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Schumer and Pelosi Deplorable @chellitis1🔁 Pelosi and Schumer statement is exact opposite of what the base want
Jack Posobiec @JackPosobiec🔁This was Sarah's first tweet of the day, and it came within minutes of the Pelosi and Schumer backlash

Never say Twi tter doesn't matter

Robert Costa @costareports🔁After a dinner of Chinese food, Pelosi and Schumer have announced a Trump-Dem deal: DACA protections + border sec. But no wall.
Maggie Haberman @maggieNYT🔁NEWS - Schumer and Pelosi to join Trump for dinner at White House tonight, per three ppl briefed. Topics include DREAM Act ...
Jeff Brunner @IconoMatCT🔁Qualifications must be validated individually before DACA extended to each.
Dems: Trump Agreed To DACA Without Wall
DeplorableBootlegger @gillis_lester🔁I’ve dropped the push for my border wall as part of a DACA amnesty bill with Pelosi and Schumer. My base LOVES ME when I act erratically.
Mr lee @reedsnsa🔁Whether you agree with them or not, it's fairly clear that Pelosi and Schumer are better at their jobs than Ryan and McConnell
U.S. Border Patriot @pasha_republic🔁Pelosi and Schumer say they made a deal with Trump to keep DACA.

I thought was getting rid of DACA? This is not what I voted for.

LeoBreakingNews @LeoNYC🔁Trumkins are in a state of mourning. Those non-white and not-so-white people may be able to remain. Oh horror! "Pelosi and Schumer"
Cheri C @LynGirlCL🔁 Kelly and McMaster are urging Trump to take the Pelosi and Schumer deal
Emiliana D., Esq. @emiluvi🔁Pelosi and Schumer, when you see your new buddy Trump, please remind him the Virgin Islands are part of the US. They need help too.
David Alvord @davealvord164🔁People need to relax and trust . Until I hear of this "deal" from him, I don't believe it. Both Pelosi & Schumer are renowned LIARS!
Giantpony @GiantponyGP🔁Schumer and Pelosi say they agreed w/ Trump to "work out a package of border security, excluding the wall"; & to "enshrine...DACA into law."
AliHS @GangstaOtter🔁"Pelosi and Schumer" Only fools believed the wall would ever be built.

tony dorsey @tonydor27100782🔁@KellyannePolls ROPE HIM BACK TO HIS CAM[AIGN PROMISES. SKREW PELOSI AND SCHUMER.
Jonathan Jewel @jonathanjewel🔁Pelosi and Schumer say they’ve worked out a deal with President Trump to protect DACA recipients. It excludes border wall funding.
larry baker @bakerlarry84🔁 Breaking news that Trump cuts deal with Pelosi and Schumer, and Fox is talking about Hillary's book.
MAGA with Covfefe @SERD1983🔁 The only thing Pelosi and Schumer want is Trump out of office
BlackWoMANMajik @CerebralGURL🔁 Trump, Pelosi and Schumer just screwed us. So much for Trump being a good deal maker.

What bull.

Gini Rodz💗Believe! @ginirodz7387🔁...Pelosi and Schumer and Obama EXACTLY what they want ? Amnesty for a million illegals ? This is GOOD ? Good for MY DREAMER? EPIC MISTAKE!
MelinSA @melissae777🔁This was Sarah's first tweet of the day, and it came within minutes of the Pelosi and Schumer backlash

Never say Twitter doesn't matter

Just_B @Bands76🔁Pelosi and Schumer say Trump has dropped the push for the border wall as part of an immigration bill; just border security plus DACA bill
MarieTweets 🇺🇸 @mkues65🔁I hope this is true. If so, needs to immediately throw Pelosi and Schumer under the bus for hijacking the message.
Jonathan Jewel @jonathanjewel🔁Pelosi and Schumer dined at the White House tonight and worked out the best deal possible:

DACA + Border Security + No Wall!

#Independent %%% @coolhand5858🔁@SteveKingIA @TuckerCarlson # Trump made a deal with Schumer and Pelosi it includes the dreamers Steve King he shoved it up the GOP s ASS#Ha
Laura Walker 🍸 @LauraWalkerKC🔁Out: Trump threatening to shut down government over wall funding
In: Trump letting Pelosi/Schumer write immigration and spending bills
DeplorableCharlieGrl @Charliegirl1481🔁 @realDonaldTrump You need to get your a$$ on Twitter right now and explain this sh*t!

"Pelosi and Schumer"

Rita Dentino @RitaDentino🔁 Pelosi and Schumer Say They Have Deal With Trump to Replace DACA
MN Jim @SelbJim🔁Trump isn't stupid. Pelosi and Schumer are scum. They went out and issued a false statement to score points with the ir lunatic base.
Amy 🌻 @AmyTaspai28🔁Here’s the blunt truth: There’s no way that Pelosi/Schumer are lying and the WH is telling the truth. The WH has no credibility. None.
Laney @LaneanneS🔁Pelosi and Schumer agree to increased border security in exchange for a potential deal on DACA. The Wall is coming, folks. Don't worry.
CB @CrisB_13🔁 Schumer comms director disavows the Pelosi and Schumer statement
Jane @OrthoA🔁Hate to sound like broken record but keep in mind that Pelosi and Schumer are both in the minority and need cooperation from ryan/McConnell
naturelover @starlady24🔁White House called Pelosi and Schumer joint statement "misleading" and in fact claims no deal was even reached. So... someone lyin' tonight.
Beverly Breakstone @Beverlyb11🔁If Pelosi and Schumer pull off a bill to protect 800K innocent people, that'll be among the biggest victories imaginable for the Democrats.
SEBPF 🇺🇸 @6thRTBsuperdav🔁And I can hear another million illegals storming our border now, itching to get in on the Pelosi and Schumer
Charlie Nucleus @charlienucleus🔁Schumer and Pelosi say Trump agreed to fix DACA and tackle border security, minus his border wall. The WH disagrees:
the world of online @literallycondom🔁My interpretation of this is Trump said this, Pelosi/Schumer rushing to make it public before Trump changes his mind and/or talks to Bannon
Belle @bellestarr48🔁 Prediction: Now Dems get burnt...Pelosi and Schumer Say They Have Deal With Trump to Replace DACA
memeorandum @memeorandum🔁Pelosi and Schumer Say They Have Deal With Trump to Replace DACA (New York Times)
CNN = VERY FAKE NEWS @LegalForTrump🔁Folks, Paul Ryan announced the Wall is going to be funded. Pelosi and Schumer agree to increased border security -- Art of the Deal.
Elizabeth Lee Carron @ElizabethCarron🔁Likely that Pelosi and Schumer spun an anti-climactic meeting into a "win." I don't believe agreed to what they claim.
Joe LaRose @josephlarose🔁@danpfeiffer After what was discussed with Pelosi and Schumer he could almost change parties
Michonne🔪 Resists @MichonneResists🔁Am I the only one wondering why Schumer and Pelosi did not announce what they had to concede in order to get the DACA deal? 🤔🤔#TWDResists
Noah Talansky 🇺🇸 @NoahTalansky🔁@pink_lady56 @POTUS must show strength. He must not cave to Pelosi and Schumer one iota!
John Rendon @johnrendons🔁 Dems getting shit done without a majority. Well played Pelosi and Schumer.
♔вяyαη™ @Riskobe🔁Schumer and Pelosi say Trump agreed to fix DACA and tackle border security, minus his border wall. The WH disagrees
tatyana shnayder @tatyanashnayder🔁 McMaster urged the president to make a deal similar to the Pelosi and Schumer statement
Deb Scott Pelton @DebScottPelton🔁Encouraging, but I want to hear it from . Pelosi and Schumer are on the record. If they're misleading, he needs to set it straight.
In Spite of Trump @InSpiteOfTrump🔁 Pelosi and Schumer Say They Have Deal With Trump to Replace DACA
Trump is dangerous @corvus13🔁@costareports @Fahrenthold Sarah Huckabee says the wall was not decided on. Schumer and Pelosi say it was.
M Traylor @Mtray1911T🔁trump thinks buttering up pelosi and schumer is going to make dems play nice w him as the midterms approach next year.
Tracey4America @Tracey4America🔁You may wish to delete that Laura, since when do you trust Schumer and Pelosi.. see tweet. SHAME ON YOU LAURA!
σ∂єу т. вєη‎נαмιη @3tking🔁Pelosi and Schumer Say They Have Deal With Trump to Replace DACA
Trumpette @Trumpetteco🔁 Hi Trumpers,

Please tell me how the deal Trump just struck Pelosi and Schumer is Paul Ryan’s fault.


Jim Minardi @AMillennialMind🔁The guy who has donated thousands of dollars to Pelosi and Schumer just cut ANOTHER deal with Pelosi and Schumer.

Why are you surprised?

ALN @AllLeftNews🔁More deals with Chuck and Nancy: Pelosi and Schumer announce a deal with Trump to do DACA + border security with no wall
NotmyPresident @aljtamsam🔁Schumer, Pelosi, Trump 'agree' to fix DACA @CNNPolitics Is the white house lying or Pelosi and Schumer. Believe P/S
J.J @doubleJ200🔁@JackPosobiec Anyone advising Trump to take any deal Pelosi and Schumer come up with are insane.
U.S. Border Patriot @pasha_republic🔁Trump working with Pelosi and Schumer on anything is a step in the wrong direction. But, you can thank Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell etc for it
Simplesistah @meilly30🔁Pelosi and Schumer: You could be the next Jeff Sessions. Get as many deals done as you can b4 President Cray-Cray goes off his meds again.
🃏Harleen Quinzel🃏 @JennHaQuinn🔁NO WALL! 😂😂😂Trump sold out his base for a deal with Schumer and Pelosi and you racists that voted for him don't even get your wall! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
conservatism-n-EXILE @_political_p🔁Yes, it's Mitch's fault that Trump went running into the arms of Schumer and Pelosi. Two people he funded for years.
Steven @ScubaSteveSiano🔁Trumpito just got dunked all over by Fake Tears Schumer and Nancy Pelosi
Jojo🤤 @joannaeyanes🔁Pelosi, Schumer on dinner with : Both sides have "agreed" to immigration reform package and border security, "excluding the wall"


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