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#ScandaI nate's anatomy @natelivetweets🔁why is this show so fucked up and complicated #ScandaI
kerry washington @kerrywashington🔁Because you had me at HELLO! Xo #ScandaI #ScandalFam
guillermo diaz @guillermodiazyo🔁happy 420 my peeps! Y'all ready? #ScandaI
Jordin @mixedchick94🔁Finally watched tonight's episode of #ScandaI bye Angie 😂👋🏿 #Olitz ❤️😍
(((Joshua Malina))) @JoshMalina🔁When we filmed that, I was like "Hey, I know your dad!" #ScandaI
Perkins Emily @andreydrora🔁#ScandaI Q1: Noticed a lot of use of blue and silver! Always a nice alternative #designlux
Beasley Diane @ilyakgv🔁#ScandaI So excited to announce the 25 finalists on Monday. Wonder who will win the #OneMillion Hilton HHonors Points! #travel
McCarthy Bethanie @krasilnikovevl5🔁#ScandaI About to head up to Vegas for #LVMkt! We'll be posting photos this week as we get our showroom ready!
Cathy @cathybrmd🔁 When we filmed that, I was like "Hey, I know your dad!" #ScandaI
Lucas Joella @alburov5s🔁#ScandaI A4: There's lots of pros! Longer life, energy efficient, and saves you money! #ModernMonday
Burke Helena @ilyaivanovcq🔁#ScandaI If you could travel anywhere, where would you choose?
Sue Lee @sueklee88🔁😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊There is no winning only life or death.... I am extinct #papapope 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱OMG #ScandaI
Masi @masinjomane🔁#ScandaI is fucking hectic mate!
Bev Applewhaite @applewb🔁Season 6 is THE best ever #ScandaI
Bipolar2lawfreak @4M2b_warrior🔁Sorry Porsha,but Lizzie had to die eventually.
I still think that it would be more intresting if Liv went to jail #ScandaI
JaeW @jaewiki🔁 happy 420 my peeps! Y'all ready? #ScandaI
minellieee3 @AlyzzaBeezy🔁glad 420 is over #ScandaI
♛PrinceAlonzo♛ @PrinceRockPop🔁Yessssssss Fitz and Olivia are back together FINALLY! lol 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 #ScandaI #TGIT
Toyohisa @sejeez🔁#ScandaI damn son
Toyohisa @sejeez🔁#ScandaI this babe smh
Chris Watson @ImCHRiSWatson🔁If I was Olivia Pope, I'd still be getting the 🍆 from President Grant 😌


Rúben Sanchez @HereIsRuben🔁I'M SO HAPPY #Olitz IS BACK!!! #ScandaI 👏👏👏😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Lucas Clark @lucasclark01🔁So Happy Mellie is president this only time I am happy a Republican won the election #ScandaI
Venk Modur @venkmod🔁I think #oliviapope will find out her #mother is behind everything! That would be fun! #ScandaI #myfavoriteshow
Emily @emilyhalewoodx🔁 #ScandaI time, left coast!
gemjoy @bingbingbee🔁@AlishKey @ScandalABC I was at BP!lol I'm in the middle of watching #ScandaI right now! But yeah...still hungry!
Lauren @_laurenpn_🔁I think that was the best episode of #ScandaI that I've ever watched
Jen K @TV_Jen🔁Just watched #ScandaI 😳😳😱😱
Sofia Lopes @SoFia_LoPeS🔁@tomverica @ScandalABC Perfect. Thank YOU #ScandaI
Ella @Ella86080548🔁@kerrywashington@@tonygoldwyn I have seen the 1-97 in a breath,it's amazing, I love u guys 😩oh,where is Jake 😍
Mizzle @mizzle95🔁YAS IM SHOOK #ScandaI such an amazing episode!!
kessler @Kesslababy🔁omg @BellamyYoung your acting in tonight's episode 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #ScandaI
Erin Mae 🔗 @MaerinB🔁Raise your hand if you've watch that final scene more than 15 times .... #ScandaI #Olitz
Geerthan @ghrvx_🔁Someone help Mellie #ScandaI
Isa la meilleure ♥ @Lea936D🔁 Because you had me at HELLO! Xo #ScandaI #ScandalFam
Vintage Wingnut @vintagewingnut🔁 Right? #ScandaI
♡MelaninKiesh♡ @sassykiesh10🔁 #ScandaI had a slow start this season but now it is back to nonstop, jaw dropping, wtf, can't wait for next week good 😱
NiGigi 🤦🏾‍♀️ @JerEYEa🔁@kerrywashington you wanna wish @Tremara_ a happy birthday or nah? #ScandaI
RELAX!OlitzonaComeUp @SoVeryME🔁 When is Angela going to figure out she's just a placeholder? @kerrywashington @tonygoldwyn #ByeFelicia #Olitz #ScandaI
Mir 🎃 @tv_miranda🔁When is Angela going to figure out she's just a placeholder? @kerrywashington @tonygoldwyn #ByeFelicia #Olitz #ScandaI
Jessica @leon_noel24🔁I was hatin almost the entire episode until the last 40 seconds or so. Finally we r getting somewhere
Erin Lashway @_erinlashway🔁So has anyone else ever hoped for an Olivia/Mellie hook-up or is that just the hopeless romantic queer girl in me...? #ScandaI
amanda❀//#olitzlives @livviexgrant🔁@tonygoldwyn Oh NOW you wanna show up 😉 #ScandaI
maddy @goldwynscarlyle🔁@tonygoldwyn tony you're here!! it will always been one of the best episodes!! #ScandaI #tgit
dragonflyla7 @ltambros🔁@TheEllenShow @portiaderossi your final scene was a shocker. Thanks for adding more spice to #ScandaI .❤
Hollywood P. @RotatinMy_Tires🔁Im so sick of Fitz's lil gf. #ScandaI
🤘🏽 @0nlyPablo🔁Cyrus is FREE! #ScandaI


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