@DangeRussWilson.

Unbelievable. #Seahawks

Charles Robinson @CharlesRobinson🔁Find every fan who threw drinks at players in - and ban them from the stadium. No place for this trash. twitter.com
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁The #Jaguars, alone in first place in December, with a statement win over the #Seahawks. This is all real.
Ethan Bay @EBaye44🔁Is the NFL also investigating multiple players purposely trying to injure players at the end of the game?
james anthony @gangdet🔁#Seahawks fight Pete Carroll should be suspended for running on to field he’s a cheater
David Steele @David_C_Steele🔁Per the , the may not have had enough security against the to avoid players being hit. They are looking into it.
🇵🇷 Pawlito ™ @chefpaulito🔁How can tell reporters to leave Richardson alone.. "what if it was your kid?" WHAT ?! What if my son was the center twitter.com in victory formation and some punk went at his knees and tried to end his career ?!
Gregg Bell @gbellseattle🔁Pete Carroll on : "We let one get away--and I am so disappointed in the way it ended. It was ugly." Says players get twitter.com so jacked up. Says he doesn't talk to the team on how to lose.
Craig Reid @ccmreid🔁 #Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll joins @BrockESPN and @TheMikeSalk live right now on @710ESPNSeattle
Proud American @Antagonizer11🔁@TotalProSports Respect has to be earned. Acting like a no-account street thug is no way to earn respect. #Seahawks
Jessamyn McIntyre @JessamynMcIntyr🔁#Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll joins @BrockESPN and @TheMikeSalk live right now on @710ESPNSeattle
Tim from Puyallup @TimFromPuyallup🔁Blair Walsh has missed 6 field goals in the last 6 games. Stephen Hauschka missed 4 all last season 😢 #Seahawks
Angie N Mike Young @AngieYoung6🔁Why Why?! ugh. I want to fire him just like the .
Angie N Mike Young @AngieYoung6🔁 Dear Santa, Please let the #seahawks cut #blairwalsh sincerely,all Seahawk fans everywhere!
Doug Carter @dougiedougiedoo🔁Watching the vs defensive battle is like watching the Larry Holmes-Muhammad Ali fight. The 'Hawks D are the "old heads" in the ring who still command respect but the Jags are younger, hungrier and more athletic.. Time to pass the torch..
CJ @CJfirmtn🔁NFL spokesman tells league has started to "thoroughly" investigate and question , Jaguars for disgraceful ending last night. Fallout could be enormous for SEA before LA division-title game Sunday
panthers going 15-4 @renz0813🔁 #Seahawks safety Earl Thomas after loss to #Jaguars: "That is a subpar quarterback we lost to."
Proud American @Antagonizer11🔁@Q_JEFF Respect is earned. It is not automatic. Acting like an out of control street thug is no way to earn respect. #Seahawks
Brian Jenkins @_BJenks🔁Hard fought game, hats off 🎩 to , outstanding offense for sure. But like it says, one to learn from! But us got yo twitter.com ur back!
T.A. @MissLindner🔁 had 3 players ejected for dirty play at end of game, & should have been 4th. Never ok to throw things at players, twitter.com & I hope they're dealt w. But given their fans threw food at injured player in a cart... Let's move on, shall we?
Cameron Soto @Cam3sotizzle🔁 The #Seahawks got in a fight at the end of a game they're going to lose? No way.
Dave @DaveNanni🔁The Bully GOT Bullied. #JAXvsSEA #Jaguars #Seahawks #Sacksonville
DJ🎧O.G.🎤4Trill🔥 @denegroe🔁#1 "Indenpent Artist in the SOUTH" INFINITY by FRANCIS THOMAS on

soundcloud.com twitter.com

Lawrence Tynes @lt4kicks🔁Quinton Jefferson's dip & rip move on the bald dude getting to the stands was teach tape! #seahawks #skills
Van @vanman_1000🔁I still think Pete Carroll is a good coach but his players are not discipline, the defense is old, his offense is out twitter.com dated, & has not improved the OLine & RB in 3 yrs!! Maybe time for a change!!
Matt Gerrish @Matt_Gerrish🔁My morning-after takeaway from the craziness yesterday: Who in their right mind throws a beer they probably paid $10 twitter.com for?
Bill Wixey @BillWixey🔁Now seeing reports that the Jacksonville fan that threw a bottle & screamed at Quenton Jefferson used a racial slur. twitter.com If that is indeed the case, I completely understand Jefferson's rage, and I almost wish he would have climbed up there and clocked the moron. Disgusting.
Fabián @ItsDavidFabian🔁Can’t listen to and cause of my own morning show... so I’m just waiting patiently for the podcast... curious to hea twitter.com r what they say about the loss yesterday.
FanPotato @FanPotatos🔁Seahawks fans, lovin' that clubbed foot Blair Walsh yet?

#Seahawks #SeattleSeahawks #SEAvsJAX @Seahawks @BlairWalsh3

Van @vanman_1000🔁Let me say this, I wouldn't b surprised if Pete Carroll resigns or get fired this yr cus I think he runs lose locker twitter.com room & they are too old school on offense!! W/o Russ, this tm is old!! Got to built around Russ & Pete hasn't did it!!
Rodrigo Maytorena @romaytorena🔁Gronk: I'm the shittiest player of the league
Michael Bennett: Hold my beer... #NFL #SEAHAWKS #Jaguars twitter.com
Steven A. Taylor @TaylorHandsome🔁If a defender gets his feet tangled with a receiver, it should be a penalty on the defender! Otherwise, what's stopp twitter.com ing all these guys from running right up on a guy and tripping them? Stupid rule, needs to change
NewsToter.com @NewsToter🔁Details On ’ Getting Over Some $600 Bottles At The Club, Goes On Epic Against twitter.com
Rell @yeahterell🔁The Quinton Jefferson trying to climb into the stands and fight a fan. The NFL should embrace this. Every player gets to do it once in his career with no repercussions
Steven A. Taylor @TaylorHandsome🔁I wonder if the refs thought their feet got tangled on that Paul Richardson no-call at the end of the game. It's the twitter.com only explanation for why there's no flag. If that's the case, I still hate that fucking rule ...
Debbie Preston @Forksville🔁The just got away with a huge penalty... Aaron Colvin tripped Paul Richardson after he fell to the ground. Should still be Hawks ball here.


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