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Richard 🦁 @richardengland5🔁 Kyle Schwarber trying to play the field
Phil Rogers @philgrogers🔁Ron Darling: "An amazing, athletic play by Contreras and Schwarber has a chance to be taken away by the silliest of rules.''
Marcus Seguin @SeguinMarcus🔁 Kyle Schwarber trying to play the field
Matt Rau @coachMRau🔁 Kyle Schwarber trying to play the field
ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo🔁Carlos Correa: 5th player in MLB history with 5 career postseason HR before turning 24 (Longoria, Schwarber, An. Jone s, Mantle)
Jake Kaplan @jakemkaplan🔁Players to hit five postseason homers before turning 24
Mickey Mantle
Andruw Jones
Evan Longoria
Kyle Schwarber
Carlos Correa
Jaccob Friend @Friendly_Jaccob🔁EASY WAY TO GET FREE #FOLLOWERS #Schwarber #fcspu23 #Pochettino @D12_L07 @aviilllaa
Ryan Varner @royalcub89🔁Starting Schwarber vs Kershaw Rondon entering a tied game, Monty walks too many & clearly the Dodgers were patient la st night. All on Maddon
Danny Parkins @DannyParkins🔁@prepbullseye Starting Schwarber was surprising but doesn't sway an outcome. Who would u put in over Rondon?
Salty Cubs Fan @CubsSalty🔁Lost in the dipshittery of that play at the plate was a bitchin' throw by Schwarber, and a spicy play by Contreras. So, there's that.
L.C. Coghill @LCCOGHILL🔁@bigiftruer And if I never see Schwarber in the OF while Heyward is on the bench that will be too soon.
Ryan Varner @royalcub89🔁Love Joe, but he made way too many terrible decisions. Schwarber vs Kershaw, Rondon never should’ve been on the roste r, Monty walks too many
Jay Martin @Jay125690🔁 No. Catch-22 is what happens when you hit 30 fly balls to Kyle Schwarber.


Nicky Mintz @chunky37🔁Carlos Correa: 5th player in MLB history with 5 career postseason HR before turning 24 (Longoria, Schwarber, An. Jones, Mantle)
Ronald Boyd III @Brandon_Boyd29🔁Playing schwarber right now is like driving a nice car with the top down while it's raining.. you wanna do it but it's just stupid
Tim Covfefe @timanstine🔁@Dodgers @YasielPuig Puig knew it was out and Schwarber did not ;-0
Barak Cole Segura™ @TheNativePaPi🔁 Schwarber with the frozen rope from left field!!❄️ Call on the field is out at home but currently under review
Zac Correll @Swami12Hopeless🔁Is Almora in the doghouse? Schwarber kicks balls farther than he hits them. #HR
chad @mears54321🔁@henn027 @MattSpiegel670 Teach schwarber to play 3rd or trade him
Mr. Boyce @cboyce_LHS🔁Watching Kyle Schwarber play LF reminds me of Greg Luzinski. Painful. He better hit. @Cubs @Phillies @Dodgers @MLB
Cody Freund @codyfreund9🔁He doesn’t want to leave Schwarber’s defense in over Almora, his hand was forced to because Almora (or Javy for Happ) made the last out.
Jeff Colegg @JMCole1988🔁So I wonder if the cubs will explore trade options for schwarber this offseason
Tré Frank @wtfrank3🔁Per ESPN Stats & Info, Carlos Correa is the 5th player in MLB history to hit 5 career postseason home runs before turning 24. The others: Mickey Mantle, Andruw Jones, Kyle Schwarber & Evan Longoria.
Jacob Dahlquist @dasnake83🔁Add Schwarber to the Cubs pile of LFers who have completely misplayed homers that barely cleared the wall. He & Zobrist have negative


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