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Decor Le Fleur @Decorlefleur🔁 Which is bigger today?

1 - #VoteKB
2 - Schwarber's return
3 - Bryant's videobomb game?

#VoteKB @Cubs🔁The today placed RHP John Lackey on the 10-day DL with plantar fasciitis of the right foot and recalled Kyle Schwar ber from .
Jesse Rogers @ESPNChiCubs🔁The Cubs are recalling Kyle Schwarber from Triple-A Iowa today, according to a source familiar with the move....
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Kyle Schwarber hit .343 with four home runs in 11 games after being sent down on June 22.
Jamey Ryan III @kingjamey3🔁 Nice welcome back from the LF bleachers for #Cubs Schwarber. #VoteKB
kaela @rileyftkory🔁 Happy to see Schwarber back with the big league team #VoteKB
Chris in Chitown @AuburnTigersZRJ🔁 Huge cheer when Schwarber's name announced as part of #Cubs starting lineup. #VoteKB
das_bruno @das_bruno🔁 #Cubs make it official: Lackey to 10-day DL, Schwarber activated #VoteKB
Daniel @drswarms83🔁Happy to see Schwarber back with the big league team #VoteKB
THE THUNDERBLOG @thunderblg🔁Kyle Schwarber has been called back up!
chris haney @hanesup🔁 #Cubs Theo on Schwarber: "This was more about a reset for him than it was about rebuilding." #VoteKB
Tisha Kotso @TKotso🔁The today placed RHP John Lackey on the 10-day DL with plantar fasciitis of the right foot and recalled Kyle Schwarber from .
Nick cooney @NickCthunder32🔁Guarantee schwarber goes yard today
Jane Moffett @JaeMoff🔁 Schwarber has been recalled back to MLB and is batting 5th today. Let's go.
Cubs Buzz @cubsbuzztap🔁chicagotribune​.com >> What can we expect from 'Kyle Schwarber 2.0'?
Kingjerbear @_jeremy51🔁 #Cubs Maddon on Schwarber: "He's a highly accountable young man. He knew he needed it" #VoteKB
Trisha @MrsMojoBlues🔁 #Cubs Schwarber: "I'm planning on just being me and going out there and having fun competing" #VoteKB
LHS Baseball @LINKSbaseball🔁 Kyle Schwarber all smiles in return to Wrigley after Iowa detour: "I'm not a pouter. I'm pretty dang confident in myself."
Paul Sessler @paulsessler🔁@ESPNChiCubs Sure the bleachers will see Schwarber up close a few times with Montgomery pitching. Possibly the worst starter in NL.
Emmie Adams @emmie_madam🔁What can we expect from 'Kyle Schwarber 2.0'?
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Brett Sebion @TheRealBrettS🔁Can't wait for Kyle Schwarber to piss all over the @Brewers
Marc Warren 🏔 @MidwesternMarc🔁 I like Schwarber there...a lot. #Cubs #VOTEKB
Conner Spencer @Conner_Spencer🔁 .@Cubs recall OF/C Kyle Schwarber from Triple-A Iowa.
WGN TV News @WGNNews🔁 As Schwarber returns to the Cubs, John Lackey heads to the DL. More @WGNNews
Cubbies @cubbies_world🔁 Nice cheer for K.Schwarber when his name was announced in the lineup
Ben Johnson @BenJohnsonTUL🔁One day Kyle Schwarber talks to @jacobunruh ( & the next he's in the big leagues. So, there ya go. #Cubs
Jonah Puls @Babyy__P🔁Can't figure out if Schwarber is going to go 5-for-5 with a walk-off HR or 0-5 with multiple Ks.

I see no in-between.

buzzy @ASAPbuzzy🔁 Kyle Schwarber expected to rejoin the #Cubs today
#VoteKB @NotIanHapp🔁 Nice welcome back from the LF bleachers for #Cubs Schwarber. #VoteKB via @CarrieMuskat
blac chyna surgeon @Isinglikefuture🔁 Left field bleachers welcome Schwarber back


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