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Bette Midler @BetteMidler🔁As Scott Pruitt resigns as head of the EPA, he leaves...a former coal lobbyist in charge. It's like a set of toxic n esting dolls, a reference I know our Russian bosses will appreciate.
(((Michael '@jack & @biz love Nazi $' Cozens))) @michaelcozens🔁"Exposing his misdeeds was an act of bravery and conscience—and a huge personal risk."
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁Kristin Mink, the teacher who publicly asked Scott Pruitt to resign, is a patriot. Retweet if you agree. I sat down w ith her and she told me the whole story. Listen to the new episode below. Tweet the link and hashtag out, we’ll RT you.
Citizens for Ethics @CREWcrew🔁Scott Pruitt may face criminal liability due to his alleged ethics abuses. The ongoing investigations into his behavi or will continue.

Ash McArthur 🏳️‍🌈✨ @_AshMcarthur🔁they said "don't punch nazis" but I haven't heard word one from Richard Spencer since he got coldcocked

they said "be civil" but Scott Pruitt resigned cause people were mean to him

be mean to mean people. do them dirty in front of they dad

James K Thompson @jameskthompson1🔁Scott Pruitt may face criminal liability due to his alleged ethics abuses. The ongoing investigations into his behavior will continue.

Linda Walczak @WalczakLinda9🔁 Scott Pruitt hands a loophole to 'super polluting' trucks on his way out the door via @thinkprogress
David Colapinto @dcolapinto🔁The ousting of Scott Pruitt is a victory for due to “their own bravery and conscience—which is why their contribution to Pruitt’s of contemplation and applause.” via
Pablo Rodas-Martini @pablorodas🔁With the resignation of scandalous Scott Pruitt, coal industry lobbyist Andrew Wheeler is the new administrator. Here is DeSmog's comprehensive profile of Wheeler's career.
Philippe Baumann2 @PhBaumann🔁Scott Pruitt may be gone, but there’s still plenty of corruption to fight in this administration. Come work for us.

Jenny van Eeden @eeden_jenny🔁For those of you excited that Scott Pruitt is gone, note that his Deputy and replacement, Andrew Wheeler, is a former COAL lobbyist.

A Coal Lobbyist is officially running the EPA.

I don't care what party you support.

If you don't think this is F*cked up, you are INSANE!

Faye #DemForce @FayeCook19🔁Darla Shine, Scott Pruitt. These people do bad things out in public for the world to see - they are not part of smear campaigns reporters make up in back rooms. They are doing this to themselves.
Sam Coeyman @samallie27🔁Dear Scott Pruitt: if you had done your job and protected the environment and enforced existing laws and BTW did not engage in scandalous and corrupt behaviors you would not be shamed into resigning. Please return your ill gotten gains to USA.
DOT @OnyxCap🔁From the NYT’s: Scott Pruitt cites "unrelenting attacks" as a reason for resignation, says they've "taken a sizable toll" on him and his family.


Upper Keys Democrats @UpperKeysDems🔁Scott Pruitt did immense damage to our community by working to dismantle the very agency he was appointed to lead. It's time the EPA returns to its mission of protecting the environment, not corporate polluters.
Barry Townsend @BarryT209🔁Scott Pruitt should be thrown in prison for his rampant corruption. Everyone who retweets this agrees. I talked to Kristin Mink, who confronted Pruitt in public and told him to resign. He did, a few days later. Listen to new episode below.

john leod @ismleod_ian🔁As Scott Pruitt resigns as head of the EPA, he leaves...a former coal lobbyist in charge. It's like a set of toxic nesting dolls, a reference I know our Russian bosses will appreciate.
Rob Hem @1crzydg🔁Boo hoo. Maybe if you weren’t such a thieving corrupt tool who was determined to destroy the environment you wouldn’t have been called out by, well, everyone with a brain.
Medium Máirín @MediumMairin🔁Scott Pruitt's Out?
🐋Whales Breach!
🎋Trees Reach!
🚸Kids Teach!
Mother Nature?
Still speechless.
And I?
ALL sane brains
can't NOT still screech:
Day 175/245/543/605∞
I decry
ALL Climate Deniers
& ALL propagating
TRUmps' Hate.


David Colapinto @dcolapinto🔁THIS is why Scott Pruitt resigned without notice today. He wasn't busted for just violating ethics rules. He got caught intentionally violating federal law and should face the consequences, regardless of his resignation.
The harm has been done.

Carolyn McLeod @Carolyn00287950🔁Scott Pruitt Says ‘Unrelenting Attacks’ Led To His Resignation via Dear Mr. Pruitt, I think it was your unrelenting ethical and legal violations!
Michael H. Zachrau @michaelzachrau🔁Climate change denier has become the poster boy for corruption in Washington – repeatedly using his government office to benefit himself, his family, and his Big Oil buddies. He should have resigned 28 scandals ago.
GStuedler @GStuedler🔁Scott Pruitt investigations aren't ending just because he resigned via @thinkprogress
Kevin B 🌊 🇨🇦🇺🇸 @scooterdawg🔁In last hours of Scott Pruitt’s tenure as admin the EPA moved to grant a loophole allowing a major increase in manufacturing of a diesel freight truck that produces 55 times the air pollution as trucks that have modern emissions controls.
Maggie Rose @topazblue98🔁Hold on a second...we need to get our violin. It's so small, Trump can play in his hands.

Had you bothered to attempt to save the environment, rather than destroy it, you might still have a job!

YouGottaVote @YouGottaVote🔁Our environment and our health are less secure than when Scott Pruitt took over Trump's . It's incumbent upon all of us to not let our guard down when it comes to protecting our environment. My thoughts on Scott Pruitt's departure on IGTV:
E @E96300369🔁Sec Scott Pruitt also said F-U to the eco-wacko environmentalist on the way IN to the EPA too and he should have. He did a great job for America and should be APPLAUDED for his service.. He helped kick-start the economy. Don't abolish ICE. ABOLISH the EPA.
GStuedler @GStuedler🔁Scott Pruitt hands a loophole to 'super polluting' trucks on his way out the door via @thinkprogress
Tony Retrosi @tretrosi🔁GOP Strategist Tells Scott Pruitt Apologists: 'Save Some Tiny Iota Of Dignity'
M A M G O D @MAMGOD3🔁I have accepted the resignation of Scott Pruitt as the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Within the Agency Scott has done an outstanding job, and I will always be thankful to him for this. The Senate confirmed Deputy at EPA, Andrew Wheeler, will...
Zoe Hess @ZoeHess13🔁Did you forget about Parkland, did you forget about Puerto Rico, did you forget about the 3000 kids who were separated. Or Stormy Daniels, or Scott Pruitt, or Russia, or Manafort or Cohen? How about lying daily. N Korea. Well I didn’t.


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