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#ScienceToArt KCALSI @KCALSI🔁Back at it today for our second and final day of #ScienceToArt filming at the @KemperMuseum.
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁I am paid to do my hobby. The most exciting part of my research is when I discover something I did not expect to find twitter.com . -Dr. Sarah Dallas
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁Dr. Wayne Carter, , wraps up our filming at the . Thank you to everyone who participated! twitter.com
#ScienceToArt KCALSI @KCALSI🔁We can’t wait for you to check out the #ScienceToArt exhibit at the @KemperMuseum starting July 9!
Traci McCarty @tracimccarty71🔁Dr. Heather Wilkins, , studies how brain energy contributes to Alzheimer’s Disease and hopes to use that research to develop new therapeutics.
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁Dr. Mark Fisher, , is the first in the world to study the structure of an anthrax toxin pore. twitter.com
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁I surround myself with people smarter than me. For example, the students I work with are the next generation of biote twitter.com chnology, so it is exciting to watch them discover new research. -Dr. Mark Fisher
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁“The community is very welcoming and have enabled us to advance our research through funding and ” Dr. Jessie Ng twitter.com
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁“The reason I do my research is because of a promise I made to a family of a child suffering from a brain tumor.” -Je twitter.com ssie Ng
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁Dr. Jessie Ng, , says her research started with a promise. She met a family whose little girl had a brain tumor and twitter.com she has devoted her career to finding a cure.
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁Dr. Heather Wilkins, , studies how brain energy contributes to Alzheimer’s Disease and hopes to use that research to twitter.com develop new therapeutics.
Jon Mitchem @jbmitchem🔁Nice ! Those mpp folks know their way around a confocal twitter.com
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁The retina is part of the central nervous system but it is used as a powerful model to study the brain. -Dr. Karl Kad twitter.com or
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁Dr. Karl Kador, , looks at how we can direct the growth of retinal damage to cure glaucoma. twitter.com
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁Kris Schumacher says the ‘A’ in is also about how you engage in the story of science and technology. twitter.com
K-State Research @KState_RSCAD🔁Can't wait to see the final #ScienceToArt video! Thanks for featuring #KState work! twitter.com
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁“Excited, but challenged.” Dr. Alvaro Sanz, , kicks off our video shoot discussing his plant based research. twitter.com
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁Dr. Stefan Bossman, , is focused on getting rid of cancer by conducting universal research to all solid tumors. twitter.com
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁Dr. Tim Domeier, , studies how the heart changes as we age. His piece encourages the viewer to connect the four pane twitter.com ls on their own.
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁Dr. Tim Domeier’s research is focused on the rapidly aging population. It is his goal to design therapies to prevent twitter.com heart disease in this aging population.
#KansasCity @HashTagKCMO🔁 “Excited, but challenged.” Dr. Alvaro Sans, ⁦Mizzou⁩, kicks off our video shoot discussing his plant bas twitter.com ed research.
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁Dr. Alvaro Sanz research studies plants with the goal of feeding more people with less resources and less chemicals. twitter.com
KCALSI @KCALSI🔁Today, we’re filming our 2018 video at Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art! Check back throughout the day for updates! twitter.com


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