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#Scorpion Lorenzo @mormondds🔁#scorpion just found this on my driveway ... say what?! In Washington? Never seen one here before
#Scorpion i Am Euro @Ugl1Eur0Gamer🔁I've just watched episode S04E01 of Scorpion! #scorpion #tvtime
#Scorpion Ayesha Sadiq @ayesha_sadiq🔁I've just watched episode S04E01 of Scorpion! #scorpion #tvtime
#Scorpion Classified #OBSOLETE @PureMassacre89🔁 #Scorpion Season 4 Premiere Recap: You're As Cold As Ice — Plus: Grade It!
Maria Velazquez @WiCk3dLoV3🔁 It's Scorpion Monday!!!! #season4 #scorpion #Waige
#Scorpion Anne Heffernan @pnutanne🔁This is the only way 2 get this on here. This is MY feelings now off 2 my fav show #Scorpion @robertpatrickT2
#Scorpion Scorpion HQ @scorpion_hq🔁📸 by journeywiththepkd on Instagram #TeamScorpion #Scorpion
#Scorpion Doggett & Scully @doggettscully🔁 📸 by journeywiththepkd on Instagram #TeamScorpion #Scorpion
Erica Lauren Horn @EricaLaurenHo12🔁 It’s the dayyyy ... scorpion is back 👌 #TeamScorpion #Scorpion
#Scorpion Adriana @AdrianaMJ89🔁I've just watched episode S04E01 of Scorpion! #scorpion #tvtime
#Scorpion Lisa Salyers @SerenShadow🔁I've just watched episode S04E01 of Scorpion! #scorpion #tvtime
#Scorpion @TVLine🔁#Scorpion Season 4 Premiere Recap: You're As Cold As Ice — Plus: Grade It!
Robert Patrick 🇺🇸 @robertpatrickT2🔁 (get_repost)
Tune into the season 4 premiere of tonight...…
KBo_Art @KBo_Art🔁Another fun I worked on not too long ago. Drawing these 2 never gets old.
Scorpion Experts @ScorpionExperts🔁#Scorpion babies crawl on top of their mother and live there for the first week or two, feeding on scraps of her catches.
Ted Richey @redteddawg7🔁#Scorpion: Well it turns out it's a two part premier. The show was still a bit over the top on this particular plot crises but it held up.
soph. 🎃 @kreativkoma🔁I've just watched episode S04E01 of Scorpion! #scorpion #tvtime
Muskies & More @MuskiesAndMore🔁Last night was released in USA the fourth season of and tonight is the turn of # Brooklyn99 and 😍👏
Straw Man @RandomStrawMan🔁Might be time to move out of season, toss them because they weren't self-aware. #Scorpion
Claire Ashiko @Funky_AshKoKo🔁😂😂 what tha?! #Scorpion
Lee Lee @camokitti🔁regranned from scorpiopage - …
Ted Richey @redteddawg7🔁#Scorpion : I enjoyed the opening lol. The 4th season opener feels like better writing perhaps and a tighter script. New showrunner?
Kwesi Godsway Parku @fgodsway6🔁Introducing team ,winners of the tourism hack challenge. They are prepared and ever ready for our October idea/business incubation
tvfan00 @tvfan00🔁Whoa! I think I like this Walter! Relationship with Paige has definitely changed Walter!
tvfan00 @tvfan00🔁 Did I miss did team #Scorpion get off the island? @ScorpionCBS
Arrow News @Greenarrowfanss🔁If you like my work on , check out my film Oct. 6th!
tvfan00 @tvfan00🔁 @ScorpionCBS this organization has had WAY too many directors #Scorpion
ABookHaven @SamanthaJayne_x🔁#Scorpion my ship best not die out already?! Awww I love Walter and Paige ❤️❤️
ABookHaven @SamanthaJayne_x🔁#Scorpion poor Sylvester 😢
ABookHaven @SamanthaJayne_x🔁#Scorpion oh my god so funny 😂😂😂
Doctor Who @Wanjala🔁Week of new series debut. #StarTrekDiscovery #TheBigBangTheory #Scorpion #NCISNewOrleons etc
tvfan00 @tvfan00🔁 #TeamScorpion Check out @jadynjwong's video on Instagram #Scorpion #CBS
Julian Spivey @julianspivey44🔁Did "Scorpion" really begin its season with a musical number? Ugh. #Scorpion
Suzi Bell @justasuzii🔁hell yes @ScorpionCBS ... an equally odd and excellent first episode #Scorpion #everythingisabsolutelygenius #extinctionevent
Scorpion HQ @scorpion_hq🔁#TeamScorpion Check out @jadynjwong's video on Instagram #Scorpion #CBS
Ali John Seden @AliJohnSeden🔁Retweeted SEZER BEŞOK (@besok_s):

*-* #Egypt *-* #Scorpion . Signet Ring of Horemheb , the last Pharaoh of the...

Ali John Seden @AliJohnSeden🔁*-* *-* . Signet Ring of Horemheb , the last Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of
Mary Ann Dunwoody @madhattr52🔁I'm watching Scorpion #telfie #Scorpion 📺 "Scorp Family Robinson", S03:E25, 05.15 📺 A lot of funny stuff,.. .
Shari Lewis-Brown @sweetbugaboo2🔁 was the talk between my hubby & I during . Gotta ❤️ Gabe/!
Scorpion HQ @scorpion_hq🔁 Fantastic season 4 opener of @ScorpionCBS so glad it's back just 💘 #Scorpion @scorpion_hq
Tynetta Gist @TynettaGist🔁MONDAY: What's New Tonight @ 10/9c

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CBS (Season Premiere)
NBC (Series Premiere)

tvfan00 @tvfan00🔁 This is not the first time he's been Super-Gallo. #Scorpion #TeamScorpion #supergallo
Anne Heffernan @pnutanne🔁We know #scorpion will always do it BUT what's interesting is JUST HOW they'll do it @ScorpionWriters @ScorpionCBS @robertpatrickT2
Anne Heffernan @pnutanne🔁@torn2rbns I missed ya kid great to CU t'night @ScorpionCBS #Scorpion
Anne Heffernan @pnutanne🔁OMG I LUV TOBY!!!
His facial expressions R perfect w his lines @ScorpionCBS #Scorpion
anna bartsch🇺🇸 @annabartsch🔁#scorpion time.
Scott Oliphint @OliphintScott🔁What show R U looking 4ward 2 most?

TVR Roundup @TVRRoundup🔁 Mark Collins is back in #Scorpion's premiere as an extinction event looms. Follow the link for @TVRRoundup's review!
Hey Stephen🐍13 @SwiftPrime13🔁So Paige is fruit juice & Walt's the Ferrari? Well Paige could be an Apple & Walt the Peanut butter. They still go well together #scorpion
Anne Heffernan @pnutanne🔁Don't tell me this is going to be a two-part season premiere Toby call home Toby call home #Scorpion @eddiekayethomas @ScorpionCBS
Seat42F @seat42F🔁SCORPION Season 4 Episode 2 Photos More Extinction #Scorpion #scorpionCBS @ScorpionCBS
Annette Fields @JustCurious37🔁Pretty good episode. The musical number at the beginning. #Scorpion.
Leona Fox @Leonafox_4🔁I feel like everything is absolutely genius. #Scorpion
Savitha Jagannath @savijagan86🔁 What did you think of tonight's episode? Tune in next Monday at 10/9c for “More Extinction”
Donald Brown @GadgetDon🔁OK, enjoying #Scorpion - but that opening big threw me for a loop.
K@T @katrinasg81🔁Fantastic season 4 opener of @ScorpionCBS so glad it's back just 💘 #Scorpion @scorpion_hq
Warrior @GenerationNASIR🔁#Scorpion, #TheBigBangTheory are back and #YoungSheldon premiers
Anne Heffernan @pnutanne🔁 @robertpatrickT2 @ElyesGabel OMG! 😆 what a way to open a show!🎶 #Scorpion
B. Cottrell @shewolfnred🔁@robertpatrickT2 @ElyesGabel OMG! 😆 what a way to open a show!🎶 #Scorpion
Kat @kyasariin🔁2 minutes into #Scorpion and I'm already cringing. LOL Love this. @ScorpionCBS
Lisa Kearns @midgit1365🔁That was mind blowing episode tonight! I'm glad is back! 😊 Woohoo! Thanks
Mary Ann Dunwoody @madhattr52🔁I'm watching Scorpion #telfie #Scorpion Catching up... 📺 "Maroon 8", S03:E23, 05.08 📺 Happy was just full.. .
Ivy Killa @IvyKilla🔁I've just watched episode S04E01 of Scorpion! #scorpion #tvtime
Andrew Huerta @AndrewHuerta93🔁Another fun I worked on not too long ago. Drawing these 2 never gets old.


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