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#SchumerShutdown Theo Menon @TheoMenon🔁 Glad the #SchumerShutdown is over! Back to work in the district! @RepErikPaulsen
#SchumerShutdown J.M.Cronan @JMCronan3🔁 Don’t let Schumer get away with this.
RT to tell the Democrats to do their job.
Robert Carbery @bobbyshantheman🔁 Schumer on the #SchumerShutdown
#SchumerShutdown LCB @TEXASDENNY🔁 .@SenatorTester wouldn't take our #SchumerShutdown gift, but it's the thought that counts! #MTSen
Lisa M Hayes 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 @LisaMHayes5🔁 Watch this woman destroy 'White Privilege Myth'


Liberalphobic Grunt @quechingon54🔁 Schumer on the #SchumerShutdown
Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr🔁Americans don’t forget that the put illegal immigrants ahead of our military and American children’s insurance. Just twitter.com remember where you stood in their eyes.
Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle🔁This is a budget. Not an immigration deal. Our military shd NEVER be treated like second-class citizens, while illeg twitter.com als are fawned over.
Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr🔁For those not getting it. To avoid the shutdown you need 60 votes in the Aenate. Republicans only have 51 seats so y twitter.com ou need 9 dems. So Schumer either wanted a shutdown putting illegals ahead of Americans or is bad at his job and can’t wrangle 9 votes... or both.
Cat Gardino @CatGardino🔁It Seems Democratic Party Is Collapsing From All Sides! 👍 - The End of the Government Shutdown Has Opened a Torrent of Media Anger at Democrats
Janie Bailey @janiewildcat🔁 The real truth is that the Dems want to ignore the "American Dreams" of 327,000,000 American Citizens and take their money and give it to illegal aliens who have no legal status are have not legal federal representation.
joe kallison @JAR_Joe🔁Wow, hypocrite. You need to talk with . He is already positioning for the next shutdown he and you are planning for F twitter.com eb 8th. You will demand or you will not support any budget.
forhad @cocforhad159875🔁. BOMBSHELL and Paid $$$
Al D Davis🇺🇸 @AlDDavis5🔁 "The Hostage taker" New = First Last-

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Liberalphobic Grunt @quechingon54🔁Thanks to the firm stand taken by & Senate & House Republicans, the gov't shutdown is coming to an end. The failed. Now that the government is re-opening, Congress can get back to work advancing the President’s agenda that is Making America Great Again!
Sandy Martin @bluejean55girl🔁 Aaaaaaand Trump wins again.
#SchumerShutdown twitter.com
dimitrios Tomboris @tking567🔁Americans don’t forget that the put illegal immigrants ahead of our military and American children’s insurance. Just remember where you stood in their eyes.
((Déplorable Yossi)), VI @SweetDaddyPink🔁@SenSchumer and his cohorts among @TheDemocrats are truly on the wrong side of history. #SchumerShutdown
Snowflakeagitator @Snowflaketroler🔁The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America

Jack Banker @Jabanker🔁What We learned from the fiasco; Dumbocrats favor illegals over American citizens, they are against the safety and prosperity of America, and Crying Chucky Schumer is an idiot! So in short, we learned nothing new.😄😄
Abraham Lincthunk @AbrahamLincthun🔁ManUp vs DemoLibs . Let'em kno that if they abuse the they aint gone B no filibuster no more. Prune it back. Do twitter.com n't allow by filibuster. must end. & dont let filibuster stop the , matter of national sec
Just Chuck @cb55uic🔁Have to wonder if Durbin & Graham aren't responsible for the !

Had the Democrats not gotten so "heady" that they had Trump on the ropes with his "Chicago" statement, I don't think they'd been so bold!

What happened?

Jane the Deplorable @Jane_the_Deplor🔁 is Really About 3.6 Million ‘Dreamers,’ not Just 800,000 DACA via

SO NOT 800,000 MORE LIK 100percentfedup.com E 3.6 MILLION PLUS Or As Far As The Eye Can See At $135 Billion Plus OF OUR MONEY And Growing...

DrSchmalz @DrSchmalz🔁So
You have a
Jeopardizing 's heath and welfare abroad fighting for our jeopardizing there safety for

B @BrittK510🔁These are the people who chose illegal aliens over our military.

Don't forget them at election time.

Tom Stanbury @TheHuntRman🔁@JedediahBila #SchumerShutdown of course!!!
Cheryl Fowler @3bbe415fc0094cd🔁 Ends!
backed themselves into a corner & realized it was not accomplishing anything.


lauds 'big win' after Dems 'cave' on shutdown, criticized

Lorraine Mingrino @LorraineMingri1🔁🚨 Trump Immigration Policy Scores Among Hispanics, Blacks!


American Male @DJTFanforlife🔁@ScottPresler That is the only way to it expose the reason for this...... wait for it..........



Star Of David Arms @StarOfDavidArms🔁Lying, Crying Chuckie Schumer😭🤡😭 To WINS AGAIN! And Yes, He BROKE You😂😂😂
Donna @DonnaGirard6🔁US kills 150 ISIS fighters in Syria airstrike during government shutdown, Pentagon says


an American Grizzly @GrrrUSA🔁 Wow. Wow. Wow. What kind of game is he playing here? #mtpol #mtsen #SchumerShutdown twitter.com
KwaakYola @KwaakYola🔁.
Can we believe any thing he says , not really.
Those against wall have no concern for HARD DRUGS coming accross , national security, public safety or that govt, $$ to support 1/2 immigrants.
Dreamers : citizenship fee $500/$1000
Merit also
🇺🇸Jim🌟Dillon🇺🇸 @AmTactical556🔁🚨Democrats Get Hammered By Left For Caving On Shutdown. Top 5 Brutal Slams!

allison Shealy @ShealyAllison🔁

C-League Senator Chuck Schumer Claims to 'Withdraw' Wall Funding
That was Never Adequate in the First Place
He Now Looks to Get His A$$$ Handed to Him Once Again
by Stable Genius Donald Trump

🇺🇸 Johnny B 🇺🇸 @JohnnyB371🔁⚡️Gingrich: '' a 'Major Mistake' - Pitted 700k Against Men, Women of U.S. - Breitbart


JessP @JPJPJess🔁Noted! We’ll get that filled back up for ya as soon as the obstructionists end their .
Susie Reynolds @grlband1🔁Hey, Feinstein! My friends and I are NOT Russian bots. #Fulldisclosure #Memos #SchumerShutdown #ReleaSETHememo #NOPLEADEALS
James @JamesFo76771046🔁🚨 The 27 Senate Democrats Who Flip-Flopped After The 'Schumer Shutdown' Failed!

scarlett @stelliet🔁Read this. Our shutdown petition response at the is more proof of Dems’ failed, unpopular ...
Cheryl Victorino @Cherylesl🔁. Stop putting illegal aliens over the well being of American workers! Your vote against ending was a disgrace twitter.com . Is worth keeping millions of Americans from being paid? Only support deal if it ends and !
DeplorableMidwestGal🇺🇸 @gal_deplorable🔁US kills 150 ISIS fighters in Syria airstrike during government shutdown, Pentagon says

🇺🇸 twitter.com

TradingMonarch @TradingMonarch🔁Government reopens-- breaks , and now will lead U.S. to a rational immigration policy and a secure border with Mexico!
Nan23 @Nan2395707300🔁Pelosi is lying again. Thinks saying Dems value svc, courage & leadership of our military will make us think Dems car twitter.com e at all abt r military. Dems don't & proof is . Dems shut down the Gov & impacted military pay bc they want DACA, illegal aliens b 4 r military.
Noni @ChelRBR🔁As we come out of the
Please know that there is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God that we have a President that puts
🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 AMERICA FIRST 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸
Revolution2018 @Revolution41157🔁
◾If anyone asks you what the shutdown accomplished, tell them that Dems secured CHIP funding for 6 years.
◾If they say CHIP was in the bill before the shutdown, chug some wine, block them, go to Verrit and turn on MSNBC.

Sandra Willford @SolaceFarm🔁Here Are the Members of Congress Refusing a Paycheck During #SchumerShutdown fb.me
Kevin S Thomas @kevinsthomas🔁#Schumershutdown results @POTUS shows @GOP how to win twitter.com
Abraham Lincthunk @AbrahamLincthun🔁Man up GOP Maybe U wanna keep some , but restrict it so it never does the . If Dems gonna abuse & try to hold t twitter.com he miiltary pay hostage (etc.) Senate rules shud forbid it, abolish . Abolish by minority.
Josh Hall @realJoshuaHall🔁 *RT* POLL: Who is most responsible for the government shutdown? #MAGA #SchumerShutdown #DemocratShutdown #TrumpShutdown
MasterBlogger @MasterBlogger1🔁 - - - - As I have been saying - The boomerang is heading back to the glass house of - is Good!


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