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Nino McFly @DJKero17🔁 Old heads watching Scottie Pippen admit that LeBron's better than Jordan:
Scottie Pippen SKKRRRT Loder @ScoobySteve15🔁 Scottie Pippen Politely Telling His Kids To Turn Down "Mask Off"
Lord Nikon @Mo_B_Dick🔁 *In The Club*
Scottie Pippen:
Lil Wifi/Takeoff Hive @VanRidd🔁 *In The Club*
Scottie Pippen:
Scottie Pippen 11-3 @abvals🔁 Scottie Pippen says Obama was right to pick Michael Jordan over LeBron 🤔
Scottie Pippen Art Vandelay @KingDamien21🔁 “LeBron ain’t better than me until he gets 6 titles.” - Scottie Pippen
Scottie Pippen Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Scottie Pippen says Obama was right to pick Michael Jordan over LeBron 🤔
SLAM Magazine @SLAMonline🔁Scottie agrees with Barack Obama's pick.
Jefe @JDM_Capital🔁Scottie Pippen Doubles Down That He’s Better Than LeBron, But Since He Apologized for Larsa Cheating on With Him Where Does That Put Future in GOAT Rankings (Videos)
Emilio @theArceeenal🔁 Scottie agrees with Barack Obama's pick.
José Manuel. @Joey101_🔁Dear media, stop talking to this lunatic Scottie Pippen. He doesn’t even know where his wife is right now.
2012 GUCCI MANE 🅥 @smokesherm🔁told that bitch to wipe me down i feel like jameis winston, white girl friend and she look like paris hilton, 93’s t hats on my feet i feel like scottie pippen
Daniel Nyman @daniel_nyman_4🔁So Scottie Pippen a couple years back picks LeBron over Jordan and then says LeBron isn’t as good as him cus he has m ore rings...therefore Pippen>Jordan 🤔😂
Teddy @nickatnite_🔁Y’all on Scottie Pippen case, but he didn’t say LeBron was better than Jordan. He said statically he may pass him. He not switching up.
modest mouth @cjsaylor11🔁Scottie Pippen clarifies his stance on the NEVER ENDING Jordan vs. LeBron debate

good morning good day good everything @JESSrelax🔁 Scottie Pippen ugly as fuck I’m crying 💀
Cellus😧😤😥 @CellusDaMenace🔁you can't say LeBron is right there w/ Jordan by the stats and then turn around and say he's not better than you be s ure he doesn't have six rings...I'm just saying we saw what the bulls looked like w/ just Scottie Pippen, c'mon Scottie
LODGE MUSIC PRODUCER @LodgeXLodge🔁Lodge #News:Scottie Pippen Says Obama's Right, 'I Pick MJ Over LeBron, Too!'

Kendrick @CoziestKendo🔁“My career took a turn when I went to Orlando because I had to become a scorer, because I didn’t have Grant Hill. I was always the type of player like a Scottie Pippen type. ... I would have been that playing alongside Kobe Bryant.”

- Tracy McGrady

Toast @the_jc2🔁The laker that snitched on Swaggy P and Scottie Pippen
Joshua Padilla @jpdilla🔁1990’s babies Twitter telling me Scottie Pippen was trash, im out
Vann Pugh @themadlineman🔁Pippen said LeBron better than Jordan, then said he is better than LeBron, meaning he thinks he is better than Jordan, but Future had sex with Pippen's wife & made Pippen apologize because she cheated. Does that make Future The GOAT?
Desmond☘️ @Lucky_Dez🔁 woke up to some Scottie Pippen nonsense, if the nigga don’t keep an eye on his wife and leave the media alone smh
Desmond☘️ @Lucky_Dez🔁 So "Scottie Pippen" said “Lebron surpasses Jordan”, but He “himself” is better than Lebron 🤔
Frankie Reyes @young_reyes🔁Scottie Pippen really apologized for his wife cheating on him, and I'm supposed to take his opinion on Jordan as gospel cuz he rode the nigga for 6 chips. He been charmin soft from jump
Desmond☘️ @Lucky_Dez🔁Has Scottie Pippen finally taken a solid stance in the Michael Jordan-LeBron James debate? Or will he switch sides next week in an attempt to stay relevant and generate buzz? You decide.
Desmond☘️ @Lucky_Dez🔁Scottie Pippen After Leaving Restaurant With Larsa Who Made Him Apologize For Her Cheating With Future Says LeBron Isn’t Better Than Him (Video)
AaronRodgers @TheEndOfLite🔁 Scottie Pippens full name is now Scottie Pippen who apoligized to his woman for her cheating with Future
Rambo @businesstimenc🔁Scottie Pippen problary said i lost to that young rap nigga future in my relationship but i'm the king with 6 rings o n the basketball court SIT DOWN Lebron James.
FccWontLetMeBe @YngBlvkGftd🔁 Scottie Pippen was cool with being a cuck so he has no right to talk about who is and isn’t better than him
C. @Malibu_Chet🔁Lebron better than Jordan. Idc what Scottie Pippen, Obama, Oprah, Skip, Trump, Jesus or any of y’all say. I’m tired of it. SICK and tired of it.
13-2... 🦅I guess 🤷🏿‍♂️ @DrewWUD🔁Scottie “who apologized to his wife for her cheating on him wit future” Pippen
Obama Updates @obamolizer🔁: Was Right to Pick Michael over ...
'darkMatter' @elad_samud🔁Scottie Pippen with one of the most disrespectful and demoralizing dunks in NBA History over Patrick Ewing.
Elsik Soccer ®️ @ElsikSoccer🔁 Sometimes a player's greatest challenge is coming to grips with his role on the team. – Scottie Pippen
Dupremacist @DuperVillain🔁@MaddSlander84 Yea maybe, but he was a dumbass for retiring. And get it right nigga, MJ AND SCOTTIE PIPPEN has 2 3-peats
wes @apathetic_wes🔁scottie pippen was trash nobody wants hear what he has to say
Errol @ErrolGlowaki🔁Scottie Pippen ain't been the same since Larsa took the HNDRX hammer
D 🚫N @jimmoc🔁So "Scottie Pippen" said “Lebron surpasses Jordan”, but He “himself” is better than Lebron 🤔
Esco @TybTyler🔁Last year, Giannis led his team in every major statistical category.. know the only other player to do that? SCOTTIE MUTHAFUCKIN PIPPEN.
I Take L's For Breakfast @mrperigo🔁(2001) Scottie Pippen, Erick Barkley, and Rasheed Wallace handing out Christmas trees. 🌲
the retail show @iizzopen🔁LeBron James is Scottie Pippen without Jordan


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