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#SchumerSellout AMurray @Vetteil🔁 Good job chucky #SchumerSellout
#SchumerSellout Randy w johnson @Randywjohnson2🔁 Chuck Schumer got trumped #SchumerSellout
#SchumerSellout lareed42 @lareed42🔁 Everyone remember this for the upcoming election. 👊🏿🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #MondayMotivation
#SchumerSellout #MAGA
#SchumerSellout Dennis Teschlog @SwankyFrankies🔁 Man cave
Schumer Cave


#SchumerSellout Chris Tomiko @tomikocm🔁 It really was quite the epic fail, wasn't it? #SchumerSellout
Randy w johnson @Randywjohnson2🔁 @seanhannity I'm loving this.
Lora Lola💋 @loraknowsbest🔁 Chuck Schumer got outplayed by Mitch McConnell.

The democrats CAVED.

#SchumerSellout Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet🔁It really was quite the epic fail, wasn't it? #SchumerSellout
Palmer Report @PalmerReport🔁To those on the left angrily and mistakenly tweeting right now: put down your pitchforks for a minute, read this, an twitter.com d educate yourself on how political negotiations and leverage actually work:
#ThePersistence @ScottPresler🔁Please join me in saying a prayer for President Trump & his family's continued safety.

May our prayers surround them twitter.com like armor.

MaryJane @MJMuccianti🔁WHAT A DAY FOR TRUMP!!

Sarah Sanders Tells DACA Protestors where to go!

Democrats CAVED /

Inspector General LIKELY has FBI Strzok / Page HIDDEN Texts

Strzok and Page Texts expose Loretta Lynch

Comey ties Obama to meddling in Hillary Investigation and Election

JPflorida🇺🇸 @AmerPride777🔁Both democrats CAVED and Schumer Sellout are trending on Twitter.

Today is a great day.

AMurray @Vetteil🔁 RNC chairwoman: Dems owe Americans an explanation for shutdown 'fiasco' #SchumerSellout thehill.com
ZootopiaCity🦊🐰 @ZootopiaCity🔁 hashtag was started by trumptards to sow division among democrats.

is secured and is no longer Republican bargaining chip, another shutdown in 3 weeks if no deal.

How about hashtag?

Geoff Smith @geoffs897🔁@chicagotribune Because of a #SchumerSellout??
SKThiru @murugen61🔁 Liberal Activists Are In Complete Agreement: Democrats Just Lost Big To Trump dailycaller.com #SchumerSellout
Randy w johnson @Randywjohnson2🔁 of the American tax payer. All so the Democrat Party could grandstand and screech about illegal aliens.

Colossal Failure.

AMurray @Vetteil🔁I’ll never tire of all President Trump’s WINNING. The democrats caved which led to . 😂

Thank you for retweets, follows & chats.

Blonde Sports Lover @lori_stella75🔁To those on the left angrily and mistakenly tweeting right now: put down your pitchforks for a minute, read this, and educate yourself on how political negotiations and leverage actually work:
OldManRivers 🇺🇸 @darrylpetitt🔁 Chuck is the poster child that will destroy Democrats forever.
AMurray @Vetteil🔁To all the Dreamers using the hashtag.
A Better one for is or !

Read the @
We will &

(((I disagree))) @JJohansolm🔁Good to see the same people who used the hashtag are now using , because I, too, like to have it both ways.
. @thisisbullshit9🔁brilliant! allow government shutdown holding out for nonamerican entities. then cave days later gaining nothing. nad twitter.com a. zip.zilch.zipo. bravo. cant wait to see what bag of tricks the left has to follow this brilliant strategic play.
Randy w johnson @Randywjohnson2🔁To all the Dreamers using the hashtag.
A Better one for is or !

Read the @
We will &

Adam Taxin @Adam_Taxin🔁Limbaugh on Trump's Summoning of Chuck Schumer to White House (#SchumerSellout, #SchumerShutdown): youtu.be via
Randy w johnson @Randywjohnson2🔁 Trump and Republicans easily win shutdown battle. #SchumerSellout cnbc.com
Rick Parker @HappyintheWest🔁HEY CHUCK - WHAT HAPPENED❓

Tony Watkins @TC_Watkins🔁 is soon to be the Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake sellout. Who is closer to your position on DACA?
Matt Eggman @egg509🔁 is the latest trending BS from 's Twitter supporters, the RUSSIAN BOTS.

He is SO POPULAR with them, y'all!
Those Russians will always stand firmly behind !

Ridge Kayser @RidgeKayser🔁We've got to get the effort moving quickly . . .
Now that the turned into the twitter.com
Randy w johnson @Randywjohnson2🔁 Republicans take note: If you stand strong, you can win these fights. #SchumerSellout
AMurray @Vetteil🔁The only thing worse than being a loser is taking over a year to figure it out.

Randy Fiorio @Raffi716🔁Every time theres a scuffle, comes out on top of the pile. Hes making career politicians look foolish. twitter.com


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