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#Scouting500 Gregg Riess @GreggRiess🔁 Duty to Country. @KCKfire64 help us start the #Scouting500 #firstresponders
#Scouting500 Heart of America-BSA @HOACBSA🔁 Be... Speedracer! #scouting500 @HOACBSA @DuperTube @kansasspeedway
#Scouting500 Noreen Dupriest @noreendupriest🔁Be... Speedracer! #scouting500 @HOACBSA @DuperTube @kansasspeedway
#Scouting500 Heart of America-BSA @HOACBSA🔁Not so long ago in a galaxy very near...
The #Scouting500 brought you androids! #StarWars #r2d2
#Scouting500 Heart of America-BSA @HOACBSA🔁Movie night under the stars...#Scouting500
Heart of America-BSA @HOACBSA🔁The sun has set on another Scouting 500. Thanks for an amazing weekend. Good night Scouts! #Scouting500
#Scouting500 John H Lilak @Mountain_Man03🔁Sunrise on Sunday! #SCOUTING500
#Scouting500 Shane Snider @ShaneSnider1🔁Daybreak #Scouting500 #BSA @boyscouts #HowWeDoKC @kansasspeedway
#Scouting500 David Gramling @barberdave31🔁#SCOUTING500 Amazing church service 🙏 As the sun ☀️ is rising above the Kansas Speedway ‼️‼️‼️
#Scouting500 Heart of America-BSA @HOACBSA🔁@donutologykc for breakfast? YES PLEASE! #Scouting500
Greg @GMurphyKC🔁 High above the Kansas Speedway​. This is the #Scouting500 @kansasspeedway
#Scouting500 wulfgang lawson @wulfganglaws🔁end of scouting 500. but we still will have fun. #Scouting500
#Scouting500 Tyrec Miley @TyrecMiley1🔁#4 and #7 we stay on go no matter #Scouting500
#Scouting500 The Shakes @theshakes🔁Hi, chiggers. I hope my ankles were delicious. I’m sure you had a veritable feast with everyone at the #scouting500.
#Scouting500 The Shakes @theshakes🔁I think I got my steps in yesterday. #scouting500
Gregg Riess @GreggRiess🔁Lacrosse at . Speed Shot (radar gun). Highest by a Scout was 81mph.. Great!!!!
gordon harton @gfharton🔁Lacrosse at . Speed Shot (radar gun). Highest by a Scout was 81mph.. Great!!!! twitter.com
gordon harton @gfharton🔁Final Lacrosse Speed Shot scores from the Scouting 500. Thanks to everyone. It was fun!!
The Shakes @theshakes🔁I took mostly video of the event. I hope to go through the memory card and post the best ones by Tuesday. twitter.com
The Shakes @theshakes🔁That was quite an event. If you missed the Scouting 500 this year for any reason, make plans now to go when it return twitter.com s!
Heart of America-BSA @HOACBSA🔁Happy trails! Thank you to all participants, staff, sponsors and the for making this weekend unforgettable! twitter.com
Gregg Riess @GreggRiess🔁Finishing out the Scouting500 with Pastor Bob over at the Protestant Service. A Scout is reverant.
Heart of America-BSA @HOACBSA🔁A Scout is REVERENT. Thousands of Scouts conclude the Scouting 500 by exhibiting their Duty to God at Sunday morning twitter.com services.
Nathan T. Rackers @NathanTRackers🔁Big crowd over here at the Catholic service as well. It's a beautiful morning to worship. A Scout is reverant. twitter.com
Nathan T. Rackers @NathanTRackers🔁Finishing out the Scouting500 with Pastor Bob over at the Protestant Service. A Scout is reverant. twitter.com
Robert Fabich @RFabich🔁13000 scouts learning today at - now part of the - then dn load
Osage Lacrosse @Osagelax🔁Jags helping @ @ KS Speedway today. Introducing lax to Boy Scouts. helps w/ shooting & on radar gun.
Bruce Wagar @brucewagar🔁@HOACBSA It’s Bat-tastic! #Scouting500
Kara Bosler @karabosler🔁Lego Batman movie at the #scouting500 @ Kansas Speedway instagram.com
Shane Marx @1shanemarx🔁#scouting500 directions to the movie area.
Karli Ritter @KarliRitter🔁Sunrise over the for the . It's a beautiful morning!
Kimmysue @ksukimmy🔁Thanks for bringing your plugin electric car to the today out at the KS Speedway.
Heart of America-BSA @HOACBSA🔁We've got less than two hours to go, a full tank of gas, and on the big screen. twitter.com


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