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Scott Walker Patricia J Oppegard @PatriciaJOppeg1🔁@AHamiltonSpirit What is she doing in WI in 2015 w/Torshin, Scott Walker and the NRA?
Thom Hartmann @Thom_Hartmann🔁And now for some Really really really good news... The Scott Walker GOP Scam seems to be unraveling in Wisconsin...
Scott Walker The Hill @thehill🔁Scott Walker warns GOP to "wake up" after Dems flip deep-red Wisconsin district
Scott WalkerScott Walker Patricia J Oppegard @PatriciaJOppeg1🔁@MDBlanchfield They were cozy in 2015 at this event w/GOP Scott Walker
Steve Marmel @Marmel🔁No Scott.
It's a rallying cry for Dems.
293 Days until midterms.
Wisconsin is a ground zero state for suppression. Get IDs.
Help others do the same.
Vote in packs on Nov 6th.
Walker stacked the deck against Dems.
Yesterday showed when we vote, we win.

Amethyst Heels @amethyst_heels🔁Think I may be close to achieving a new world record for listening to Scott Walker on repeat...!
Rachel @miamirach2013🔁I refer u to gov scott walker district 10 special election. Trump won by 17 per & they flipped this repub district to democratic.
Rachel @miamirach2013🔁Then why the gov Scott Walker warning re the loss of district 10 special election in wisconsin a repub district won b y trump by 17 percent and flipped democratic? Over confidence leads to defeat and master strategy needs to be effective in every local election.
vera kowalska @dialtfortrouble🔁Can anyone translate this. Alex Torshin and Maria Butina meet Wisconsin governor Scott Walker in April 2015.
Rachel @miamirach2013🔁Is that your response to Gov. Scott Walker warning? And loss of district 10 in special election in Wisconsin a distri ct won by Trump by 17 percent & flipped democratic?
Pope Dan Gusset @dangusset🔁i see the 'elusive', 'enigmatic', 'media-shy' scott walker is doing another round of interviews, this time to flog a book. there is, you realise, sub-editors, more to being mysterious then simply wearing a hat over your eyes.
Rachel @miamirach2013🔁Is that your excuse for repub loss of district 10 special election in Wisconsin? And your response to Gov. Scott Wal ker warning?
Velvet Moron Records @velvetmoronrec🔁Scott Walker: 'My last album was pretty perfect'
Kikilea @kikilea_kiki🔁And here she is with Scott Walker and Torshin in 2015 at an NRA sponsored event. check out American Revival
BeckiJayne @BeckiJayne🔁In April 2015, Torshin and Butina traveled to Tennessee to attend a fundraiser for a political group backing the presidential campaign of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, then viewed as a leading contender for the GOP nomination.
Tracy Keogh @TracyKeogh2🔁Why Wisconsin lost Amazon.
Scott Walker destroyed Wisconsin's chance to land Amazon HQ2. Absent sustainability,...
Debbie Sisk Smith @hopscotchusa🔁Yes. Scott Walker is now caught up in the scandal. And it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
larryagross @larryagross🔁 Here's a sentence for which no one is ready:

Scott Walker is woke.

AmarachiRadio @AmarachiBub🔁Miguel ft Travis Scott - Sky Walker (Intro Outro) (Clean)
Hustleboy Dj Radio @hustlboydjradio🔁#NowPlaying Sky Walker (Dirty) by Miguel feat Travis Scott on
Colleen @BorisGBauer🔁Paul Ryan: "I think Walker has a good chance of winning the Presidency" Guess not. They are still pissed. Wiscon sin, Politics and Faith Bind Scott Walker and Paul Ryan
sakyabuni @sakyabuni🔁 Heartless Scott Walker Calls Special Session in Wisconsin to Gut Social Programs-update
E. K. Fleming @1jasliz🔁 WI Scott Walker corrupt hold on Wisc onsin? Supreme Cover-Up: How The Wisconsin Justice System Failed In The Walker John Doe.

Recent elections have turned WI Supreme Court from “one of nation’s most respected state tribunals into a disgraceful mess.

A swallower of protein @swallowaminaj🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Miguel - Sky Walker (Official Video) ft. Travis Scott
P Towers @TowersTowers5🔁Imagine a company demanding taxpayers give it $346,000 every time it hires an employee.

That company is real and its name is .

Welcome to Scott Walker's Wisconsin.

Call Your MoC @marlojen🔁 Every day I think about Scott Walker giving $4.5 billion to a foreign corporation but refusing to expand Medicaid.
Media Nite Radio @MediaNiteRadio🔁Former NHL right-winger, Scott Walker, goes to Olympics as coach

Brenda Bell-White @bellbr🔁We need fair and timely elections. Tell Gov. Scott Walker to Hold Elections and Let Us Vote!
Enid Did It! @laurensd1🔁Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans ended a long-running criminal investigation into a suspected massive money-laundering scheme by simply passing a law outlawing so-called John Doe investigations by prosecutors into political corruption.
Enid Did It! @laurensd1🔁Anytime Republicans start yelling about John Doe investigations, ask them why were six of Scott Walker’s aides convicted of illegal campaign activities including campaigning on state time and embezzlement?

Maike @maike_spraul🔁Butina attended the NRA national meeting in Nashville.

She & Putin pal Aleksandr Torshin got introduced by the NRA's David Keene to Wisconsin Governor & GOP Presidential hopeful Scott Walker.

Torshin is a life member of the National Rifle Association.

Patricia J Oppegard @PatriciaJOppeg1🔁Here's Torshin and Butina (sp) w/ Scott Walker in 2015 at an NRA sponsored event. Check out all the photos at The Am erican Revival--Guessing Tennessee isn't a coinicidence
Patricia J Oppegard @PatriciaJOppeg1🔁And here she is with Scott Walker and Torshin in 2015 at an NRA sponsored event. check out American Revival
Daniel Smith @danielbsmith🔁Yes. Scott Walker is now caught up in the #TrumpRussia scandal. And it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
3M-TripleM✍️ @SwissTriple_M🔁@AHamiltonSpirit @olgaNYC1211 “One of the possible future nominees for the post of US President Scott Walker speaks Russian”


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